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    LITEON 9504 Xbox360usb pro questions!!!

    So I'm super new to this. Like..I just register Today and I have a few short question. So forgive me if im being a noob and couldnt find a post similar to this. 1) So with the xbox360usb pro I can just connect it to my laptop through a USB port? 2) What are molex cables? Im doing this through a...
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    external molex probs

    ordered a x360usb pro,ck3lite and exterenal molex bundle from here on 5th April. Phoned up 15th April wondering where my order might be and was told the external molex's have been withdrawn as there blowing up and some more will be coming in a few weeks. I arranged for x360usb pro and ck3lite to...
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    Connectivity Kit power source

    Hi guys, I'm guessing the only way to power my newly bought connectivity kit to flash my liteon 74850 drive is to use a molex cable and connect that to my computer... will I need to open up my computer to do this and will there be any molex cables that I can remove from the computer and use for...
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    CK3 PRO Molex Adapter Help

    I need a molex adapter so I can flash with my 360 and noticed there are quite a bit of em. Now, i'll be the first one to tell people I have no idea what i'm doing, so I figured I would ask the people who know what they're doing what i'm supposed to be looking for when searching for a molex...
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    [Question]Power supply for CK3 Pro From the PC

    Hi, i am new to this forum and i think that this community helps alot of people out so i decided to post my question here. :) I ordered a CK3 Pro (REV D) and a Probe 2. I have a Lite-on 93450c and i am looking for the correct Molex port that i should plug my CK3 Pro into because there are alot...
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    Xbox fan help

    Well i searched and could not find the answers i was looking for. Where the xbox stock 3 pin fan connects to the mother board would it be all right to have a splitter to have another small fan. And is wiring up a molex to the 12v power supply on the mother board safe or ok?? Thanks