1. R

    R-JTAG New to JTAG stuff

    Hello, I got my Xbox 360 slim JTagged. Now what is the best dash launcher to use. And where do I find the apps to download ? what are the useful apps at all ? And how do I update my system dashboard to the latest, Is it required ?:facepalm:. Im super noob in Jtag and stuff. Your help is much...
  2. Shag_

    FALCON CR4 XL-Phat Demon Not Glitching [Falcon:]

    I Have a Phat 360 with a Falcon board that I successfully R-Jtaged a few years back following this guide: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/135779-Xecuter-R-JTAG-Installation-Setup-Guide-***-UPDATED-JULY-26th-2013-*** . Shortly after I added the Demon and successfully using this guide...
  3. dragon_unleashed

    JASPER R-JTAG Requirements

    Hi All, I have been out of Xbox hacking scene from sometime now. I have a Jasper Xbox 360 which I want to R-JTAG, Please let me know, which is a better technique for Jasper, R-JTAG or RGH2+ With CR4 XL do I need only the QSBv3 kit only or the whole QSB kit? Edit: My dashboard version is...
  4. I

    does rjtag let you run unsigned code like rhg ?

    just need to make sure i can run unsigned code like a regular jtag or rgh in case i have to end up R-Jtag mine hoping i can run xex menu on it oh and what does R-JTAG stand for exactly?
  5. P

    JASPER CR4 XL R-JTAG+ glitches 5 times a second (with 6 pictures) first time install

    First I installed the CR4 XL with my own wires and it took about 10 minutes to boot the big block (512MB) Jasper into Xell. Dumped cpukey via LAN, and with J-runner I created an image based on 17150 and wrote it back with NAND-X. After that it took another 10 minutes to boot the image, and the...
  6. P

    Want to R-JTAG my console but not sure where to start with all the updated methods

    I'm really new to JTAGing and RGHing and the like so please excuse my ignorance. I understand the general basis of JTAGs and RGHing but it seems like there's a new version to mod your xbox every other week and I don't know where to start. So if someone could show me an up to date guide or just...
  7. P

    R-JTAG [Falcon] Installed CR4 and DemoN but now won't boot stock or Xell...?

    Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: DemoN (Firmware v1.4) Dashboard version: 2.0.16767.0 CB Version: 5774 (I think? Is that the 'CB' referred to in J-Runner as '2BL[CB_A] and [CB_B]'?) Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear on the CR4 XL chip every...
  8. T

    R-JTAG Point on the Motherboard under JTAG QSB pulled off

    Hi there, I got an xbox360 (Jasper 16MB) from a friend off mine which has the point (with the red circle) loose, the pad is gone, trace is intact. He was trying to cut off the edge from the jtag qsb connected to r2p12, and pulled too hard on the qsb so the point (with the red circle) was pulled...
  9. Z

    ANSWERED Only have JR-Programmer installed (no RHG or R-JTAG) and stock NAND won't boot

    So for the past year or so, I had a DemoN + R-JTAG setup working on my Jasper 16mb. Suddenly the hacked side stopped working all together. While trying to fix that, I somehow managed to f**k something up and make my Xbox unable to power on. Going backwards, I uninstalled my newly installed JRP...
  10. P

    ANSWERED Can I use a Xebuild image warned by J-Runner ?

    This is a R-JTAG question. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer V2, R-Jtag v1.1 DEVELOPMENT KIT Console Type: Falcon NAND size: 16MB Dashboard version:16537 CB version: 5774 J-Runner log: at the bottom of this post...
  11. U

    R-JTAG Jasper hack bigblock aud clamp.bin not found! Help!

    I finally got around to R-Jtagging my phat Jasper 512 mb Xbox 360. I get all the way to create Xell Reloaded, and it gives me this error: jasper_hack_bigblock_aud_clamp.bin not found! I have tried looking everywhere, but I couldn't find a solution. I tried googling the bin file itself, but it...
  12. S

    Need Help Jasper 14917

    Okay I have a jasper dashboard 14917. what can I do with this I have read a sh*t load of forums all saying different sh*t. What do I need and how do I do it.
  13. J

    R-JTAG Curious Question

    ok, well i r-jtaged my xbox elite a few months back and out of no where it just stopped booting. I hooked my jr programmer up and fired up the cr3 rater to see why it wasnt booting. It would always just stop at post 79 and go no further. I checked all my connections, touched everything up and...
  14. I

    FIXED R-JTAG zephyr no boot

    Hi guys, i have a big problem. I have R-jtagged my xbox 360 (zephyr) I´m not sure if the little point on the R-jTAG QSB has good contact ?! any alternate point ? I have succesfully booted into XELL and retrieved my CPU key. ( with the 3 way switch on 1 ?!?! not middle , on the r-jtag qsb)...
  15. M

    J-Runner bug, Create Xell-Reloaded for Jasper 512/BB?

    Hi, please tell me that i'm doing something wrong. I have a R-JTAG(AUD_CLAMP) and DemoN(with BB upgrade kit) installed in my Arcade Jasper 512MB and I am trying to create a Xell-Reloaded image for quite some time now. What I do: - Load Source using a copy of my stock nand(which is 512MB large...
  16. M

    R-JTAG R-JTAG fails to boot into XELL (0x21 RATER error) on Jasper & Zephyr

    Hello all, I do hope this is the appropriate area for this thread. (Noob to TX forums / 5 years experience with console modding / fixing) I recently purchased an R-JTAG 1.1 starter kit from ModChip Central and installed it to a Jasper (16MB) on dash 16202 using AUD-Clamp. I flashed over Xellous...
  17. S

    R-JTAG Jasper not booting XELL

    Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 512 Dashboard version: 2.0.8955 CB version: 6750 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: =================================================== Saturday, February 15, 2014 1:01:56 PM J-Runner v0.3 Beta (4) Started Checking Files Finished...
  18. S

    possible to fix?

    I recently bought two falcon xbox 360's from someone on craigslist. Shortly after I ended up going to jail. Both consoles had been updated to latest dash but when both cut on they would only say "play game" with no picture and then spin up and go back to dashboard. I was looking into possibly...
  19. cpm219


    Confirmed to be released soon! was talked about on IRC. Find more info via usual places. ;)
  20. ibzconsolemods


    I'm looking for a R-JTAG V 1.1 Ultimate or Starter Kit that someone could sell to me. PM me if you got one.