1. S

    JTAG Demon retail/JTAG confusion

    I've been scouring the net looking for an answer to this, and have found bits and pieces of an answer, but nothing to the point. forum searching lead me nowhere, my question is a bit to specific to search for (was for me anyways). SO.. I've dusted off my phat falcon 360, and am interested in...
  2. E

    UN rgh_ BANNED KV

    Hi I have a trinity slim that has a cool runner installed. I am wanting to revert this into a stock live console. The original key vault is banned is this possible to buy a kv and turn it into a live console? I have the original nand image of that matters
  3. J

    XGD3 question about bad burns online

    so i was wonderig ive ben trying to burn black ops 2 since it came out the other day ive tried 7 times and all bad kprobe results.most of them dont even work offline and i wont even dare go online with to get to the point if i install the original disk can i use a bad kprobe result but...
  4. B

    FSD Inject Any Files To Profile ? Please Help

    Hi friends. How are you today ? I have a question to you. I've an online Xbox Live Profile, and I used this profile on Xbox with RGH and FSD. Then I turned to use orginal games and console and now I'ım using this account on Xbox Live. So ; Is it a problem for account and console and Does FSD...
  5. W

    Can I use Xbox live after putting nand back to normal?

    I did a bad install, but the console still boots with the original nand, so I was planning on swapping with my brother or selling this one and buying a new one. Can it still use xbox live without microsoft knowing that I've been messing with the nand?
  6. N


    HIII friend i am here to ask you,. will i be able to play multiplayer using tx-demon on using a pirated disk without being caught on live or if i copy an orignal disk and use it without disk on live please help me?????????????? :crazy: :frown: :facepalm: :crazy:
  7. A

    ANSWERED A few questions

    Ok I have gained quite a good knowledge from this form, thank's to all the eager helpers (I have flashed 20+ drives now including winbond). And I am on several forums, however I always get fast support here so thanks everyone. You will make me stay here help and get helped. Now to the...
  8. N


    Hello, I'm currently in the process of having a friend of mine flash & JTAG my XBOX 360 Slim. Though I am an avid Live player - my concern is, well, what should I be concerned about if I play a game online with a modified console? I'm not too sure in this area - if I'm installing the new...
  9. ppkpatrick

    GENERAL LT+ 2.0 and non XGD3/AP25 Games safe on 14699?

    just wondering if non xgd3/ap25 backups are playable and LIVE safe on the latest dash with LT+2.0
  10. T

    JUNGLE FLASHER Spoofed liteon to benqOFW and updated?

    so i flashed my benq to play my back ups and use a liteon for 0800 ripping, and i spoofed my benq info to the liteon, flashed it to Official Firmware, and updated with it.. seems to be fine no ban or anything, but for future reference is this a bad idea?
  11. G

    JTAG can you spoof the xval using RGH?

    Hi, I just thought about something....:crazy: There the program called Xval, where you can insert your x-value from the xbox and you know if you are flagged for ban or not. So if this program can calculate it must know the algorithm for calculating this xval with you unique console serial. using...
  12. E

    Banned from XBL: Marketplace theft

    DO NOT REPLY to this email address. It is not monitored. ] This email is to notify you that your Xbox LIVE account privileges have been permanently suspended due to marketplace theft. The conduct that caused this suspension may include, but is not limited to: Duplication of item purchase...
  13. T

    SAMSUNG MS28 Won't read ANY Disc after update!!!

    Hello guys, I flashed a friend's Samsung MS28 from LT FW to the Stock FW I dumped months ago so he could update. So the update went successful, however No Discs will boot now!!! I tried the Halo Reach disc given to update beta testers, and it was a no go, it says "Open Tray." Then, I tried...
  14. A

    Help understanding some stuff about Backups!?

    Im a little new to this, so have a few question concerning burn copys! Ive looked around, but I just need some clarification. 1) What do the "waves" mean for abgx360 and Ap2.5? 2) If I "incorrectly" patch my game what will my xbox say? Will I be flaged if it just says "open tray" once i put...
  15. ppkpatrick

    Xbox LIVE and CFW?

    I am wondering about a couple of things regarding xbox LIVE and LT+1.1... 1.If i run games through abgx360 and everything shows green,should i be safe on LIVE? 2.If i have an ap2.5 game and patch the AP through abgx360 v1.0.5,should i be safe on LIVE? 3.I live in europe (PAL) if i play NTSC...
  16. G

    Original Disk on xbox live with Flashed drive

    Im very very new to all of this but never the less finaly got everything working on my xbox 360 and running back ups fine and even the ones AP25 but now for maybe a stupid question. I backed up my copy of COD black ops so my 10yr old son doesnt ruin it , now if i want to play on xbox live im...
  17. J

    Problems w/ Xbox 360 connected to Live with wireless laptop/ JAMES BOND BLOODSTONE

    Hey y'all, was just wondering if someone knows how I should prevent a lot of my games from lagging or not being able to join certain games while I play online. I know that I am supposed to port forward but does the setup I have going on change any of the normal ports I have to forward? Btw I...
  18. J

    HD from live updated box to jtag box

    Is there any danger in using a hd that was used on a live updated 360 on a jtagged 360? I don't want to take any chances..