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    Disk not spinning Liteon 0225

    my drive is Liteon DG-16D4S 0225 After I made a kamikaze I had an no eject, I tried the POUT fix and it worked fine. However, now I got open tray error and disk is not spinning :confused:. I think other components are moving well. I read somewhere that I should have removed the laser ribbon...
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    ANSWERED LiteOn 0225 - tray opening but disc not spinning

    I do Kamikaze and not everything went ok... probably :p I unlock SPI lock, flashed 1.91, lock down again. After that tray open and close but when plugged into XB disc motor not spinning... Only laser try to check two times but without result. Next what I can see is "Open tray"... :facepalm...
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    Help! Lite-on motor not spinning

    Hi, I opened up my xbox this morning, mistakenly reversed the power cable to the dvd drive. saw some smoke from the Lite-on dvd drive and immediately turned off the power. Now I get the "Open Tray" message. When i opened up the dvd drive, the laser is at the correct position near the drive...