1. U

    Replacement PCB broken/not genuine? [PICS]

    Hi, I finally managed to extract key information from 0401 using ICH8. I also flashed LT+1.92 to my Replacement PCB (see logs and pictures below). Drive eject works and xbox dash shows correct drive status (tray open, etc.). The problem is, that the drive won't play any Discs be it originals...
  2. D

    Replacing liteon with hitachi?

    My old system had a hitachi drive and had red ringed and been fixed a couple times and is finally completely dead. So I went out and got a used system, which has a liteon drive. I was looking at the Xdrives and was curious if I could use my old flashed hitachi drive in the system that came with...
  3. J

    LITEON 83850 v1 Trying to update Phat Liteon

    Purchased Kinect in July prior to last update. Went back to stock and updated with no problem at all. Haven't been on XBOXlive since. Popped on last week and saw the new update. I did the same thing - back to stock and got the C000-0099 error. Tried updating with USB also, but my xbox wouldn't...
  4. M

    After flashing, plays games, but movies won't work.

    I used the Sputnik homemade method, everything installed and flashes perfect. It plays my original games, and backed up games too. But when I insert any movie, and I click play movie, the screen goes black like it's about to do something. Then my console freezes completely. Any ideas? Circuit...
  5. G

    JUNGLE FLASHER Extract key from 02510c on lt+ 1.9

    I don't have my DVD key from my first flash due to a major computer crash but I'm in dash 13146 with lt 1.9 for liteon 02510c I'm wondering if I need the probe 3 to extract the DVD key or if there is another way since I'm not on stock fw
  6. J

    LITEON 0225 0225/9504 - Play DVD error

    For those who had a Lite-on 9504 drive and yet your Jungle flasher says its 0225. there are few reasons for it. 1. It was clearly mislabeled. 2. It was updated by the dashboard update EDITED: This is incorrect dash update flashes drive to 0272 NOT 0225 3. It was upgraded in factory (originally...
  7. J

    LITEON 0225 Flashed with LT+1.9 Thank you TX :D

    Guys, I just wanted to say thanks, without you Xboxes will be just boxes, thank you for keeping it real. I finally finished flashing my 4GB slim console, also I added a 250 GB HDD. Here is the PIC. x360disassembled by momentz4all, on Flickr You guys rock, I will be active on the forum...
  8. C

    LITEON 93450 JungleFlasher not detecting Lite-On drive

    The title says it all.... I am trying to flash my Lite-On 93450c (which has the newest dashboard update) to iXtreme LT+ v1.9 and JungleFlasher cant detect my drive! I am trying to flash on a Windows 7 laptop and i have an X360USB Pro along with a CK3 Pro and the Probe 3 add-on. Any help is...
  9. C

    ANSWERED Flashing Lite-On 93450c

    Hi everyone, I am looking to flash my Lite-On 93450c drive soon and I have been doing endless forum reading and research. I have one question however. Are all versions of the Lite-On drive flashed the same way? Like do you flash the 93450c in the same way as the 74850c? I have already searched...
  10. D

    Liteon will not eject.

    Hi, I have a Liteon 83850 v2 that is used with my jasper 360, however I just got this console and noticed that the drive will not eject. It will make a buzzing noise. However when I took the drives top cover off it ejected perfectley, I believe its stuck on the top cover but I'am not sure. Thanks!
  11. D

    LITEON 83850 v1 Tools to flash Liteon 83850c

    Hi, one of my 360's consoles has a Liteon 83850c and I was wondering what tools I need. I don't know how to tell what version of the 83850c it is, the manufacturing date on the drive is august 2009, which makes sense since its from the mw2 edition 360. I already have a Ck3 lite and a via6421...
  12. rroddr

    LITEON 74850 Liteon 74850C missing sata connector (reconstruction with pictures)

    Well what had happened was the other day I was on craislist and saw a person needed help with a liteon drive and that he somehow pulled the sata connector off while trying to flash someones xbox so I agreed to try to help him out snce I have almost 2 years of experience flashing and I solder...
  13. S

    It just doesn't work.

    I am seriously so frustrated. I have spent all morning trying to flash my liteon drive to no avail. I'm going to list a ton of information in hopes that one smart individual will come along and help me. I've spent alot of money trying to get it to work. Hardware: Liteon 74850c, x360usb pro...
  14. A

    [LiteOn 02510C] Flash

    Ok, so I am not a 100% sure if I really get this, but the problem is, I did the Dashboard update, then flashed my drive with the 02510C LT 1.9 firmware, (I already had my key) (I flashed it the same way as a 74850), I followed the Jungleflasher tutorial (The .PDF file), and still can't figure...
  15. Happyhobo

    LITEON 74850 Flashing Liteon with eSata possibility?

    I've been looking all over the internet but i'm struggling to find an answer. I've got a Liteon xbox which i'm trying to flash using JungleFlasher 0.1.84 beta connected via a sata to eSata cable. The computer knows the connection is there, however JungleFlasher won't recognize the eSata port. Is...
  16. C

    ANSWERED firmware and jf help please

    my xboxusbpro probe 3 and my ck3 are due here today. i have windows xp n have read for weeks im a total noob and computer talk illiterate never posted in a forum or chat .i downloaded jf 1.84 1.9 firmware jf came with five folders the dice icon wasnt in a folder so i made one n placed it an the...
  17. C

    Lt Clip & Lt Switch v2 not working on 93450c

    I just got my Lt Clip and Lt Switch v2 in today. Those are the only parts that I have that involve modding a 360. I have it hooked up right the cuts are correct, but no madder what I do I can not get JungleFlash to find the drive. Does the switch on the clip have to be set to test or normal...
  18. W

    lt+ v1.1 updated without reflash; flagged?

    A friend of mine stupidly updated to the latest kinect dash with lt+ v1.1 on a liteon 74850 without flashing back to stock fw first. Is it known whether this flags him or not? Would this show in xval for sure? When would xval be incorrect? How could one get flagged on the sever side without...
  19. P

    LITEON 74850 Making own probe..?

    Sup I been following this tutorial which is pretty easy and seems allgood, problem is I cannot find a DB9 solder female sub connector anywhere like the one shown on the tutorial, only ones I could find are female-female...
  20. H

    LITEON 93450 My Liteon is not showing up its blank

    Hello This forum has been very helpful to me before in my flashing endavours so maybe you can help me once again. The problem is my Liteon is not being detected by my computer at all after I did the Liteon Erase in Jungleflasher. I thought you could bring the drive back to vendor mode by...