1. A

    Can I just use original key

    Im wondering that since I have my key from when my box was flashed before do I have to dump it again with the 0251 firmware or can I just erase and use the 0251 orig firmware provided and my original key?
  2. R

    GENERAL [Info] New Firmware

    Hi, recently I extracted the new drives firmware directly from the update 2.0.13146.0 and i realized that the interval of inquiry, identify and serial come with values, someone that extracted the firmware directly from your drive can confirm that this values are for all drives. I do not know...
  3. A

    LITEON 83850 v1 Reading key from Liteon 83850c v1 flashed to LT to flash to LT+ using X360USB

    Hi guys. I purchased the X360USB, which should be arriving tomorrow. Ubergeek's guide for flashing the lieton 83850c v1 suggests I don't need a probe to get the key. However, several posts suggest if you don't have the original dummy.bin from the stock firmware, that you will need to use a probe...
  4. I

    Dvd drive isnt working

    When i was flashing a 93450 i used the phatkey and probe like usual but then my computer froze and i had to restart my computer. i went to try again then i realize that i rebooted my computer to orginal and i didnt have xecuter ck3 pro installed in my computer and now the dvd drive doesnt show...
  5. S

    LITEON 0225 Need help with flashing LT 0225 drive

    Hello, i am very new to flashing Xbox 360s. I used to have an Xbox 360 Premium and i flashed that using Jungle Flasher via the Sata ports. Now i got the newest Xbox 360 Slim with the 0225 drive. I have read many posts online saying that it can be flashed. However i have also seen many posts...
  6. S

    CK3 PRO Dont work anymore...

    hi, i have a ck3 probe with kit, i already perform many flash to drives and firmware updates too now probe stop working, eject button dont eject the drive. i do not need extract the key for the liteon since i already have i just need to apply the firmware but it never get in vendor mode...
  7. T

    Open tray after flashing....

    Alright, down to it, I just finished flashing my xbox liteon 74850 with the 360usb pro, Probe 3 and connectivity kit, everything went fine (there was a cd in the drive during flashing) and I removed the ribbon before I started. so I got the dummy.bin, everything was successful (yay!), so I put...
  8. T

    Flash without Connectivity Kit

    Hi Guys, I have bought both the CK3 Probe III and the Xbox USB360 pro, but I only just realized that I may also need a connectivity kit to power my drive, which is a liteon 74850c. Can I simply use the Xbox's plug to power the drive? I am somewhat of a noob, but I have worked really hard on...
  9. W

    CK3 PRO CK3 Pro Setup Help

    So I just received my CK3 Pro (Rev D) and looked around for a tutorial on basic setup and couldn't find one (I'm not the brightest guy around so it's probably just me being stupid). All I want to know is the basic wiring setup if I wanted to flash my Lite-On 94350C with X360USB Pro and a CK3...
  10. O

    Bad flash

    If I flash my Slim badly (when the patch comes out) eg. install wrong patch for version then how can I remove it, can I just overwrite the correct one?
  11. O

    Findout LiteOn version.

    Hi! I have a Slim 4GB Kinect Bundle Xbox with Model 1439 and serial 106945303905. How do I find out the version of my LiteOn drive WITHOUT OPENING THE XBOX? I want to fill in my Xbox details on the forum and if possible how to I find out the motherboard chipset (eg. VIA 6***) Thank you, I can...
  12. F

    GENERAL SATA issue ..

    So I have this older WinXP desktop that i would like to use for flashing. Upon removing the side panel, i found that I do not have an internal sata port, only IDE. What sort of adapter should i look into. I have seen IDE to SATA adapters and USB to SATA adapters i am not sure what would be...
  13. S

    LITEON 93450 Liteon 93450c will not eject.

    I have a Liteon 93450c that has the LT Clip and LT Switch v2 install. At first everything went perfect, I got the green light right off the bat, then got the DVD on the first try, this is not the first Xbox Dvd I have had to work on, but it was the first Liteon 93450c. The drive at first was...
  14. I

    Laser Replacement Advice

    Hi, I'm preparing to order X360USB + CK3 Pro + Ext. Mollex, I also have a Blaster CK3 (unopened) for the upcoming firmware release of LT+ for slims. So I want to order laser replacement just in case I need them because shipping costs here are really big, so i wanted to get new one for DG-16D4S...
  15. manwinder

    liteon 93450c help

    i need to know where to put the negative and positive points of my multimeter, not for resistance but for voltage and friend told me it is better to test for voltage, he told me it can tell you if a cut is good or not
  16. G

    South West Xbox 360 Flashing Services

    Based in Yeovil, Somerset All Phat Drives Flashed: £10 Laser Replacement: £20 inc Laser Prices are for local drop off/pick up, if delivery required +£5 for Drive only, +£10 for Console. Email me: [email protected]
  17. Y

    Xbox continually reboots after MRA

    Today I ran through the MRA hack (first time doing so) in an attempt to upgrade my Lite-On 74850c from LT to LT+. The flashing process went by without much trouble and LT+ was successfully loaded. Upon putting the drive back into the 360, I've found that almost anytime i try to eject the...
  18. S

    Uncommon success story

    hi, i just wanted to get the word out. Flashing a lite-on 7 series wasn't as bad as i believed it would be. i have a N-force 750i motherboard, and i wasn't sure if it would work with jungleflasher an excuter pro and a probe(single pin). I wanted to try and flash my xbox drive without...
  19. manwinder

    ANSWERED spoofing a drive

    my 8series liteon v1, is broken, i have the keyss, could i use a benq as a new drive or do i have to use a new 83 series drive and could i use a 7series drive
  20. manwinder

    2 liteon 93450c drives help

    i got 2 drives and i have the same problem i have 2 ltswitch v2 and i have them installed in both the drives but i can't get them in vendor mode, in jungleflasher the drives don't always get detected but when they do the drive never goes into vendor mode i have tried a lot of different...