1. speed3r

    Corona V1 - C5R11 Alt. Point

    Hey folks, Just a quick question what is the best alternate point for the cpu_rst (C5R11) I don't want to remove the x-clamp because i don't have the tools for it yet. I have read that there are some points but some people where talking about bad boot times and stuff or is that bs? Thanks for...
  2. W

    COOLRUNNER Cable for scl point

    I may have lost the green cable from my coolrunner. What type of cable can I use to replace it?
  3. X

    RGH Tips & Tricks

    I am currently installing a coolrunner onto a jasper This is not my first rgh, It occured to me some difficulties people without any experience can face All this is my opinion and preference Somebody attempting soldering and coolrunner installation for the first time should be aware of...
  4. oblivioncth

    ANSWERED A point to tap into for power based on DemoNs power state

    I am really hoping someone can help me with this and a feel bad because I PMed a staff member and asked something similar in another forum, but I and too unsure and don't want to try anything on my own yet because I don't want to damage my DemoN. What I need to do is really simply. I want to...
  5. Medrz

    NAND-X Solder Point Help

    I need help soldering my nand-x kit to my motherboard. See this tutorial -http://acwww.team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55120 I messed up some of the solder points on the top of the mother board so I need to use alternate points. The tutorial has confused me because of traces and someone...