1. C

    TRINITY J-Runner errors, now Xbox doesn't turn on

    Console Type: Trinity Programmer Used: J-R Programmer V2 & CR4 TRINITY QSB KIT NAND Size: Unknown (Dump is 16.5MB) Dashboard version: Unknown CB Version: 9231 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: https://pastebin.com/SSY3pR20 Image of the CR4 XL Images of...
  2. W

    RGH Some help with QSBs please

    I've been searching for days now and I cant seem to find which QSBs I need for corona RGH, I have a v1 so I dont need post fix. I think I nee dthe QSB upgrade with a crystle and my Rev C does not have one but I dont know weather I need a "Post slim QSB" (for the back of the motherboard) and If I...
  3. U

    RGH Do I Need A QSB!?!

    Hi, just wondering. Do i need a QSB for myself to RGH my 360? I have the CR4 XL and JR Programmer v2. Reason i ask is cause ive seen that there are ways around using one, and if so do i still need it for my Corona v1!?! Thanks for your time.
  4. I

    Corona QSB V3 will not read nand

    I have a corona v3 motherboard that I am trying to RGH. I am using a corona QSB v3 to read the nand with a nand-x. When I try to read the nand i get Version 3 Flash Config: 0x00000000 Cannot continue. I know this usually means there is a problem with the soldering but i double checked everything...
  5. Nixir

    Help with my Corona V2 nand dumping

    I am having a problem, I have soldered the corona 4gb qsb to the motherboard and I have it all connected but when I go into jrunner and refreash the devices I do not get the sd card I have tried to use different computers, VMs, different sd card readers and different micro sd to sd adapters and...
  6. Alteration

    NAND Read / Write Kit Not Working

    Photos: http://imgur.com/a/8eQgJ Description: I know you soldering elitists will ridicule me for this, but give me a second to explain: I started off using my Radioshack soldering iron (which sucks so much, the tip is huge, it's slow to heat, it's oxidized beyond belief, the list goes on)...
  7. W

    Confirm Corona version and hardware needed for RGH2 cr4

    Hello, I want to confirm the hardware I need for the project I'm taking on. I have moderate skill in soldering as I do electronic repair as a hobby. I believe I have Corona v1, and do not need the post fix. Just the qsb and the cr4 XL chip. Allot of people are saying to just use the blue wire...
  8. J

    RGH need help with corona rgh

    I'm wanting to know if I need the corona qsb and a dgx
  9. zphingphong

    Could anyone help me check if the solder joints are in the correct places?

    TX Product(s) used: SLIM PROTO V2, Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 Console Type: Corona V2 (360s) NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: Retail CB version: - Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: ===================================================...
  10. zphingphong

    RGH Failed to read NAND on Corona V2

    TX Product(s) used: SLIM PROTO V2, Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 Console Type: Corona V2 (360s) NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: Retail CB version: - Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: ===================================================...
  11. G

    RGH Corona v3/v5 RGH2

    Dear all, I've got a friend who wants to backup his original games because his kid keeps on damaging them, therefore, he asked me to RGH his xbox. The xbox's information: Slim (regular) Dashboard: 2.0.16547.0 Model 1439 MFR: 20.1.2012 Voltage: 12V Ampere: 9.6A HDD: 250GB According to the...
  12. ultimate360

    [USA] Need 4gb R/W kits or qsb's ASAP- paypal payment

    Looking for some 4gb R/W kits and/or qsbs. I'll take whatever you got, message with price, Thanks guys!
  13. D

    GENERAL Corona V4 QSB nand pad lifted after already soldered

    So some how I managed to lift a pad off in the soldering processes. I've been soldering for years and I cannot explain what the heck happened. I don't want to removed the QSB because I don't want to cause more work. I've looked at the pictures for tracing the wire but maybe somebody could direct...
  14. ultimate360

    [USA] Slim qsbs and 4gb kit wanted---

    I'm trying to hunt down places that accept paypal for some qsbs. Here's the ones I'm looking for: JRP\NAND-X/CR.CORONA QSB V3, CR corona upgrade qsb, post qsbs (whatever version), and a 4gb NAND r/w kit for some corona v6 systems I just received. I know most of you guys prefer paypal, so I...
  15. jdoe91011

    These points are reading short on my Corona QSB V3 when using a multimeter

    Hi guys, I just installed a Corona QSB V3 into my Corona and I have been unable to get a NAND read and JRunner is not recognizing my console. I went back and made sure all my solder points are good, and they all look good to me. I tested continuity on all of them using a multimeter, and they...
  16. S

    ANSWERED Is a QSB required for a trinity RGH2?

    As the title says; I'm trying to figure out if I NEED to fit a QSB for a trinity RGH2 install? I can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere. I've looked everywhere but must be typing in the wrong things. JonnyGuns doesn't use one on his youtube video of a Trinity RGH so I'm assuming not...
  17. B


    Is there any way to complete the rjtag install without the Phat full post qsb?
  18. ibrahim11

    GENERAL Corona V2 Success - Glitched VIA HDMI within 4 Seconds !

    I got my DGX 1.0S to glitch first time within 4 seconds to Xell Reloaded to retrieve CPU key. What I did : I used Corona QSB v3 4GB NAND R/W Kit J-Runner (284) Latest Version. I swapped the 'POST_OUT 1' with the 'CPU_RST' I made the 'POST_OUT' length 9 cm. That is the shortest it can go...
  19. L

    GENERAL Dump nand corona V2

    Hello everybody, Sorry for my english, i'm french :rolleyes2: I have a CORONA V2 with dash in 2.0.15574.0. I tried to read Nand. I have by a - Nand-X - CR3 lite V1 - Xecuter Corona v2 4GB nand RW kit I have not found a tutorial for explain to read nand with the all product i have...
  20. Jos Dekker

    RGH Corona 4gb R/W Qsb – Not glitching without removing 4Gb r/w Qsb first

    I read many comments about not to remove the Corona 4gb qsb, i got a question about this because i can not retrieve the key WITHOUT removing first the 4Gb Qsb. Proberly i’m doing something wrong but can not configure out what. Before removel of the 4Gb Qsb the green pulse light on the CR light...