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    RGH Coolrunner/CR3 lite programming

    Hi, this is my first post here so if I break a rule or not give enough information, pls tell me so that I can correct it! :) So anyway, I bought this RRoD 360 that has a cr3 lite in it and I also found a coolrunner for cheap at a local online store. My problem is that I don't have a nand-x, nor...
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    LPT to USB Adapter

    Hey! I've just finished up my soldering and was stupid enough to not check if i even had an LPT port on my computer. so i ordered an LPT to Usb port online. Will that work or will i just have to trash the whole project?
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    RGH NAND difference

    Hi, I have dumped NAND 4 times. 2 of them matches and 2 others wont match. Is it safe to flash those matching nands?
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    JTAG Why you should learn to solder first!

    Normally I hate posting to forums, because I know the answer is out there just waiting to be clicked. But I just cant figure this one out. But Iv gotten to the point where im thinking about just shelving my Xbox which I really would rather not do. Also sorry if im not supposed to post this...
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    Update a nand x with a diy update cable?

    [Answered]Update a nand x with a diy update cable? noob alert I want to update my nand x to nandpro 3 and I really dont want to shell out $12+sh and handling for an update cable. Is there a cheaper, sloppier, home made alternative???:confused: ps I do have a lpt and com port on my...
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    JTAG Have Cool Runner - Need to extract Key from Jasper Mobo

    I have a Jasper (256) mobo and the drive that came with it has the wrong key. I need to extract the key from the board. I've already installed the cool runner to the board and have the cool runner hooked up to my computer with Xecuter Xilinux LPT JTAG cable. The cool runner is being powered by...
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    RGH Have I fried my coolrunner

    I tried to make a DIY lpt programming cable (gligli's schematic) as the stocks in UK shops were not available. When I tried to connect coolrunner it did not light up. But I was getting 3.2v in vcc+. So I connected the 5th6th wire splice from my ck3 lite to the chip. Chip lighted up correctly...
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    ANSWERED Anyone Programmed Coolrunner with DIY LPT programming cable?

    I have started building a LPT JTAG cable based on the Original Gligli schematics. NOT the buffered model but the simple un buffered model. Has anyone got any success by using it to program coolrunner? Need to hear your opinions. Before you guys say to go ahead and buy a TX cable, few things...