1. B

    Gallery display problem using CFW 2.1

    Hello, I followed the procedure to the letter and I also bought another SD card convinced that this was the problem .. but unfortunately load the first screen with the choice of firmware to be launched, then comes to the console screen but when I try to enter the gallery to select the backup...
  2. S

    License problem

    I everybody! I recently bought the xs pro, and download the license file and activate it on the web page. But at the time of returning to turn on the console from the sx os. I get the message "oh no! the file license.dat on your micro sd card is not valid for the console of this switch.! please...
  3. K

    RGH Some file problems ! (RGH)

    Hello there ! in the video i show you my problem. I hope someone can help me out ! thanks
  4. JB Tech

    JUNGLE FLASHER Problem Reading LTU2 DVDKey information

    Hello there, I have an Xbox Slim with a DG-16D5S Drive FW 1532 with a LTU2 PCB. I already bought it like this, in the shop where I bought it they didn't gave me any drive information, keys, etc. Now the problem. Yesterday it stopped reading DVDs, tried Pot Tweaking and nothing, so I changed the...
  5. S

    RGH J-R Programmer/JRunner Problem

    So here's my problem. I recently got a J-R Programmer V1. So today when going to fix my nand flash; I plugged it and I had a red solid light. I think I'm in bootloader mode also because the toggle is away from the TX Logo. In J-Runner after selecting the new hex to re flash it. It says device...
  6. Skilledfire

    J-Runner help!

    Hi, i am planning on RGHing my xbox but the second i start jrunner it just says "J-Runner has stopped working" i've tried everything but it never works, please help I have a Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop This is the log/error log: System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid. at...
  7. L

    Corona v2 nand dump problem

    TX Product(s) used: Corona 4GB W/R Console Type: Corona 4GB v2 Description of problem: Having trouble reading the nand. Connected my nand reader and soldered on multiple times. Ive checked and re-checked my points many times to make sure I have a good connection. Once connected with...
  8. L

    RGH Problem with xbox and Jr programmer

    So after finishing my first successful rgh I decided to do my other console but I ran into a problem: - Soldered direct NAND wires - 4 dumps on first try - Soldered cr3 lite - Tried to write ecc got loads of errors - Re-soldered over and over again - Unhooked everything, console won't boot...
  9. M

    GENERAL Xbox 360 Phat Xenon blue screen HELP

    One daY I booted up my old xbox xenon and it just blue screened. Theres no physical damage to the motherboard but a few battery looking things were bent about 45 degrees and I didn't fix then due to fear of damaging it. I believe its a video problem. Is this true? I've tried yahoo answers but...
  10. B


    today I've received my Xecuter X360USB PRO V2 and I've done all the necessary setup such as installing drivers. however I cannot get windows to recognise the drive and give it a letter can anybody help me im completely stumped. also im sorry if ive posted in the wrong spot.
  11. S

    GENERAL LTU2 Dead?

    I was using my dg-16d5s drive the other day that has the ltu2 board installed and everything has been working fine. I've only owned this board for about 2 months and then the other day when I wanted to play gta v, it would not read it. It won't read originals or backups at all. I took it apart...
  12. P

    RGH Trinity NAND Dead?!

    Hey everyone, I was RGH'ing my friend's Xbox 360 Slim with trinity motherboard. Everything was perfect, I've read the NAND, wrote ECC, got Xell to boot, wrote down the CPU Key, created the XeBuild Image (CPUKey is correct), then I tried flashing it. It was doing OK until Block 116. After that...
  13. I


    how can i manually install cover for my rgh games?
  14. M

    GENERAL Xbox 360 Silm with problem.

    Hey guys, i have a problem with my xbox 360 slim corona v4, i update to 2.0.16547.0 version with J Runner on RGH and now it don't read games, everytime that i put disc on console apears an message 'play dvd', and when i beck to 2.0.16197.0 version (the original version) its play normal, what i...
  15. R

    R-Jtag Jasper Problem

    Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.16537 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Log: Post 10 - Payload/1BL started Post 11 - FSB_CONFIG_PHY_CONTROL Post 12 - FSB_CONFIG_RX_STATE Post 13 - FSB_CONFIG_TX_STATE Post 14 - FSB_CONFIG_TX_CREDITS Post 15 -...
  16. L

    GENERAL Problem burning XGD2 game with ImgBurn & Verbatim disks

    Hi, I followed a tutorial on here on how to set up ImgBurn to correctly burn games. I have the ISO of Motion Flex and I have burned the ISO before but this time I got a load of errors when burning the disk to a Verbatim. My drive I am using to burn is: Optiarc DVDRWBD BC-5600S Which is...
  17. B

    ANSWERED Strange CK3i Eject Button Behaviour

    Hi there, I recently purchased a CK3i and a X360USB PRO Kit with a probe 3 and I flashed a LiteOn drive just fine with no problems, but then I moved on to a Hitachi 78 and that's when the CK3i started to act strange. When I used the CK3i with the liteon, I was trying the eject button on the...
  18. BestNoob

    FIXED Problems with CK3i port error and freezes

    Hello, my system often hangs up for an minute or more while sending an command to CK3i. Also Jungleflasher printed out often an "Failed to open com port COMx" I have an Asus P5Q-Deluxe Mainboard Via drivers deleted (and no via installed) I have also an old PC with an MSI P4M900M2 Mainboard...
  19. F

    JUNGLE FLASHER jungleflasher wont flash hitachi drive

    so when ever i go into jungle flasher and hit the hitachi tab it will have an error "an unhandled exceptions has occurred in your application" and if i just pres continue then it wont work. there is also a details buttons and this is what comes up See the end of this message for details on...
  20. crashxtrme

    RGH Corona 4GB V4 Xell Crashing

    Corona v4 xell crashing after installing ecc+, please check attachment.