1. jdoe91011

    My Completed Demon/Slim Proto V2 Install on my Slim Trinity

    I finished up installing a DemoN and a Slim Proto V2 in my Trinity last night. This was my second Proto V2 install, but my first time installing the DemoN. They work really well together, and the Slim Proto V2 is glitching within 1-2 cycles, with very little tuning. I plan on really getting it...
  2. P

    post qsb for slim proto

    Hi guys.I want to install proto in my x360.what I have a trinity motherboard with two lifted pads at post out(pad 2 and 4 exactly) By looking at the post qsbv2 that comes with proto you really only need post_out 1 and c5r11 soldered to the post qsb.Am I correct?
  3. C

    Is this good soldering ?

    Hi i just got my new 48W solder iron and now i wonder if this is soldered properly i run it at 450 temp, And for these that wonder my gnd cable for nand programmer is under the mobo cuz the side up had some old cable pieces in it. i can upload more pics if u want to
  4. M

    RGH Latest RGH Method

    First hello and thanks a lot for this great Forum and great Team. I've been about a week around here and read all sort of stuff to find my out and that is to RGH the lastest xbox 360e 250G (so I think it is called corona v5). I have not purchased anything yet and only got the xbox 360e...
  5. P

    RGH "proto" slim is ... ?

    So i plan on moding some slims and want to know what tool is up to date: - is proto is universal for all slims and i just need appropriate read/write kit or - r-jtag is still better choise ? You can also get your best ultimate kit universal for all slims ! Thanks.
  6. skillet34

    Trinity 1-3 Cycles :)

    Trinity 1-3 Cycles :) and corona v2 So first off I must say this was the fastest I have had any box give me consistent instant to 3 cycle boots. I am no pro by any means and I feel this was the easiest install so far (compared to cr3 pro/r-jtag) Not that those were all that difficult. (just...