1. D

    RGH Alternate stby_clk points (phat)

    Due to this being my first rgh install, I have come across many issues. Mostly due to my soldering. I have messed up the recommended stbyclk and the common alternate point. Although I did hear that there are more than one alternate points. If anybody knew anymore that would be much appreciated.
  2. H

    RGH Phat Demon chip installed on Trinity wont boot

    Symptoms: Xbox doesn'tboot Demon or Retail nand. When I power on the Xbox the fan/lights don't come on, I only get the start up sound. If I remove WP, WE, ALE CLE, CE & RE I can boot Xbox nand. (Retail or RGH2) The Xbox nand boots whether the Demon tactile button is switched to Demon or Xbox...
  3. T

    Demon CR4 Phat Installation Help

    Hi guys, Today I installed a Demon on a Phat console that I have. I cannot find the instructions on how to proceed after soldering the board and wires to the xbox motherboard. I honestly have looked for them, please guide me in the direction to how I proceed from here. I have a few questions...
  4. E

    [COOLRUNNER] RevA RGH2 on phats tutorial

    Hi, i wanted to share my experience with some RGH2 x360s installs, Jaspers and other phats (7 consoles total). You may be interested in trying my "unusual" CPU Reset wire path but more importantly considering the amount of tinkering required to get those old CR modchips working with RGH2, i...
  5. M

    GENERAL Xbox 360 Phat Xenon blue screen HELP

    One daY I booted up my old xbox xenon and it just blue screened. Theres no physical damage to the motherboard but a few battery looking things were bent about 45 degrees and I didn't fix then due to fear of damaging it. I believe its a video problem. Is this true? I've tried yahoo answers but...
  6. P

    FALCON Installed CR4 and DemoN but now won't boot stock or Xell...?

    Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: DemoN (Firmware v1.4) Dashboard version: 2.0.16767.0 CB Version: 5774 Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear on the CR4 XL chip every 4-5 seconds: N - only red light on CR4 (but green does flash intermittently if...
  7. P

    Phat Falcon: Installed CR4 XL & DemoN - NANDs reading/writing fine but won't boot?

    Phat Falcon: Installed CR4 XL & DemoN - NANDs reading/writing fine but won't boot? Hey guys, so after slightly botching my DemoN install in my Phat Falcon, I had a much more experienced friend re-solder (directly to NAND legs!!) and he did a great job. Because of this, I can now successfully...
  8. C

    CR4 RGH & Demon install on a Falcon (Dash16747) (No QSBs) - Need some help

    Hey guys, hoping someone can point me in the right direction. My goal is to be able to boot the stock NAND and play online, or boot the the NAND on the Demon and run homebrew. I chose RGH because, well it seemed to be the "latest" way of doing things. Is there any reason I should be doing a...
  9. F

    RGH Can I go online with RGH if I do no mods or hacks?

    Hello everyone! I have a bit of a problem (excuse me I'm a noob) but I have lost my original DVD drive with its key (its a phat liteon) and I think I'll have to rgh to recover the DVD key for my replacement, but, with the rgh, will I still be able to go online (I don't plan on doing any hacks or...
  10. Ubergeek

    CR4 XL - PHAT Zephyr/Opus/Falcon/Jasper Install Guide (R-JTAG+)

    This CR4 XL install guide covers Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper Motherboards using the R-JTAG+ method. You can have the absolute latest version dashboard installed if you wish :) Recommended Hardware: (This is what I use myself in my own personal install) CR4 XL CR4 COMPLETE PHAT QSB KIT INCLUDING...
  11. R

    COOLRUNNER RGH phat x360 running on the latest dashboard phat with CR3 lite ???

    Hello guys, i have four x360 running on the latest firmware available (16747). I also have many cr3 chips on hand. I would like to know if it is possible to RGH my x360 with these chips. Also , can you provide me with a link to a tutorial. Thanks for your help
  12. jdoe91011

    Completed DemoN/RJTAG Installation on Jasper 16MB

    I just finished installing a DemoN and RJTAG kit into one of my Jasper 16MB's, and it's Insta-booting. I've attached pictures of my install, and hopefully these will aid anyone else working with these particular products, and produce a reference point for another member's working setup.
  13. ibzconsolemods


    I'm looking for a R-JTAG V 1.1 Ultimate or Starter Kit that someone could sell to me. PM me if you got one.
  14. F

    ANSWERED Dual nand Questions.

    Hello... i have long time without doing any modification to xbox360s.... but today i received a jasper console... so i want to dual nand it for me.... from what i have been reading... i just need CR 3 lite Demon Phat CR pin adapter for demon is that all what i need? and the other question...
  15. Y


    Hi guys this is my first post on these forums, seeking a second opinion on how to exploit my xbox 360 phat console, someone over at se7ensins told me i would need to do the R-JTAG exploit but im really not sure because the guide i was reading through had me under the impression i could RGH my...
  16. G

    GENERAL follow up to my previous question about drive swaps...

    as somebody kindly helped me by saying that using a slim liteon insted of a slim hitachi would be no easier to flash as it would require rgh, i have this question... would it be possible to buy a phat xbox drive and put it into my slim (i guess it would be bigger but i could just keep the xbox...
  17. S

    GENERAL Xenon phat with broken DVD drive.

    Hello, I looked a while on this forum, I'm new here to see what I need to hack my X-box 360. I already hacked one X-box360 with jungle flash but that X-box 360 has the RROD now and I cannot fix it. Now I have another old x-box 360 (Phat Xenon) with a broken hard drive. I don't have my DVD-key so...
  18. G

    LITEON 83850 v1 Phat Liteon 8350c Flashed but Drive does not Respond

    I have falshed many drives sucessfully before ... but recently when i was flashing my 83850c from lt+ 2.0 to 3.0 .. my pc froze at the erase portion and upon restart my drive was no longer detected ... i tried dosflash16 and i was able to flash my original firmware with the correct dvd key after...
  19. B

    Fiber Optic Port Installation

    Hi there, I've been wondering if there is a way to solder a fiber optic port to the phat xbox360 motherboard. Thanks
  20. D

    Use Probe 3 Conversion Cable with homemade probe?

    Hi, I'm about to purchase tools for flashing my phat Xbox 360 Elite. And I'm wondering if I can buy the CK3 Mini for powering the drive, and a Probe 3 Conversion Cable (so I can turn the drive on and off) and use the conversion cable only for the swith and use a homemade probe thats connected to...