1. M

    Is a 2011-06-16 10.83a a trinity?

    I was looking for a another 360 and someone is selling one from 2011-06-16 with 10.83a, I would guess its a trinity, but what do you guys think?
  2. M

    Looking to buy a Xecute 3 or 3ce ModChip

    Hello all, I have an xbox with the team Xecuter control panel with LCD, but no xecuter modchip to go with this awesome machine. I'm from Ohio and willing to pay for one of these awesome chips. Please reply to this post if you have any for sale. Thanks, MANDO
  3. M

    absolute pre-noob education request on modchips

    i have an xbox 360 i purchased in the USA (so obviously NTSC) and i KNOW it's modded (which someone here did for me), because it plays backups. however, i travelled somewhere and bought some PAL games and it won't play those. i don't really know what chip i have or what drive i have or even...
  4. A

    xbox 360 Modchip

    hey guys i have a modchipped xbox360 i want to flash my xbox.. so my question is what should i do simply flash to lt 2.0 or have to get the modchip removed first :)
  5. Ghost ic0n

    LITEON 74850 Does this thing have a mod-chip installed?

    Does anybody see a mod-chip in it somewhere? I can't tell if it has one. My uncle claims that he got this one mod-chipped ( this is my cousin's ). Oh, and I opened-up the DVD drive of it, it too is a Liteon 74850 and it is completely normal. No sign of a mod-chip. P.S : Pic quality isn't the...