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    Region problem with x360key

    Hi! First, i apologize if my english is bad. I'll try to be short. I went here to ask the great community of Xecuter help about one of my problems: I use x-key, and i have a problem of region for one of my games. After some searches, i saw a way to make games "region free", but it works only...
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    So I saw a Jasper PAL Xbox 360 and was wondering if it could be RGH'd like any other 360? Assuming that it could be, will FSD allow you to change the settings so that it outputs NTSC video? Are there any other significant differences (ex. power supply)? To be clear, I would be looking to use...
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    GENERAL Xbox 360 PAL System in NTSC zone

    Hi there!. I have a little question.. :eek2: I have a friend that bought a PAL xbox 360 system and im from Venezuela, so i use the america´s codification i guess(NTSC). my question is: Can i buy the other power brick that works with the voltage in my house? or that would be useless because this...