nand x

  1. N

    JTAG I need some help

    OK so I am completely new to this but i decided I wanted to start JTAGing, so i have all the tools for soldering and taking apart the xbox and all that but I am missing the actual programming and flashing tools. I have figured out i have a Corona V1 and two V3 that i would like to work on...
  2. M

    Best place to buy nand x?

    I'm in the US and was wondering where the best place to get a nand x is.
  3. T

    [WANTED] UK| Anyone selling a Nand-X Or JR Programmer V2

    UK| Anyone selling a Nand-X Or JR Programmer V2 (NO Longer Needed!) Hello is anyone selling a nand x that accepts paypal ? I Kinda need it asap!
  4. Daddylonglegs

    NAND-X USB; read NAND fine, flash fine, console won't boot (pics included)

    Hey everyone. Been buying Team Xecuter stuff since the original XBox and have never been let down, so I am roughly 99% sure the issue with this is something I'm doing wrong :) I bought the NAND-X USB a while back when I learned my Jasper had a dashboard that was jtaggable. I soldered...
  5. L

    RGH Reading a Drive key directly from Motherboard

    Just gonna get this out of the way; Post count means nothing. I've done my research, I'm just more of a lurker xD I have 3 phats. 2 of them are banned, and I lost the drive key on the other. Currently I am waiting for a phat version of the CR3 Pro & CR3-DGX so I can RGH all of them and sell the...
  6. D

    RGH RGH edition pions

    [solved] RGH edition pions hey guys when i solder i dont use the pins which come with rgh edition....but then again i have no idea how do you solder these pins on - does anyone have tutorial for it is it best practice to leave them in the console if you going to be updating etc regular
  7. J

    Nand X USB Update cable Failed to Autobaud

    Hi i recently bought a Nand X USB update cable to update my NAND X device to be able to program my coolrunner chip,i installed the drives for the nand x usb update cable, now it shows as COM 3 in my device manager, then i followed the second part of this tutorial...
  8. JointChief

    Coolrunner Rev. C NAND X????

    Hello, Since the cool runner rev C doesnt use qsb's should I use the jtag qsb's to read and write. And there are plenty of wire instal guides but I can't find a computer rgh 2.0 and does the newest jtag tool support rgh 2.0 And how do you give your self a profile picture
  9. JointChief

    Rgh dual NAND help

    Hello I have a opus mother board 14719 dash I would like to do rgh 2.0 with dual NAND. I am connot find a rgh 2.0 tutorial, and I am not sure if I should (please don't report me for talking about other products) wait for demon, use cool runner rev c and Cygnos, or matrix glitcher II and matrix...
  10. S

    RGH 3rrod 0010 after soldering coolrunner?

    so i managed to read my nand using jrunner and got matching dumps. while following the pdf guide it then said to flash the coolrunner and then boot my device. within one second my device shows three lights and 0010 code. i have a 256 jasper and the A point on the coolrunner i somehow managed to...
  11. iomega311

    ANSWERED Im stuck... cannot get Xbox to boot...

    Ok, ive been avoiding coming here because I have been determined to fix this myself... I need some help/advice. I have been flashing phats for a long time... but the RGH scene is all new to me. I bought 2 slims from someone on craigslist that they had messed up by attempting to install...
  12. E

    JTAG WIP on Alternate NAND/JTAG points/ Tut

    Like many of you new JTAGGERS using the NAND-X, I have ran into the ever so dreaded "Cannot detect flash controller" in Jtagtool. I decided to make a guide, and show you my problem along the way. This is my first time doing the JTAG. My goal is to dump the NAND first. Hopefully who ever has this...
  13. J

    [WANTED] Used NAND-X in good condition

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a Nand-X in good condition. It needs to be shipped to Sri Lanka. Please PM me your price. Many thanks.
  14. D

    Nand X 3 red light no fix :(

    Hello experts, I've run out of ideas.. Here is my problem: I have a falcon board 360, have installed the jtag kit successfully (ithink, since i can read the nand without problems and the reads are identical) after the first step in which you have to write xell, I did as explained, removed nand...
  15. O

    JTAG Help! Nand X not notice on Jtag Tool.

    My nand x isnt being noticed by jtag tool for multiple firmwares. i need to read the nand and write xellous (my HDMI doesnt work so i need to write xellous not xell) for 12625 but it doesnt work. i installed nand x drivers but i had to do it manually. i really need help i am new to jtagging.
  16. C

    JTAG where can i buy the nand x wires?

    i alrady bought the nand x, i need an extra set of nand x wires... i dont need any quick solder board but only the wires the nand x comes with to read the nand that fits in the nand x... link to where i can buy is appreicated , thank you
  17. R

    ANSWERED Most recent Tutorial of April 2011

    If someone could post a link to the most recent Jtag and Nand Dump tutorial I think it would be highly beneficial (I know it would be for me! I have spent HOURS reading stuff and not knowing if its up-to-date or not) Anyway, any help or rude comments appreciated, Brodie {Rudedog Racin}
  18. ppkpatrick

    nand x alternate point

    need an alternative for the yellow nand wire with the nand x,i have all other wires installed but havig trouble with the yellow one.