1. C

    JASPER Cr4 xl not getting power / led not lighting up w/ install pics

    my cr4 is not getting power my red and black wires are soldered correctly although this is my first time so i must have made some mistakes Link 4 pics : mega:/#fm/2c1RiSJT
  2. P

    Old Newbie asking for advice

    Hello ! I am asking for advice how to inspect and hopefully repair 2 XBox360 units that I bought on the junk yard yesterday for almost nothing. Including power bricks. I think the model is one of the very first (white) ones, with curved side panels. Item #1 does not give any video, there is...
  3. ultimate360

    Console repairs and mods, reballs, JTAG/RGH, flashing, LED mods, and more! MN, USA

    Welcome to my service AD! First, here is some info about me so customers and other members here can get to know me better: My name is Logan, I am a computer/game console specialist. I work on a wide variety of electronic devices including PC's, mobile devices, home appliances, and of course...
  4. N

    ANSWERED E81 on trinity repair

    I've grabbed the nand and RGH'd system for key. Anyone know the next step?
  5. jdoe91011

    Anyone know of Corona V4 Bottom Motherboard Points to use to Test My Trace Repair?

    Console Type: Corona V4 NAND size: 4GB Hi Guys, I just came in possession of a Corona V4 (4GB NAND) with the pads for R2C6 and R2C7 completely burned off. I repaired the necessary traces that would have had to have been bridged in order to install a Proto V2 into this board for RGH2. I DO have...
  6. oblivioncth

    FIXED Pulled Pad on R4P4. Fix?

    Hey guys. I was working on a Corona V3 that refused to glitch with a Rev C and while moving the CPU_RST line around to alternatives I accidentally pulled the pad on R4P4 while trying to flatten the wire out a little :facepalm:. The console now no longer tries to glitch and Id imagine id get the...
  7. S

    Help to fix E79 ERROR! Almost a year after RROD (3 rings).

    Hi, I have a 1st gen Xbox which got RROD (3 rings) almost a year ago. I successfully fixed it using Team Xecuter's RROD Repair Kit Pro II and managed to flash my DVD drive to iXtreme. It's been working perfectly until yesterday. Whilst playing FIFA 13 screen froze in a checkerboard pattern. I...
  8. J

    3 Red Rings, Error 0102. Need repair. East Texas

    Hello. I recently bought this Xbox 360 (old model, bought in 2008 I think) from a friend of mine, and I started getting a frozen screen with distortion and some beeping, then after a few reboots, I got the 3 red rings. I researched this and found out that it's error code 0102, which usually...
  9. M

    Repair unlocked pcb for 16D5S

    Hello, I found no forum support for the unlocked pcb to 16D5S so i posted here. Eject function is not working. Working with original pcb and i also tried another tx unlocked pcb and it works, sp nothing wrong with flash. I´m a good solder so nothing there either, check with meter and everyting...
  10. L

    RGH Corona CPU_RST rebuild

    Here's what I've got in front of me: (Warning, 21mb high-res image) I found this, looks like this is the only CPU_RST point that completes the circuit and needs to be rebuilt: Based on this thread at...
  11. T

    GENERAL Hana chip resistor replacement

    when installing my coolrunner 2 i belive that i fried some of the resistors around the Reset CLK line by the hana chip ... now my xbox wont power on ... i know this is because of the bad resistor on the reset clk but before i messed that one up i was trying to figure out which of the others i...
  12. G

    Need help to fix RROD 0022

    hey all , im really screwed up my 360 ( i think) . while doing the rgh , i couldnt boot to xell , so reverted everything to stock , removed wirings and flashed original nand ( have jasper 512 mb) . now still i get rrod 0022 . i think it has something to do with gpu overheating cause my gpu gets...
  13. A

    contact pad broken

    I was attempting to install an 1339E chip in place of a kamikaze ruined winbond chip. Anyway, In the removal process contact pads 39 and 40 came out. Visually they don't seem to be connected to any traces and I don't know if this is going to affect it working and if I should attempt to repair...
  14. J

    GENERAL member chewyb a problem

    A couple of members have experienced problems from a member on that goes by chewyb on this site including me I will explain my situation briefly to make aware of the scamming.. I needed work done to two Xbox 360s and ran across marshamods and chewyb I pick the wrong person he contacted all the...
  15. O

    RGH repair request. solder point b

    I am located in south texas Is anyone able to fix it heres a pic of the screwup
  16. O

    Help! I seemed to have messed up the stby_clk point!

    I completed the rgh but i went to boot the console and it would stay blinking but never booted So i resoldered the points but i took it to far with B that i messed up the pad and the resistor. Now im not the one to make excuses but the solder pen im using is pretty thick :] so i took the...
  17. rroddr

    LITEON 74850 Liteon 74850C missing sata connector (reconstruction with pictures)

    Well what had happened was the other day I was on craislist and saw a person needed help with a liteon drive and that he somehow pulled the sata connector off while trying to flash someones xbox so I agreed to try to help him out snce I have almost 2 years of experience flashing and I solder...
  18. V

    Slim DVD Drive FRAME ONLY needed

    Hi all I am doing a repair for a cusomer that has a Slim and the dvd drive tray was forced closed. D:eek:NT ASK I D:eek:NT KN:eek:W. Well the mane frame of the drive was broken (Lite-on 0225) and I just need to swap the components from the broken frame to a good frame. I need a slim lite-on...
  19. B

    ITALY Xbox360 RROD Repair & Firmware Upgrade Service

    Xbox Phat Drives (Hitachi, Samsung, Benq, Liteon 74850/83850/93450): 35 EUR Xbox Slim Drive (Liteon 9504): 50 EUR RROD Repair Service: 30 EURO I will accept consoles from everywhere in Italy! SHIPPING COST: 10 EURO
  20. X

    [USA] I reflow xbox360s

    I accept paypal and you can send the money with the console reflow-30.00 + shipping to me I'll pay shipping back private message me if interested me or you can email me at: [email protected] If i cant fix it i will return your money - the shipping If you want any case mods let me...