rgh 2

  1. J

    rgh 2.0 trinity wont boot up

    i just finished with my rgh and its a rgh 2.0 trinity 16mb 4gb xbox 360 slim, when i turn it on the lights just flash and it dose not boot up into anything.
  2. oskarjaw

    RGH dash 12611; which rgh type?

    i bought a zephyr at a flea market ate turned it on to see the glorious old dash. what rgh type do i need to get the most money out of it bc im gonna rgh it and sell it to save up for a xbox one. thanks!
  3. D

    RGH Xbox turns on when power is plugged in

    When I plug in the power to my Trinity xbox it automatically turns on. Nothing is plugged in except for power. ROL board is unplugged. Does anyone have any suggestions because I cannot read the nand with the console on?
  4. F

    CORONA Help RGH2 CR4 Corona v4/v6 not booting xell

    Corona V4/v6 Want to RGH2 i have done other installs, my problem is, i have read the nand twice both were the same, created ECC and wrote it, now i have installed CR4 and it looks ok, but, it does not boot into xell, how can i check if the CR4 chip is properly working? I followed UberGeek...
  5. T

    RGH Corona 4GB Nand R/W QSB not being detected

    Hey Guys, New to the forum and haven't been in the scene since the old days of iXtreme 1.6 (oh how it was much simpler back then). Anyhow, I thought I would have a crack at flashing my Slim DG-16D5S. I identified my motherboard as having the Corona V2 and so bought all the necessary components...
  6. V

    RGH RGH Help

    Hey guys I need help not sure what I am doing wrong I ams sure I am doign something wrong. My Coolrunner is not flashing green when i turn the console on. I have read the nand, made a ECC and I have write the ECC, and last but not least I have programmed the coolrunner as I do have a Zypher i...
  7. P

    FALCON CR4 XL RGH2 help! Pure Newbian.

    Hey everyone, this is my second unsuccessful attempt at RGH. I cant get past the part after wiring up my CR4 XL and pressing eject to boot Xell, I only get RROD. Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: JRP v2.0 NAND Size: 16mb Dashboard version: 16767 CR4 XL - Ignore the tobacco just above the...
  8. T

    Jasper 512 will only boot when DVD drive is disconnected and no HDD

    Not sure what's going on with this Xbox, but it will boot xell with both the HDD and DVD connected however, I must disconnect both devices before it boots up the dashboard. I noticed something strange; when attempting to boot the dashboard with the mention devices connected, the green light...
  9. E

    [COOLRUNNER] RevA RGH2 on phats tutorial

    Hi, i wanted to share my experience with some RGH2 x360s installs, Jaspers and other phats (7 consoles total). You may be interested in trying my "unusual" CPU Reset wire path but more importantly considering the amount of tinkering required to get those old CR modchips working with RGH2, i...
  10. E

    ANSWERED RGH2 with Rev A ? and what's that Rev D ?

    Hi, just found an old bag full of Coolrunner Rev A (?, there's no "Rev X" printed on the board), they look identical to the current board (RC1?) picture we can see on the team-xecuter product page.. So can i do anything with those old modchips on recent "updated" x360. for example i have a...
  11. A


    I want to RGH 2.0 and Dual NAND my slim (trinity) console. I just need to know what type of chips I would need to do this and any other required tools. I believe Dual NAND allows you to switch from RGH to playing normally. If anything I said is incorrect please correct me. Thank you!!!!
  12. E

    RGH Pre-order CR4 for fat, whats im need?

    Hi all, im want to modify my xbox 360 console. im want to be sure im buy all what im need. Im pre-order on modsupplier (cheap send to Spain). My Xbox 360 are falcon V3 with dashboad 16747. Thats list: - Solder (off course:) ) - CR4 XL - Phat QSB V3 kit Whats more im need? in the picture i...
  13. R

    RGH j runner problem

    more what is wrong with this corona xbox360 ?? and how to fix it ? update from xeBuild just fine but why j runner show this error ?
  14. R

    Corona V3 Help!

    Where do I get Demon Slim compatible with Corona V3? Any Website where I can purchase these parts? Anyone have a link for a step to step guide for the soldering for corona v3 once you have all the parts?
  15. R

    Need RGH and Demon installation done!

    I would like to get a RGH and dual nand demoN installation done on my Xbox for 100$ or less here is some information about it please contact me back if you would be interested: - Xbox 360 Slim 250GB - Dashboard Version 2.0.16756.0 - MFR Date is 2011-03-09 -12V 10.83A, 5V----1A If you'd like to...
  16. M

    RGH Corona V3 - No glitch - CoolRunner Rev C

    Hi to all: Im having troubles with a CORONA V3... I've dumped the nand right and wrote xell. I've programmed the chip with 4_3 and 2_2 timming files. I bridged succesfully the RSC6 and RSC7 points and installed the POST_FIX adapter. But i dont get my console glitching, just the red light on...
  17. M

    RGH A few questions - need help

    Hello, i have a few questions. I have a Corona V1, with the 16537 dash, is the RGH 2 the way i must do, right? Im a bit confused on the steps, tell me if i'm wrong: 1-Read Nand (2 or more times until i compare it and "are the same") 2-Write the nand with the Xell 3-Install the chip on the...
  18. G

    RGH complete confusion!!! am i missing something or is my xbox going crazy!

    I'm having an extremely weird & funny problem at the same time. I have demon slim & proto v2 installed. Now, for some reason, when i select demon nand, xbox does not turn on! I looked around online and i found that it could either be a soldering problem or demon firmware, so, i double...
  19. V

    rgh 2.0 with dual nand tutorial NEEDED

    Hey i am wanting to mod my xbox but there is full of tut that are different and i want mine to work. my motherboard is a falcon. I want to do a rgh 2.0 with the cool runner rev c and i want a dual nand like the demon is it possible? Cause i want to have a rgh side then the other side to play...
  20. F

    RGH2 - Jasper 512MB - Xell not booting

    hello. I have done like 3 or 4 RGHs before... but never tried on a BB jasper... Well my problem here is... i have red power led on and green glitch led flashing... i have tried all the a, b, c, d. timing files with the double shield wire, slim long wire and the slim long wire with a 10ohm...