nand dump

  1. S

    nand dump failed. error code 00FFFD4B

    My Switch was forced to update to 6.0 before it could format my SD card. But I'm working with an SX Pro Dongle and RCM jig. When I try to perform a NAND Dump in SX OS, I get this error code Nand Dump Failed error code 00FFFD4B. Has anyone else had this problem, or know of any workarounds...
  2. K

    need fresh falcon nand

    I keep getting a error bad block c9 and iv took the soldering off and put it back on multiple times and I cant fix this issue the only way I can think is writing a retail nand to the board if anyone can help
  3. J

    J-R programmer V2 cant read nand

    I just picked my J-R programmer V2 from your website.Then it arrived very fast then i installed it.I got jrunner tried to read nand but i get this error: Checking Files Finished Checking Files Downloaded *xeBuild/12611/_jtag.ini Finished Checking Files Version: 10 Flash Config: 0x00000000 Can...
  4. B

    RGH strange Problem when I try read Nand...

    Hey everyone.. :) I don't know if I should write this subject here ... Anyway, I tryed to read Nand from ( Corona v1 250 GB ) to RGH it.. But and J-Runner keep say ( can not continue )... Well it's not my 1st time I already did too many RGH to all kinds of Consoles.. 1- The Console still on...
  5. ultimate360

    [USA] Need 4gb R/W kits or qsb's ASAP- paypal payment

    Looking for some 4gb R/W kits and/or qsbs. I'll take whatever you got, message with price, Thanks guys!
  6. C

    GENERAL Need Help with my Corona v2 Lost orignal Nand

    Need Little help with my Corona v2 Nand, I kinda deleted by mistake really dont know to explain it. all I have es the CPU key that all. end the ecc boot image from the first boot that all I have. Wanted to know If I can rebuild my Retail end a RGH Nand Here a pic of my ECC Boot...
  7. K

    RGH Need Help With THe RGH 2 on the latest dash ! !!! HElp

    I keep soldering my nand-x to my mother board and connecting it to j- Runner But J- runner doesnt read it ?????????????? i need hep do i need to program or update my nand x or something ??? please help me :facepalm: :confused::confused:
  8. L

    GENERAL zephyr cb 4569

    hey folks, I have finally succeeded in registering on this site. I need downloads , info and help . Right now I am having a time with a zephyr board with a CB of 4569. I have just found out that apparently I am not able to retrieve the cpu key. A python build of the .ecc told me " could not...
  9. M

    GENERAL What parts do I need .. to get keys and keep (non-edit) NAND on XBox Slim Corona

    I recently got an XBox360 slim and would like to get the CPU and DVD keys from it, but I do not know what parts I will need. The system is an XBox360 Slim 4GB Corona Chip. The DVD drive is a LiteOn DG-16D5S-11B / Manuf: 9/2011 / HW Ver A0A0 I just need to get the keys off the system and leave...
  10. R

    RGH NAND difference

    Hi, I have dumped NAND 4 times. 2 of them matches and 2 others wont match. Is it safe to flash those matching nands?
  11. S

    Overwritten Nand - no cpu key - recoverable by DGX?

    Hello , I just want to know wheather it is possible I have a broken corona v1 16mb with overwritten NAND and no cpu key . Some mistake I make to overwrite the NAND with other console NAND . :facepalm: I see DGX can recover cpu key with out and nanddump , is it possible to recover the cpu key...
  12. R

    GENERAL Demon Xecuter install manufacturer for code FF not found

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so patience please. I'm getting the 'manufacturer for code FF not found' error. I have soldered and re-soldered. Photos provided. Using a Xenon. Xbox boots, Demon reads, but I can't pull the Nand off the Xbox. I have read and re-read...
  13. KBTech9

    Jasper 512 glitched then no video, desoldered everything, same result

    Okay let me try this again. I have a Jasper 512 cb 6750 that green rings and shows no video. Sometimes it will start to boot up and even make it into the dash and then the video will blank out but the system will still be running like its on. Sometimes the video shuts off and it starts to...
  14. lewisgreg981

    [MULTI] Questions [NAND DUMP] [POST QSB]

    Is there any way to get your original nand files back from a sucessful glitch? I seem to have ovewritten my (nand.1,nand.2,nand.3, and nand.4) files. Does the post qsb really need for a trinity slim?
  15. W

    RGH Unable to dump NAND, not sure what problem is?

    Hi I have having trouble dumping my nand. I have a 13599 kernal. I have attached images of my solder joints. It is not obvious what I have done as I have soldered 3 wires to back of motherboard and the rest in the right place. I am using the LPT method to flash using the JTAG tool reset glitch...
  16. G

    Download Nand Image + need help with rrod

    where can i download clean / donor nand images for my jasper 512 mb. i tried downloading from jtag tool but it aint working . also should i download the complete 512 mb or can i opt for a smaller 64 mb . and whats the procedure for making the donor nand acceptable by my console ie. how to...
  17. iomega311

    ANSWERED Im stuck... cannot get Xbox to boot...

    Ok, ive been avoiding coming here because I have been determined to fix this myself... I need some help/advice. I have been flashing phats for a long time... but the RGH scene is all new to me. I bought 2 slims from someone on craigslist that they had messed up by attempting to install...
  18. L

    Nand dumping help

    I've been searching in the forums and can't seem to find an answer to my dilemma. Well, I've dump the nand on this falcon around 20 times and every single time they all have an error 250 at 3A9. So, I'm thinking they at least should be the same if I compare them, considering they have the same...