1. S

    RGH Have Nand-X. What else needed for Jasper 13599?

    So about a year ago i managed to jtag my old falcon. Revived it by putting it in the oven (i know, i know). Obviously the fix didnt work for long and my jtag days were short lived. I used the nand-x package tx sold with the qsb setup and of corse the hardware. Now that ive seen this RGH hack it...
  2. supersymm3try

    ANSWERED The Value of RGH?

    HI all, I wanted to post this in general 360 chat, but being a noob I cant until I reach 25 posts. I am thinking about RGH'ing my phat 360 once the DemoN is released. I have read the tutorials on here lots of times to get to grip with the basics and will of course be re-reading them all before...
  3. alexander_1333

    RGH My first RGH

    Hi i have don my first attempt of RGH and work great.It is a jasper 256 and i dit it on friday 13 :cool:Sorry for my english, i am from Slovakia.
  4. R

    ANSWERED Bad Block 395, remapped, 5v hack, etc.

    I initially got a bad block at 395 reading nand, read it 4 times, it was exactly the same. wrote my Ecc without remapping the nand file. worked fine, got my CPU key and made my freeboot image, didnt remap then either, flashed it with a usb thumb drive and raw flash v3. wouldnt boot after that...
  5. J

    NANDX - Not updating to v3 using CK3i (Error while Programming Device)

    Hi, I have an error while programming the NAND-X with the latest v3 code using the CK3i and the Ck3i to NAND-X update cable. I have a MOLEX PSU and Windows 7 64 bit. Actually I usually got the "Autobad error" unless I press the Reset button in the NAND-X and just when releasing the button I...
  6. D

    Autobaud Error With USB to NAND-X Update Cable, Tried Everything, Please Help

    I have tried everything to update my NAND-X with a laptop. Starting with a CK3i, I powered it via a wall socket, it didn't work, so I returned it then I bought a NAND-X to USB Update Cable and I installed all the drivers, tried all the different settings and still nothing, I've tried updating it...
  7. R

    Zephyr will not boot either into Xell Reloaded OR dashboard

    So, I RGH'd my Zephyr up until the point of putting my personalized 13604 on a flash drive and booting into Xell Reloaded... that worked, it flashed the update and then it told me to remove my power cable from the back and press my on button a few times to clear the capacitors... well stupidly I...
  8. X

    RGH Writing NAND to Cygnos Rev E with NAND-X

    Hey guys, I did a search all over google and this site and I came up with nothing specific. I am very interested if I could use my NAND-X to write to a Cygnos Rev E NAND. You may wonder why I want to do this. :crazy: From what I'm reading, from the Cygnos (Rev E) install manual, you have to...
  9. C

    RGH I wan't to get a copy of my NAND and CPU Key

    First, about me and my box....I have a Slim with a 9405/0272 drive with Xecuter PCB flashed to LTplus v2.0. I have updated my dashboard through CD's and I'm currently at 2.0.13604.0 and I'm pretty sure I haven't taken the 'Silent Update' (XVal says I'm clean). To my knowledge, I've never even...
  10. R

    Incompatible ARM hardware and no green LED on coolrunner

    I've been reading all over the forums for a remedy for my problem. none so far, here are the symptoms: 1. just got the usb to nand-x update cable and updated my nand-x (all went well) 2. programmed my coolrunner following CarolinaGamer's tutorial, his is for a slim, i did it on a phat, he says...
  11. K

    RGH Coolrunner Error Programming

    So i keep having this error programming my new TX Coolrunners using my Nand-X thats already been upgraded to V3 using the official update cable CK3i to Nand-x but when i try writing to the coolrunner heres a copy of my debuglog.txt from nandpro v3 NandPro v3.0a by Tiros Looking for usb...
  12. P

    nand-x software update problem

    Hello! I apologize in advance for my English! So .. Today I was trying to update my nand-x to version 3.0 so that it can be programmed or Xecuter cool runner with a quick assembly, without any time to connect all LPT interface .. soldering, desoldering ...! But while I was trying to update a...
  13. F

    GENERAL Questions on Nand-X additional parts

    Very exited I am for upcoming coolrunner from the best house of scene :p Now, I am very much confused about these followings: 1. On every online reseller page, NAND-X product has some cables to be connected with QSB. But still I see, all cables are for FAT, none of them are written to be...
  14. J

    [WANTED] Used NAND-X in good condition

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a Nand-X in good condition. It needs to be shipped to Sri Lanka. Please PM me your price. Many thanks.
  15. xbox360 hacker

    flashing nand for reset glitch help

    will it be safe to do this: When i want the reset glitch to run flash nand with image_00000000.ecc using command nandpro usb: +w16 image_00000000.ecc and if i want to revert back to stock instead of using my full orig nand i could copy the first 50 blocks from it using command nandpro usb...
  16. xbox360 hacker

    Nand backup using Nand-x

    Could someone check this over please just to confirm that the nand dumps are perfect. Thanks
  17. xbox360 hacker

    Nand-x in stock hurry

    Just to let all those who are seeking a nand-x that they are in stock at: or At time of posting there are: 35 units left at 34 units left at
  18. K

    NAND-X flash compatibility

    Hi guys, Ths is my first post, but I've been following TX's work for quite some time. Amazing work you guys do. Much appreciated! I'm planning to buy a NAND-X (If I can find one that is in stock). However, I do have a question. Which types of flash memory does the device support? The name...
  19. K

    JTAG Can Someone Give a comeplete rundown on what i need for a Xenon Jtag?

    BEFORE EVERYONE GETTING ANGRY AT ME ME = NOOB FOR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT JTAGS Ok so if you have read my last thread i have a Xenon Xbox 360 that has Dashboard 2.0.5766.0 And (BK: 2.0.1888.0) Thing is i don't know that much about Jtags:confused: Like Will the Xecuter NAND-X & JTAG Connection Kit be...
  20. Medrz

    NAND-X Solder Point Help

    I need help soldering my nand-x kit to my motherboard. See this tutorial - I messed up some of the solder points on the top of the mother board so I need to use alternate points. The tutorial has confused me because of traces and someone...