1. J

    Charging the SX Pro

    Hi, PLEASE IGNORE AS I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER BUT DONT KNOW HOW TO DELETE THE THREAD To charge the SX Pro do i simply connect power to it when its plugged into the Switch or can i charge it on its on? how long does it take to charge as i dont want to damage it. if it has no charge but there...
  2. D

    RGH Xbox turns on when power is plugged in

    When I plug in the power to my Trinity xbox it automatically turns on. Nothing is plugged in except for power. ROL board is unplugged. Does anyone have any suggestions because I cannot read the nand with the console on?
  3. C

    JASPER Cr4 xl not getting power / led not lighting up w/ install pics

    my cr4 is not getting power my red and black wires are soldered correctly although this is my first time so i must have made some mistakes Link 4 pics : mega:/#fm/2c1RiSJT
  4. F

    J4C1(Standby Header, Xbox): Where do I go from here?

    Hello everyone. My friend recently handed his Xbox Slim over to me because it wasn't powering on, yet it was making the dinging noise when you pressed either the eject or power button. Before I start going into detail, I just want to say I am no longer troubleshooting with the basics. Yes, I...
  5. P

    [FALCON, R-JTAG+] Front power switch/panel doesn’t seem to work any more...?

    This might be a simple noob error but I’m installing a CR4 in my Falcon and a strange thing is happening - my front panel with the lights and power button has stopped working. I can power on with the eject button but I obviously can’t get any sort of ‘error code’ in the lights of the front...
  6. C

    GENERAL xbox 360 phat no power after reflow

    hi all 1st thanks for all advise on products , martin c :) 2nd i have been given a xbox 360 phat its a falcon motherboard unknown dash at the moment due to it having no power heres the story , given to me to see whats wrong and to see if i can fix it , unit has no power at all previous...
  7. K

    Trinity Mobo - No Consistant Power (just getting beeps). Orange/Green light.

    Hi there. I've got my friends xbox 360 slim 4gb trinity here with a problem I've never seen before. I've done a ton of searching and found that when a slim beeps, the power supply remaining orange, that the problem is most likely one of the USB ports shorting. This isn't the case unfortunately...
  8. Scrufdog

    HOW TO replace DVD Rom with Internal 3.5" Hard drive

    HOW TO replace DVD Rom with Internal 3.5" Hard drive Most of this is probably posted in various posts from around the internet. Wanted to try and combine it all into one post. I installed a 2TB 3.5" Hard Drive in my Falcon a couple of years ago. The Falcon 1022'd on me, so I decided to RGH...
  9. S

    Xbox 360 doesn turns ON

    Hey, I have a Xbox 360 Slim 4GB RGH Trinity with Coolrunner. Initially everything was working perfect and the Xbox was working but then after some weeks, I tried to start my Xbox 360, but it wasn't starting. The yellow light was On on the power brick. So I searched on Google for any solution...
  10. oblivioncth

    ANSWERED A point to tap into for power based on DemoNs power state

    I am really hoping someone can help me with this and a feel bad because I PMed a staff member and asked something similar in another forum, but I and too unsure and don't want to try anything on my own yet because I don't want to damage my DemoN. What I need to do is really simply. I want to...
  11. oblivioncth

    RGH Creating a SATA Power Switch for Hard Drives

    This isn't the exact place to put this, but neither is the case modding section. I figure I would put it here because I know this sections gets great support. What I am looking to do is basically an ultimate example of laziness, but at the same time it is still a great project. At first I...
  12. F

    X360 USB Pro v1 suddenly not working?

    So I think my USB Pro may have shorted out but I'm not entirely sure so I'm hoping that by explaining the situation maybe someone can help me to resolve the issue. Had been working with a liteon drive and I was able to pull the drive info fine. Afterwards I went and installed a Sputnik chip onto...
  13. J

    GENERAL Xbox 360 PAL System in NTSC zone

    Hi there!. I have a little question.. :eek2: I have a friend that bought a PAL xbox 360 system and im from Venezuela, so i use the america´s codification i guess(NTSC). my question is: Can i buy the other power brick that works with the voltage in my house? or that would be useless because this...
  14. D

    quick question about x360usb pro v2 power

    hi, i was wondering if jungle flasher is supposed to be able to detect and/or flash your drive while plugged into x360usb pro2 without using any external power source (ie. just through usb) because i have been getting malformed data returns and have always used either an old xbox or an external...
  15. H

    RGH Turns off after 5-10 mins, tries to turn itself on....

    [SOLVED] Turns off after 5-10 mins, tries to turn itself on.... Well i had the Coolrunner installed and fully working on a Falcon console, put everything together without testing. Xbox was fully working before I realised the xbox powers off on after a few mins or high cpu/gpu usage but doesn't...
  16. A

    CK3i any problems other than the PL2303 chip?

    Is there any other way the CK3i 'always on' power problem can be explained except for the blown PL2303 chip? I ordered my X360USB, unlocked TX PCB and ck3i about a month and a half back from modchipcentral. The CK3i worked perfectly then, I even flashed the fw into the PCB. But the pcb turned...
  17. J

    GENERAL SLIM to PHAT Power Converter

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know if the following scenario is possible? 1. I have a slim xbox 360 with slim power brick. 2. I get a xbox 360 phat for repairs without a power brick. What I want to know is, there is a PHAT -> SLIM converter at XConsoles...
  18. W

    GameStop Refurbished DVD Power Alternate Wiring

    look at this crazy wiring
  19. C

    ANSWERED Best power supply to use when flashing drive.

    Does anyone have preferences on what power supply to use on the DVD drive while flashing to keep from Getting banned? I would like to find one that's fairly cheap. Thanks in advance!:D
  20. N

    external molex probs

    ordered a x360usb pro,ck3lite and exterenal molex bundle from here on 5th April. Phoned up 15th April wondering where my order might be and was told the external molex's have been withdrawn as there blowing up and some more will be coming in a few weeks. I arranged for x360usb pro and ck3lite to...