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    Need help re-modding xbox!!

    Hey I've had my xbox since god knows and when it was bought my dad got some dude to install xecuter on it and I believe its a hard mod because there is some kinda of chip hanging out. When i booted the xbox it would do a blue intro and have the xecuter logo underneath. Now... my little p***k...
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    Xecuter 2.3 old school

    So I have recently picked up an Xbox for just $25 that is chipped with an xecuter 2 chip which from my research is an xecuter 2.3 varient of some sort. I have no experience with anything less than an X3 chip.......I thought perhaps some of you older members here might be able to clue me in on...
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    Install New Dash Original Xbox

    -I hope this is in the right forum, if not, move me/delete this post- So I recently picked up an original Xbox, so I opened it up (to clean it) and oh, what's that? A modchip! So I think I haven an xecuter 2 modchip installed and was wondering how I could delete the saves etc. from the person...
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    Fried X3?

    [Solved] Fried X3? So I was using a 1.6 xbox purchased a few weeks ago with an x3 installed. I replaced the power supply as it wouldn't boot. So after I finally got it booted up and all working I powered it off then back on after changing the flubber animation. Since then the light on the...
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    [WTB] X3 pro switch (AUS)

    Just wondering if anyone has an x3 pro switch they would be willing to sell. I will pay a good price for it. I'm looking preferably for two: one crystal clear and one halo green. But I will take whatever is going.
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    Wanted Xecuter 3ce chip (Aus)

    Looking for an Xecuter 3 ce chip preferably with control panel. Will buy whole console if absolutely necessary. Based in Queensland Australia
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    Changed my dashboard to nexgen 0.95 and can't change it back. (orig xbox - Xecuter2)

    I got a modded original xbox from a friend many years ago. Today my family dusted it off and started to play some games on it. Being somewhat of a techie after they went to bed, I figured I would check out what dashboards and skins were already on the xbox. So here is the problem: I changed it...
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    [WANTED] X3 Control Panel and/or XCM Case

    I've been trying to get a hold of a new case for awhile. Let me know what you have.
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    [WANTED] Xecuter 3 Control Panel

    Title states what im looking for, would like a green, blue or clear one, but i will take the black one.
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    [USA] WTB Halo Green X3CP w/LCD+IR+Switches

    Hello, Title says it all, I'm looking for the Xecuter X3CP (control panel) for the original Xbox in Halo Green (to match the Halo special edition console). Would prefer the CP complete with XLCD, IR Kit, and Pro Switch Panel, but if all you have is the control panel that's better than nothing...
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    Not sure where this belongs....

    Hello, First let me explain that this does not involve an xbox360, I realize this is for the 360 console, however, I cannot find a forum for the original xbox....If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Anyway, here goes....Recently, I was given an...
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    Original Xbox xecuter help? -noob

    Hi, I recently inherited an original xbox with an xecuter chip in it. I figured out how to boot it and things, but I cant seem to find any guides on loading data or updating the mod OS or things like that. I've tried a few forum searches here but I must be looking for the wrong thing. Is there a...