1. O

    CORONA Xbox 360 Corona V3 XCGPU Replacement

    Hey Guys, Would like to know the steps involved in replacing the XCGPU of a Xbox 360 Corona V3, I've got reballing experience with the PS3 and Xbox 360 Fat, I just want to clarify what the process actually involves with the Corona V3 XCGPU. I do want the Console to remain on retail when the...
  2. TechFreak2516

    Will this pcb unlocked work?

    I have already recived the the keys and saved all the info from my liteon dg-16d4s dvd drive.It has the mxic chip running firmware version 0272.I have 17 dollars left total to spend.i have already purchased and recived my xecuter x360 usb pro v2 and i got the keys and all. And i have good...
  3. Abbotta4

    Replacement ribbon cable and usb pcb

    I was wondering if replacement cable/pcb were available for purchase. My setup has been working fine until I got irritated with the sticky rubber squares one day and started rearranging them and moving around the pcb in general. Ever since then, my ability to read/write nands using the DemoN has...
  4. zathoraus

    LiteOn DG-16D4S TX replacement Board v1.1 Problem

    Ok I have a LiteOn DG-16D4S TX replacement Board v1.1. I want to flash the board with 0225 OFW. I only have Jungle Flasher as an original dump but I only have a 360Lizard to use to flash it. When I try to load the 256k .bin it give me an error. am I doing something wrong? *Update* I just loaded...
  5. A

    LITEON DG-16D2S Liteon replacement

    hi everyone my liteon drive was not reading certain back ups after the intial flash of lt2.0 so i plugged it on to my laptop using (xbox 360 usb pro, ck3 lite with internal pc molex, probe 3) so basically i think i plugged the cable the wrong way it would fit so i turned it around and then it...
  6. C

    tray keeps opening replace or fix

    hey ive got a hitachi gdr 3120l version 47 thats tray keeps opening in the xbox it works fine on jf its not the cables i checked any other fixes or else can i use any non 79 version to replace thanks
  7. J

    [UK] Xecutor Replacement PCB for 0225 Drives

    Please help, I'm desperately in need of the above item in Brand New condition, need to be shipped to Sri Lanka. If you are willing to sell please reply or PM. Thanks.
  8. I

    Laser Replacement Advice

    Hi, I'm preparing to order X360USB + CK3 Pro + Ext. Mollex, I also have a Blaster CK3 (unopened) for the upcoming firmware release of LT+ for slims. So I want to order laser replacement just in case I need them because shipping costs here are really big, so i wanted to get new one for DG-16D4S...
  9. K

    can i use a ms28 instead of a ms25?

    as above people, friend has come to me with his xbox, it has a benq drive spoofed as a samsung ms25. finding it quite difficult to aquire an ms25 drive, so my question to you is........ would i be able to use a new samsung ms28 with the current dashboard? or is it a no go as its still classed as...
  10. S

    Xbox 360 slim dvd drive replacement

    i have broke my xbox 360 slim dvd drive. It wont read disc's i need a replacement anyone know where i can get one?? or how to fix it??
  11. C

    Replacement Wiring Harness?

    Hi guys! Instead of searching, since I know this is probably not been asked, I read each topic for the first 4 pages. Anyways on with my question. The wiring harness that plugs into the nandx unit and you solder to the 360 board to read the nand. Well after doing quite a lot of jtags, the...
  12. T

    ANSWERED Liteon Replacement Question.

    If my original liteon was a dg-16d2s-09c (93450c) and I have the drive key and full firmware dump, can I write that firmware to a dg-16d2s (74850c) drive and it still be live safe? Not much light has been shed on the issue and I’ve heard that the drives are the same except for a slightly...