1. N

    Corrupt nand I believe help!

    Sooo. I bought a broken xbox 360 jasper 16gb console and it comes up with the error "00233". when I did some digging i found this was a smc corruption issue. I bought a matrix nand programer and soldered in all the wires in the right places but nand pro and j-runner can't read or right to the...
  2. E

    Is there a way to backup/restore just the emuNAND?

    To the point: is there a way to backup/restore just the emuNAND files? and if I update a game in official firmware can the emuNAND automatically see it, provided the update was installed to the microSD card and it's on the same Switch? In detail: In my case, I have two Switches - one is...
  3. G

    Can I use any NAND programmer or only NAND-X/JR Programmer?

    I just got a free Trinity on black friday and I want to do my first RGH to it. I want to know if I can use another NAND programmer that I have not made for XBOX. I have one Bitwriter and two XILINX Platform Cable USB II. Can I use these or do I need to get a JR Programmer? Picture of the...
  4. A

    NAND Restore - Auto RCM Enabled/disabled

    Hello, I purchased SX OS and use my phone and the TX app to load up SX. I created a NAND backup via SX OS but I do not remember if I enabled Auto RCM before creating the backup or after I created the NAND backup. My questions are: 1) Can I tell if I enabled Auto RCM before or after the...
  5. isoisoiso

    Joining NAND backup files?

    Im using a fat32 microsd. How can I join the files? Do I even need to do join them or will they just work if I restore those? I found a joiner for nand backups but it only works on 1gb and 2gb files, these are 4gb each Thanks
  6. A

    restore my nand

    hello I would like to ask you a question. if i save the nand of my console with sx os and later the nand of the console no longer works ecque i could put my nand without problem thanks to sx os ?
  7. N

    GENERAL Is it posible to decap the AMD Jaguar?

    Is it possible to decap the AMD Jaguar in Order to decode the encrypted NAND of the XBox One. Or is the XBox One NAND decrypted in another place? Where lies the problem with the encryption of the NAND? I am not an Electrical Engineer and have little knowledge about this topic, so if you know the...
  8. D

    GENERAL Parental reset codes

    I recently got a basically brand new slim with a parental lock on it, I was wondering what causes the codes to be what they are (as in is it manufacture date, motherboard ect..). Also does anyone know any common reset codes as I don't really feel like reading the nand if there are any common...
  9. G

    RGH DemoN NAND Not Starting Up.

    So about 5 years ago, I got my Xbox 360 set up with a DemoN dual NAND. However, I was just learning to solder at the time so I sent it in instead of doing it myself. When I got it, it seemed a little slow booting at first/would need to be unplugged and then plugged back in before powering up...
  10. D

    RGH Xbox turns on when power is plugged in

    When I plug in the power to my Trinity xbox it automatically turns on. Nothing is plugged in except for power. ROL board is unplugged. Does anyone have any suggestions because I cannot read the nand with the console on?
  11. V

    GENERAL Corona v2 shuts off any controller alone

    Hi everybody,i have a corona v2 that the nand gave defect, I converted to v1. The system is working perfectly, dash, games, freestyle ... however I have a very weird problem, any controller automatically shuts off in approximately 4 minutes.I have already changed the RF module, the ci3g4 and the...
  12. O

    After Live Update,Xbox not booting

    hi and sorry for English language but hope you can understand me my son has a xbox slim jtag since 1 year i don't what he did , he said he tried to connect to Xbox live and when the console asked fr update he choose yes. no xbox not boot , only black screen with no signal even when you tried...
  13. andoryuu3

    RGH "Patch NAND" with different keyvault... What about DVD key?

    Hi all, I noticed in the patch notes for the latest Dashlaunch that some Xbox 360's *can* reach out to XBL servers with LiveBlock enabled. It was recommended that I should use a different keyvault if I don't intend it to be banned from XBL. Cool, no problems with that. My old Trinity console...
  14. M

    Is my cr4 dead?

    This month has been crazy but this is the best i could explain it. Hi, About a month ago i bought a cr4 and a jr programmer from modchipcentral, After recieving it i noticed the orange wire on the nand wire wasnt correctly seated in the connector which plugs into the jr programmer. At this point...
  15. N

    JASPER Help with 0022 diagnosis

    Hello All, I have not followed the template, as I don't think I am far enough into the build to obtain a lot of the information requested. My apologies if this callousness offends. I have a Jasper that I have owned for a few years, and it's been sitting on the shelf for a bit. Finally got...
  16. Alteration

    NAND Read / Write Kit Not Working

    Photos: Description: I know you soldering elitists will ridicule me for this, but give me a second to explain: I started off using my Radioshack soldering iron (which sucks so much, the tip is huge, it's slow to heat, it's oxidized beyond belief, the list goes on)...
  17. X

    RGH Major RGH Miniblades Trouble.

    Hey guys I'm new here, sort of big on 7s. but anyways, I'm having major RGH trouble and it looks like no one on the 7s forum can help me out so I thought id join a new community:) so all of a sudden every time I go onto the guide to look at my friends list, party, or messages, I just get kicked...
  18. P

    need 4gb nand converted

    hi I'm in desperate need of someone from the uk who can convert a 4gb corona v2 nand to a 16mb nand as my retail nand is corrupt so I am unable to even write ecc
  19. V

    FIXED J-Runner cannot connect to my J-R Programmer/Trinity

    First time here and I'm not sure if this was even the right place to post this... I am an extreme novice when it comes to RGHing 360's and I am just looking for some guidance and help. I did some research on what products I should get to mod my 4Gb slim Trinity with a 17150 dash (which I came...
  20. C

    Can't boot into xell or my dashboard

    My RGH'd xbox has been working fine. I really wanted to go online with it so I bought a KV and attempted to flash it to my NAND. Before this xell booted perfectly fine. The KV I bought also came with its own CPU key. Long story short, i'm pretty sure it was a bad flash. I have my good nand...