1. daretogo

    RGH Did I kill the nand?

    Greetings folks, I don't post much here, but I don't really consider myself a noob (though when you see what I've done you'll likely disagree). I have a Corona Slim (v1 - 16mb nand) that I intended to glitch and setup with a Demon. I first installed the Corona JRP/NANDX/CR QSB V3 -which I...
  2. T

    FIXED Corona v2 stopped working after 4GB QSB Removal

    Hi guys, I just finished glitching a corona v2 console using a coolrunner rev C, the QSB with the external crystal and the 4GB QSB NAND kit. Everything went flawlessly but after finishing the install I tried to remove the 4GB QSB from the console and it stopped booting after that. After...
  3. W

    Is the QSB for slim worth it?

    The one for install, not post. I ordered it, but they got the order wrong and sent me a post QSB. I've soldered a bit in school, but I don't want any risks. Does the board help that much and how does it solder on to the board?
  4. K

    New version phat QSB ?

    Hi, Last week I ordered some few CoolRunners Rev C and some phat QSB kits at an official Xecuter reseller (www.modtraders.co.uk/) When I received the products I noticed some strange things at the QSB's. The version number on the boards is V2.5 and the solder points are different from the...
  5. JointChief

    Coolrunner Rev. C NAND X????

    Hello, Since the cool runner rev C doesnt use qsb's should I use the jtag qsb's to read and write. And there are plenty of wire instal guides but I can't find a computer rgh 2.0 and does the newest jtag tool support rgh 2.0 And how do you give your self a profile picture
  6. U

    RGH Cool Runner QSB's Fan??

    Hi i was looking over various tutorials and i was wondering what this part of the QSB was for, and as it has 3v3 and ground labelled next to the port, would you be able to run a fan off it via a connector or by soldering the wires??? Many Thanks, Matt :D
  7. S

    RGH Coolrunner and extracting DVD key

    Hello All, and this is my first post here. Ok I have just purchased a Coolrunner, it comes with QSB Boards and a LPT Coolrunner flash. Now all I want to do is connect the coolrunner upto the mobo to extract the DVD Key and that is it. Is there any guide someone can point me the direction of...