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  1. N

    RGH RGH2 - Jasper 16MB, booted Xell, booted hacked image once, no boots so far...

    Hello, I am trying to glitch a Jasper, but I was only able to boot Xell and once managed to boot the hacked image. First some info and at the end pictures of my soldering. Model: Jasper 16MB CB: 6754 (generated hacked image with J-runner is 6752) Dash: 17150 (generated hacked image is 17511)...
  2. Alteration

    COOLRUNNER Does Rev C Work on All Dash Versions?

    I've spent the last two days doing research on which glitch chip I should buy, and I've found a seller on eBay that stocks generic Rev C's (save the lecture). I've watched quite a few videos that briefly mention "you must be on dash blah blah blah for this to work". Is that a special case, or...
  3. C

    [UK] RGH Xbox 360 Slim [SALE]

    Got a black Xbox 360 Slim RGH that I want to sell £110 + £13 P+P or you can choose your own Currier or pick up from Manchester UK or PM me for more info Thanks -Chris
  4. ultimate360

    wanted- coolrunner rev c, cr3 lite, phat glitcher

    Just need a quick coolrunner or cr3 lite to put into a falcon for a friend. He doesn't care if its a slow boot, and I'm out of chips until cr4. Thanks Can pay via Paypal, or Google wallet
  5. oblivioncth

    COOLRUNNER Help getting a Coolrunner v3 to glitch with a Rev C

    Help getting a Corona v3 to glitch with a Rev C Hey guys, so this is my first time doing a Corona V3 and I am having a hard time getting it to glitch. Unfortunately back when I ordered the parts the Slim Proto V2 wasn't shipping yet and the V1 was outta stock everywhere so I just got a Rev C to...
  6. Austinzz


    Can I Rgh my Xbox 360 JASPER..It runs on a Kernal 13599 and has a dashboard of 13599 as well.. Is it possible if I could rgh it with the RGH Coolruner Rev C? Also Is RGH 2.0 just a Diffrent name for Coolrunner Rev C? Thanks for the help
  7. N

    ANSWERED Coolrunner Rev. C Alternate Point? (Pad D)

    So i'm a total noob at this stuff. Just bought my Nand-X and Coolrunner, I have all the cords and what not. My biggest pain is the 1 foot long white cord. When installing it to pad D, it freaking ripped itself off and took the pad with it, I tried getting the trace with a razor blade but no...
  8. JointChief

    Coolrunner Rev. C NAND X????

    Hello, Since the cool runner rev C doesnt use qsb's should I use the jtag qsb's to read and write. And there are plenty of wire instal guides but I can't find a computer rgh 2.0 and does the newest jtag tool support rgh 2.0 And how do you give your self a profile picture