1. O

    JTAG Problem Reverting JTAG Xenon 2.0.89550.0 to Retail

    Hey Guys, I've got a Xenon that was JTAGED ages ago by someone else, it was accidentally updated to 2.0.89550.0 rendering the JTAG mute. I want to revert it back to Stock but i'm having problems when I try. Screen Shot Of 2.0.89550.0; Loaded required files into "J-Runner\xebuild\data"...
  2. speed3r

    Xbox 360 Trinity (Retail) Won't boot........

    Hello, So i got a Xbox 360 trinity retail(was never openend before/sealed) for a few bucks that didn't boot. After a lot of searching and testing it still wont boot sadly. When i plugin the power supply the xbox beeps one time (On/off sound) after that i can press all the buttons(on/off/eject)...
  3. P

    RGH Impossible to make RGH console original with missing original NANDs (J-runner output)

    Originally this customer came to me, telling me that Wifi was not working on his Xbox 360 console, and also that he could not play the latest original games. According to the customer, the console was original and he bought it in a gameshop in Milan (Italy). He could not remember which shop it...
  4. R

    RGH j runner problem

    more what is wrong with this corona xbox360 ?? and how to fix it ? update from xeBuild just fine but why j runner show this error ?
  5. D

    ANSWERED Retail NAND does not detect HDD

    I apologize to begin with if this is not entirely in the correct section, however i thought it was most appropriate. I have retail dash 16756 on my console, with 16747 on my glitch NAND. All worked well, and then I did the Memory Unit Mod which I modded a 250GB HDD as my internal MU. FSD reads...
  6. ultimate360

    Wanted: JASPER MOBO, fully functional, fully stock

    Need a fully working, un-banned retail nand, non-modded jasper motherboard. Can just be a barebonez mobo. One with DVD key would be convenient, but not necessary. Thanks guys, give me some prices
  7. T

    Removed R-JTAG, get RROD, 0022 secondary code.

    Hi Guys, 3 RROD 0022 secondary code after re writing the origional nand back to a console I R-JTAGed but removed. Thing is I have the origional image from xell for the fuse sets when I initially got it to boot into xell. The origional dash was 15574, and the custom nand image i wrote was...
  8. bboybambam

    Corona V2 4gb created a retail image and now it won't boot.

    Hi so the story is I had a guy RGH my xbox In 2011 and it is a corona v2 4gb he installed a squirt v1.2 It had always worked fine. He never gave me my original nanddump i ask him for it but he never replied. I have a dump of my nand with rgh. I made a dump with maxims and another using simple...
  9. F

    HDD not showing up!

    Hello I have run into a problem just yesterday I finished my Demon install on my Jasper phat and I was very happy but when I put my HDD in it is recognized by FSD but it is not recognized by retail side. So I uninstalled FSD 3 and dashlaunch from my HDD and moved them to my external hdd and...
  10. M

    RGH RGH Dual Nand not booting to retail!!

    Hey guys, some of you may have read my other thread but let me get you guys up to speed. I had a professional perform a dual nand on my 4GB Trinity Slim console about 2 weeks ago and I have been having freezing problems which he fixed by re-routing the CPU_RST cable. The re-routing helped for...
  11. S

    RGH Trinity Slim Demon chip, CR rev c. Can't figure this out.

    Ok so I will start with this. I have attempted to read as much as possible regarding all aspect of this Demon chip rgh dual nand deal. I have searched and found many answers all leading to this final confusion on my part. here we go I am working on a customers trinity 14719. He want a demon...
  12. N

    Laptop crashed, taking my retail NAND dumps with it :/

    Long story short, my laptop won't boot, and my NAND dumps are on that hard drive. I'm buying the DemoN chip within the next week and I want to be able to actually use it. My console boots and everything works perfect on the Xbox 360 (Trinity.) I'm wondering if there is someway I can recover...
  13. G

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM No eject, but motor works.. where is the fault?

    fixed eject, how to upgrade dvd fw? I think this is in the wrong section now I've gone a bit further along.. Background, I have a slim 16d4s 9504, did the RGH but want to remove it and do LT drive fw. I screwed up my dvd board and now have a TX replacement PCB. the OSIG says 9504 right now...