1. S

    How do I restore my original nand with nand-x to remove e79 error?

    I have a falcon motherboard. I have the nand x with qsb and are successfully soldered. the nand x can read the nand without any errros along with writing xell/xellous. I used the alternate jtag points along with the jtag qsb used here here . for the red wire, i used option b, tried booting xell...
  2. manwinder

    jtagging help

    i tried jtagging a zenon 2 weeks ago with the nand-x kit and it didn't work, so i thought probably bad soldering, i did a falcon today and i am sure i solder properly(99% sure), i started the jtag tool on windows 7 and i have got everything plugged in, nand -x both lights are on, and when i try...
  3. manwinder

    problems reading nand xenon

    i bought the nand-x kit and i have installed it in the 360(dashboarrd 7371), jtag tool keeps giving me this error, i have tried it on windows 7 and windows xp, i get the same error, here is the screenshot:
  4. N

    NAND-X Could not find flash controller

    Hey guys, I've been working on this j'taggable xenon board that I've had for a while now. Think about two months. I tried and tried using the lpt method but got no results, so I ordered a nand-x usb adaptor. I firstly tried the quick solder board with no results, so I thought I'd rip...
  5. S

    Nand-x issues =[..PLEASE HELP!!

    Ok, so I get my nand-x fully installed I did the actual jtag part different because the quick solder board was burned so I use cool-shrimps jtag tool 2.12 dump my nand I install xell grab my cpu key install freeboot and when I turn my 360 on all it does is go back to xell and give me this...
  6. S

    Nand-x issues =[

    So I Have the nand-x fully installed and I am using coolshrimps mod version 2.12 and I installed xell got my cpu key, installed freeboot and when I turn on my xbox 360 all it does is go back to the xell screen so I was wondering was this because I have a pre nxe console or maybe because When I...
  7. K

    Tried everything, no flash controller.

    I bought a refurbished xenon on ebay which has an old dashboard (is jtaggable). I bought Nand-X, I tried soldering the QSBs to the correct places but when I tried to read the nand I got "could not detect a flash controller". I tried reading it on both Windows XP and Windows 7 (both 32 bit). I...
  8. M

    Could not detect flash controller but worse.

    This is my first thread that i have opened EVER so you know this might be a challenge. Here we go then. I'll explain step by step what i have done: 1. I installed the nand-x qsb's (all of them). 2. Installed drivers(win xp 32) 3. Used Nand pro to dump. I got 3 identical dumps error free. 4...
  9. K

    Nand-X X64 Driver issue? "Driver is not intended for this platform"

    After a long day of soldering I finally got my Nand x and Jtag installed, I first installed the drivers with no fuss for the nand-x, but later uninstalled them thinking the "DLPortIO.dll"error I got with the jtagtool had something to do with it. I am now trying to reinstall the driver and I am...
  10. M

    Pesky Nand and Xell (E79)

    Didnt want to highjack anyone elses thread so I thought I'd put a Q & A together as I'm stuck :( So, Got my Nand-X installed on a Xenon MB. Dashboard is updated to 7371. Kernel 1903. DVD Drive Not Connected Power in but Not on I've soldered the wires directly to the MB rather than the pin...
  11. I

    Game related art thread

    Hi guys just thought I'd be the first to start a thread of pictures related to gaming. Here's the first one: I've decided to use this image because these past few days I couldn't get my mind off of JTAGing / nand flashing my xbox 360 using Team Xecuter's Nand-X so it's been kind of like this...
  12. M

    Solderless Nand-X Add-on

    Any chance of you guys producing a retail version of this: See: I would if I was able to but in lieu of that I would love to see someone else manufacture these. So How about it Team-X?