1. sirredz

    Windows 10 Updated Nand-X drivers for Intel 64bit

    First of all, Thanks to Team Xecuter for designing and creating such an awesome tool. Thanks to everyone involved in the software to use this amazing tool. Recently my WIndows 10 updated and I was no longer able to use my Nand-X. This was a problem in the past it seems, but seems to have...
  2. J

    GENERAL nandX wont read nand but drivers are up to date

    hi friends i have 2 nandX and a jr programmer , when i want to read a nand ( all of motherboard tasted ) nandX wont read and j runner say : cant continue instead when i connect it to my jr programmer it can read the nand . my nand X program any coolrunner but it cant read nand and it exhausted...
  3. L

    ANSWERED Nand-x randomly disconnecting when cable is connected

    Okay so I just got 2 nand dumps from my nand x so I know it's working however whenever I connect this (pic below) it doesn't turn on but I tried my JR programmer and it works? Idk why it turns off my nand x when I have that cable...
  4. Daddylonglegs

    NAND-X USB; read NAND fine, flash fine, console won't boot (pics included)

    Hey everyone. Been buying Team Xecuter stuff since the original XBox and have never been let down, so I am roughly 99% sure the issue with this is something I'm doing wrong :) I bought the NAND-X USB a while back when I learned my Jasper had a dashboard that was jtaggable. I soldered...
  5. G

    slim Corona v2 dgx v1.0 installed won't boot into Xell

    Installed DGX into a Corona V2 MB read the nand in J-runner with Nand-x v3 both reads are good. wrote to the DGX fine. When booting xbox it doesn't go into xell, after 5 seconds it shuts off, have fan connected. Have no way of connecting to network at this point to grab the cpu key through the...
  6. J


    I have a corona and I believe it is a v3 I soldered the nand x wires correctly and neatly,I bridged R2C7 and R2C6. The R2C10 already has a resistor so I left that alone. I did have the bridged by solder and kept getting error codes in jrunner...version 1 unable to continue. So I placed a piece...
  7. I

    RGH Jrunner Write ECC

    Jrunner Write ECC - Now Solved Cheers Quick question Ive installed coolrunner revc board into a falcon ive use qsb's Im upto the part where in JR it says press the write ecc button and then Once finished Unplug power cord, wait 10 seconds or so, replug it and boot the console With any...
  8. K

    Cannot Boot Xell! Help Plz!!!

    So I have a xenon motherboard which had the dashboard before 7371. I decided to jtag it with the nand x kit, I put pin headers for nand and QSB (Quick Solder Boards) for the jtag part. Once I finished I read the nand and got 3 perfect mathes. I then continued in writing in the Xell. When it...
  9. L

    Nand dumping help

    I've been searching in the forums and can't seem to find an answer to my dilemma. Well, I've dump the nand on this falcon around 20 times and every single time they all have an error 250 at 3A9. So, I'm thinking they at least should be the same if I compare them, considering they have the same...
  10. T

    RGH Freezing at boot screen?

    I used a Nandx v3 and my Coolrunner to RGHmy NAND to my phat BB Jasper! And I used jtagtool the whole way. Everything seemed to work great till I tried to write from my USB stick and while it loaded xell it kept freezing at USB: New device connected to bus..... I tried different ports and no...
  11. T

    RGH Unable to program CoolRunner / HOT and no light

    Hi to all, I was unable to program the coolRunner using the JTAG to NAND-X cable,gave red led on normal and on program switch was OFF. here a pic of how should look like, it is exaclty how is in the picture, cause I myself connected them like this, i did draw some arrows marking how it came...
  12. J

    Help me please

    Hi I'm a bit new to this idea but I want to get the coolrunner. Do I need the NAND X just it's a bit exspensive so is there I any other way to set it up If you can help thanks
  13. ppkpatrick

    Nand X Update via serial?

    is it possible to update the nand x firmware via the serial port on the ck3 lite?
  14. S

    RGH Cant Read NAND (Slim)

    I have a slim I bought september of 2010 and want to use the RGH. I bought a TAIO SPI USB flasher to read the NAND. I could never get that to work. So I ordered the ProgSkeet and a 360-Clip and tried that and windows would see it but only read to 10% and stop at block 107. I soldered the...
  15. ppkpatrick

    BLASTER CK3 Not showing in COMs

    I have my blaster set up and i'm trying to install the drivers as I'm looking into updating the nand x with it.when i connect my usb cable nothing shows up in coms.I have tried both drivers and followed the guides but no luck.Could someone let me know what i'm doing wrong,all help is...
  16. ppkpatrick

    ANSWERED Possible to update nand x with Blaster?

    just wondering if it was possible to update the nand x firmware using a blaster ck3,as i only have a ck3 lite and the blaster,thanks.
  17. R

    ANSWERED Most recent Tutorial of April 2011

    If someone could post a link to the most recent Jtag and Nand Dump tutorial I think it would be highly beneficial (I know it would be for me! I have spent HOURS reading stuff and not knowing if its up-to-date or not) Anyway, any help or rude comments appreciated, Brodie {Rudedog Racin}
  18. ppkpatrick

    JTAG are these points damaged??

    just wondering whether these points are damaged or not[email protected]/5639890733/in/photostream[email protected]/5639890255/in/photostream[email protected]/5639889793/in/photostream
  19. wolf000100

    Nand-x Jtag HELP

    Nand-x Jtag HELP(Fixed) ok so i soldered my nand x directly in cause i cut off pin headers that works but can i do the same with the jtag part?