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    Hello - olleH

    Hi everybody
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    JTAG A Noob Has Arrived

    So, I just bought a JTAG-Xbox360. It haven't been used in at least 2 years. I'm about to make a profile right now. To the Point, I need help. I'm new to this JTAG and modding thing, so, what is this xex menu that people talk about? What are KV's, why do I need them? How do I log on to Xbox Live...
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    How do I get nandflash.bin?

    Hello! I am new to modding and got my Corona into a RGH:facepalm: Once I got it I started it up by opening the disc tray and it booted to XELL and than it stopped at the bottom saying "Looking for local files on local media and TFTP". I found this video...
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    Brand New to Xbox 360 Modding

    Hi, My Name is Julian. I have an old black xbox 360 Elite I believe and I want to make it more useful. I have modded my original xbox with a 250 GB HDD and installed linux onto it so I can run emulators and applications on it as well as copy games, and ftp to it. When it comes to skill, I have a...
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    Hello! Thank you for having me!

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the community and am looking to maybe mod my console but I'm not to sure what all of these things do or where to start. I would like to get into development and maybe try some homebrew. Dose anyone have any suggestions where I should start? I've combed through YouTube...
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    So What'll I Need?

    BoughT An Old Resident Evil Xbox 360 (Red Jasper One) What'll I Need To Mod It! :)
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    Hey Guys I Would Like To Mod A 360 But Im Not Sure Which Model or Mobo To Go With So If U Guys Could Tell Me Which Was The Best then Yea :)
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    RGH CR3 Lite, Corona v2, JR Programmer, No Qsb's wire install only, NOOB

    First time rgh, I know how to solder and whatnot but I have Jr-programmer, Cr3 Lite, 4gb Nand R/W. I have my flux,soldering tools, and t10. Wire only install. I need the soldering points and what i need to program my Cr3 and what I need once I rgh my xbox. Tut?
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    RGH Falcon CR4 XL and Demon questions

    Hi there, I'm planning to RGH 2 my Xbox 360 Falcon on the latest dashboard, and I want to make sure I buy what I need. Since I'm going to buy a Demon, do I still need to buy an J-R Programmer? Because I read some forums that you could read/write the nand with a demon rather than using an J-R...
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    RGH Title Updating

    Sorry I'm a little clueless on this stuff hence, im posting in noob section Quick Question: I want to use rte tools for bo2 but I understand that I will need to update to TU18 since that's the latest title update for BO2. I purchased a BO2 disc so how would I title update the game? I have FSD...
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    7 Simple Questions You Guys Can Awnser

    1. What Type of usb cable do i need to program or also known as the Mtrx Nand Programer 2. Can i use The Mtrx Nand Programmer on the Coolrunner Rev C Glitcher? 3. Is it required to need any qsb's on a Jasper Motherboard 4. Diagram for the Coolrunner -> Mtrx...
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    FALCON CR4 XL RGH2 help! Pure Newbian.

    Hey everyone, this is my second unsuccessful attempt at RGH. I cant get past the part after wiring up my CR4 XL and pressing eject to boot Xell, I only get RROD. Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: JRP v2.0 NAND Size: 16mb Dashboard version: 16767 CR4 XL - Ignore the tobacco just above the...
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    ANSWERED Coolrunner rev C or Cr4 XL?

    Hello, I'm deciding what to buy to RGH my corona v3 and I can't decide on the chip. They are both about the same price but the rev C is older and has more tutorials for it but the CR4 is newer. Which one should I get? Is there much difference between the two? Thanks :)
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    JTAG External HDD Issues

    Gonna pick your brains this morning.....Bought a bigger HDD for playing games on my JTAG (Seagate 2TB), formatted 1.4 tb to fat32 and the other .6 tb to ntfs. Transferred the files (not the isos) over from my other external (Nexstar 500 GB) and the games don't work/half don't even show up in...
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    Determining DVD Drive Type Help

    So I am flashing a KV that I purchased onto my NAND when I open up 360 Flash Tool I put the KV in and click the patch button so I can get my DVD Drive to work properly so my RGH can still read discs. When I try to patch it asks me for my OSIG and has a drop down lists of different drives like...
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    Key Vault Bans on Dual Nand Help

    Recently I just got my Dual Nand online using the XBLSE but didn't change my KV at all its the same for both retail side and RGH side.:facepalm: After realizing I could be banned permanently on retail I deleted the XBLStealth.xex plugin and am planning on buying a seperate KV to play on with...
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    Hey guys/girls, i'm new to burning 360 games :-) I will try and search before i post lol Enjoy the site as i am! VERY informative :-)
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    Can you RGH the latest dash 16767

    I'm a noob and I was wondering if i could RGH the latest dash I already ordered a JRP, coolrunner, and a postfix if I can rgh the latest dash what are the download links that I can use to download the latest software THX :p:p
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    GENERAL Trinity RGH dashboard

    This is my first post on this forum so please bear with me so far I have heard that any trinity dashboard can be glitched? is this true? i just wanted to be sure before purchasing a J-runner v2 and a coolrunner rev C for my trinity if not can a 16756 dash be glitched? thanks :p
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    RGH E71 Error *Please Help*

    So I just bought my new JTAG console and I was getting XDK plugin so I could connect with Xbox 360 neighborhood, after I restarted the console I got a E71 error message and the LED on Xbox turned red. I think its the plugin that messed me up anyone have a solution how I could fix this problem...