1. Alteration

    RGH Is this a lifted pad?

    Is this considered a lifted pad? The resister is still intact but the metal connecting the solder is gone.
  2. Alteration

    RGH Lifted R3B15 pad, now RGH doesn't turn on, only makes power "ding"

    I successfully RGH'd my Xbox about a month ago, and last night when I brought it to a friends, I booted it on and got the retail dash (expected Aurora), and I couldn't access any of the games from my hard drive. So I booted into Xell Reloaded and was presented with a "Segmented Fault" red...
  3. W

    RGH Minor Slim QSB issue and my Troubleshooting of the CR No green flash

    Hey guys, just thought I'd like to point this out. Not sure if its going to help many. I've done 3 slims, 1 matte slim and 2 glossy. Both of the glossy slims did not like the QSB! Weird thing is that I installed it, could read/write the NAND...but when it came to glitching the box they did...