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    ANSWERED Retail NAND does not detect HDD

    I apologize to begin with if this is not entirely in the correct section, however i thought it was most appropriate. I have retail dash 16756 on my console, with 16747 on my glitch NAND. All worked well, and then I did the Memory Unit Mod which I modded a 250GB HDD as my internal MU. FSD reads...
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    RGH Having some diverse dash issues on RGH 2 console .

    Hello hacking community ;) Am running rgh 2 hack on a jasper 16 mb , and am using the 16747 dash version . i have a 256 memory card with xexmenu installed on it , and a 150 gb external usb drive with resonance of fate installed , and also FSD 3 folder on it . I have also no drive and the...
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    GENERAL How to revert into booting straight to NXE?

    Hi guys, I recently installed FSD2.2 along with Dashlaunch (v2.27 I believe) using one of those installer packages floating around online. And now my box keeps booting straight into FSD. I want to change that, where in Dashlaunch do I go in order to revert back to booting straight to NXE...