1. M

    Someone did a previous bolt mod on my 360, What should i do?

    I recently picked up a Jasper 360 from a pawn shop, The thing runs really cool (I could play 2-3 15 round zombie matches and the thing would be still blowing out cold air). But after further inspection i noticed the guy did a bolt mod on it aswell as a really good 12v mod. He didnt exactly use...
  2. H

    Brand New to Xbox 360 Modding

    Hi, My Name is Julian. I have an old black xbox 360 Elite I believe and I want to make it more useful. I have modded my original xbox with a 250 GB HDD and installed linux onto it so I can run emulators and applications on it as well as copy games, and ftp to it. When it comes to skill, I have a...
  3. C

    [UK] RGH Xbox 360 Slim [SALE]

    Got a black Xbox 360 Slim RGH that I want to sell £110 + £13 P+P or you can choose your own Currier or pick up from Manchester UK or PM me for more info Thanks -Chris
  4. J

    BOII on Jtag

    I am planning on RGH-ing my Xbox. I have a 4gb slim elite. Is there an in depth tutorial about this anywhere? Also, the main reason for my jailbreak is to mod games, such as black ops 2. How do I do this?
  5. O

    [USA] JTAG Service for My Falcon (older dash)

    I've got a Falcon, manufactured in 2008, that I'd like you to JTAG. If it ends up not being exploitable, I'd like to know your prices for R-JTAG instead. Also, I'm quite the idiot, so expect a lot of dumb, noob questions.
  6. A

    Which XBOX360 MOD do I have?

    Hey i am new to whole Xbox thing and i have purchased an old hacked xbox 360 Gears of war 3 limited editition. And i want to update my firmware. So please help me to determine which xbox modchip i have. Moreover please tell me if i can play xbox live as i have a gold membership coupon. Thanks in...
  7. L

    LITEON DG-16D2S Flash LiteOn 83850C - PROBLEM

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum .. I possessed a mod with firmware LT + 3.0 but for some reason the mod has stopped working , I think as a result of some updating . So I decided to open the console , remove the dummy file through a PogoMoThoin I built on original cable and flash the...
  8. M

    IDEA New way to mod games without jtag

    The idea here is that instead of running xexmenu to mod games, why not use a modded iso image burned to a disk? There would be no unsigned code running, correct? Most games like CoD and Halo have different files other than the xex. I dont think those would have to be signed, correct? If anyone...
  9. S

    RGH Trinity RGH2 Not Booting!

    X Product(s) used: Coolrunner Rev C Console Type: Trinity NAND size: I don't know bro. Dashboard version: 16756 CB version: 9231 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Was the console working before you started: Yes. Do you get a green debug light appear on the RGH chip every 4-5 seconds...
  10. M

    DLC inject

    Hello i want to know how to make accept a inject dlc (call of duty) in my xbox. I inject it with horizon and when i boot the game it say that the dlc was domaged. What i do ? (p.s. I speak french that was the reason of my poor english :tongue:.)
  11. Z

    GENERAL fan behind gpu and cpu?

    Hey, this is probably posted already so I apologize in advance. I'm Modding an xbox360 xenon model. I want to induce airflow to ensure proper cpu and gpu thermal temps remain stable. I was thinking of cutting the botto, of thw xbox, to reveal the bottom of the mobo where the cpu and gpu chips...
  12. A

    JTAG the simplest way to jtag a Xenon on dashboard 2.0.2858.0

    Hi, i recently bought an xbox 360 from my cousin that was still on dashboard 2.0.2858.0 and i am having a hard time finding a page with up to date instructions for jtaging. also do i need to buy a coolrunner and if so which one.
  13. V

    Need Jtag and Homebrew for Xbox 360 (St. Louis, Mo)

    Looking for jtag service and homebrew on my Xbox 360. Don't have particular specs on-hand, but I can likely find them once I have my machine in front of me. Includes 60Gb hard drive.
  14. C

    GENERAL What mod is this?????

    This xbox will not update to any dash. It is stuck on 13604. Don't know if that has to do with this mod that I recently discovered(see picture) after opening it up due to e74 error. Thank you very much.
  15. K

    Hey guys c:

    I'm new to Modding and yeah cx
  16. jdoe91011

    Going to Install the Slim Proto V2, Which Slim should I get?

    Hi guys, So I just finished installing an RJTAG kit into my Jasper 512 MB, and I'm booting with perfecto times. I have to say, I've got the bug now and want to mod another system. I just ordered the Slim Proto V2 kit, and I am going to get a Slim to put it into; I'm dying for another project...
  17. bboybambam

    Does the glow mod work on slim xbox?

    I just bought the Xecuter 360 Glow mod. I have a corona v1 can I do the same install procedure as the phat or is the code not compatible yet? I found the diagram for the green LED and RED LED and i don't know if that would work. Thanks for any info
  18. jdoe91011

    FIXED How do I reverse a 12 Volt Fan Mod that has no physical modification done?

    Hello, my apologies for the long post, but I have a somewhat odd issue. Let me first start off by saying that I am not new to this scene, and have a fairly decent understanding of xbox 360 modding (I think), and I also own a good portion of the Xecuter products. Either way, about a year ago...
  19. T

    Just got an Xbox modded with xecutor2 mod. Now what?

    Hi all, I have just received my first XboX from a friend, and it's modded with the Xecutor2 mod (this shows on the boot screen). From there, it looks like it just goes to the standard MS dashboard. What does this mod allow me to do? Which dashboard is the best? (EvoX, UnleashX, etc.) Any...
  20. T

    Hello from a newb owner of an Original XboX...

    Never had an Xbox, but a friend gave me one that had been modded (apparently) with the Xecutor2 mod. I'm mostly interested in hardware from the 80's to 90's (I do a lot of repair on consoles, C64 computers, etc), and I have modded consoles like the Sega Saturn. I'm hoping to find some answers...