1. E

    Modding Xenon Motherboard (Noob question)

    I have a Xenon xbox 360 phat with a liteon drive 250 gb hard drive. i basically know nothing about RGHing or JTAGing. So my wuestion is, How do I Mod my Xenon Board, This means what to buy also with a tutorial. i might know but should i get these...
  2. H

    Brand New to Xbox 360 Modding

    Hi, My Name is Julian. I have an old black xbox 360 Elite I believe and I want to make it more useful. I have modded my original xbox with a 250 GB HDD and installed linux onto it so I can run emulators and applications on it as well as copy games, and ftp to it. When it comes to skill, I have a...
  3. T

    [UK] Looking to get my Xbox RGH'd or flashed

    Hi guys I would like to get my elite xbox 360 RGH'd or flashed and im jw if there is anyone in birkenhead or liverpool who could do this for me. Thanks If u need more info on the console just ask The disk drive is a lite on i havent checked what motherboard it has
  4. S

    GENERAL helppp!!!i need help flashing my cd drive on my xbox360 slim

    im new to this i dont really know what i need and i cant afford to buy the device to power on my dvd rive while its plugged into my computer is there a way around it? but im new to this and i need help flashing my dvd rom in my console.its a phillips & lite-on model dg-16d5s
  5. T

    [FOR SALE] [IRELAND] Xbox RGH / JTAG, Disk Drive flashing, Console cutouts.

    No advertising - VIP only. /admin
  6. C


    Hi, I am after a hardware mod for my Xbox 360 .. getting bored of it being white! Looking to get the lights around the power button upgraded and also the shell case too. If any one can help then please get in contact :-)
  7. D

    RGH what will happen if you rgh on the current dashbored

    if i install a rgh on the current dash-bored what will happen could i do mods or would my xbox not turn on p;z help
  8. M

    Can a slim be modded yet

    i am totally new at this and i have been searching all over the place and there have been some people who say you can mod a slim but other people who say you cant. so can you? if you can mod a slim can it be made to do what the original x-box xecuter mod did. e.g. load games from a hard drive...
  9. U

    [UK] Urban Gamer Console Services

    Welcome to Urban Gamer's Page. For a Comprehensive Overview of What I offer, Please Consult My Website. Modding Services: - Reset Glitch Hack with TX CoolRunner - £39.99 - Ring of Light Mod Console or Controller - £4.99 - TX CoolRunner Rev.C - £14.99 - TX Glow Mod Supply & Install -...
  10. I

    ANSWERED X360USBPRO v2 Help!!

    I don't have a Molex to Sata power adapter to i have used my computer to power it while the usb is connected to my laptop. Will this work?? first time using the X360USBPRO v2 so I haven't had any experience and didn't have a guide to follow. Please help me. What's my next step?
  11. supersymm3try

    ANSWERED question about xbox 360 case mod

    hi all I hope this isn't too much of a pointless question! I'm modding my 360 case today (cutting a shape out and backlighting with LEDs if anyone's interested) and I wonder if I chop out the design from the case, will the xbox suffer if I don't block the hole off with clear plastic? I'm just...
  12. S

    Blaster + Case modding question

    Hello everyone and thanks for all help in advance. I am wanting to do some case modding to my phat xbox360 (lol), I were wondering whether or not i could. Remembering that when i were installing the blaster it used splitter type cables to power it through the xbox360 power supply. And the case...
  13. C

    ANSWERED PMT Confusion

    Hello everyone..... i am new to firmware modding and flashing and i have been doing endless research over the past few days.... One topic, however, i just cant seem to wrap my mind around... That topic is about a Pogo Mo Thoin (PMT). I just cant figure out its purpose and what the pin is for...
  14. L

    Use Connect with a modded Elite Xbox?

    Hi all, I wanted to Mod my xbox to play chipped games but was wondering if I would then be able to Use the Kinect if i do? I mean Did Microsoft Add on some security issues with the Kinect when installed or? Please help....
  15. R

    i think i broke my lite on 9 series

    i put the trace cuts and tried to mod it and didnt work so i said screw it solder the points back turn my Xbox on and got red rings i take the drive out and it stars up put it back in red rings whats wrong any way to fix thank you