rgh 2.0

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    RGH Xbox Won't Boot

    Since i was able to read my dvd key now my xbox wont boot the center light still starts up + it wont blink please help:mad::mad:
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    RGH Play a Legit Downloaded game Out of The MS Store on a RGH xbox

    I have some games on my MS account that i legit bought and cant find anywhere on the net (ex. Test Drive Unlimited 1, Fable 2 (not in spanish), GTA SA , ... ) the problem is i tried to smack a game just from usb to the rgh but it wont recognize it and there is also no .xex file so is there a way...
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    RGH Blank Screen after Patching Retail NAND (Xbox 360 Slim RGH 2.0 Corona 4GB)

    Greetings! I wanted to make my reset glitch hacked Xbox 360 retail again. I have done so using this tutorial. Everything has gone as it was expected to go, until I have patched the retail NAND which I have created using the tutorial. After the countdown, my Xbox 360 has been restarted. I did...
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    RGH xbox 360 rgh slim 4gb dash update error code e79

    Helló kaptam egy Hibakód UTÁN Portál frissítés: E79 vettem TX Corona 4 GB NAND / RW KIT J-Runner Nem Ismeri "Nem KAP DiskGeometry" Próbáltam TÖBB különböző kártyaolvasó, de mivel EZ Egy hiba http: / /www.kepfeltoltes.eu/view. php? filename = 7971_1_.jpg...
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    RGH I need help with installation of Chip CoolRunner Rev C. Trinity or Zephyr!!

    Hi I would like someone help me with the installation of chip CoolRunner Rev C. for Trinity plate or zephyr, and I have the chip and NAND x :) Since I have experience in welding and know a little about it, soo I need some concrete help for installation. Thanks!!
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    help cr4 install confused..jasper

    hi have a full guide for rgh 2.0 with cr rev c but they all sold out so i have to use cr4 im confused about the part where you connect the cables from the jr programmer to the cr4... is the setup different form cr rev c i have a jasper and need a cr4 jasper install guide for rgh 2.0 thanks in...
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    which RGH do i use for 2.0.17349.0 ?

    hi i know i can RGH 2.0.17349 ive seen a spanish youtube video on it and thy rgh it but i could not understand it my question is which rgh do i use? ive heard of rgh 2.0 and 1.0 is there a 3.0 ? please help
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    can you jtag dashboard 2.017349.0 ?

    i need help knowing if i can jtag or possibly reset glitch my xbox 360... i have dashboard 2.0.17349.0 please help
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    RGH RGH 2.0 - Cant get Xell to start up. Everything goes though and the console starts

    Hey guys i need some help. Ive got a falcon board and with coolrunner 3 and jr programmer. Ive followed step by step for jrunner with the pdf. Everything has worked so far but when i go to start it up and get the cpu key i cant get xell to start. the xbox just keeps blinking (because no dvd...
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    RGH Jasper 512mb RGH 2.0 Wont Boot/Glitch

    Hey guys, so I decided to rgh my jasper console, but it wont boot atall, ive programmed the coolrunner rev c and ive wrote the ecc image, my soldering looks good so idk why its not working. I made a video about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD5D1VlGxKs If anyone can help me, It would...
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    Inconsistent Trinity Boots

    Finished up Trinity Rgh yesterday but cant get any consistent boots using CR3 Lite. Accidently lifted FT4R2 pad so had to rewire using R4D4 point and one below x-clamp (forgot); made a small splice through the bridge wire and soldered the blue wire to it. Mostly boots when I'm moving and...
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    RGH RGH 2.0 console Not turning on?

    Hey everyone, this was my first RGH ever to do. I soldered all the wires correctly responding to colors for the Nand, (Im using TX JR-Programmer V2) this was a falcon RGH on dash 16203, phat console. So when I tried to read the nand after soldering at first i was getting errors of "version 10...
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    RGH Deleted bootanim.xex... won't boot to Freestyle Dash 3.

    Hi everyone, Ryan here! I have just gotten my Xbox 360 Slim (dashboard version is 16747) RGH'd, dual NAND'd and flashed with LT+ 3.0 (a professional did this for me). It is a Corona v3 motherboard. I have my CPU key, DVD key, backup of the bootanim.xex, and backups of my NAND before the RGH...
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    rgh 2.0 with dual nand tutorial NEEDED

    Hey i am wanting to mod my xbox but there is full of tut that are different and i want mine to work. my motherboard is a falcon. I want to do a rgh 2.0 with the cool runner rev c and i want a dual nand like the demon is it possible? Cause i want to have a rgh side then the other side to play...
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    RGH Hey I need help on modding my xbox!

    Hey i am wanting to mod my xbox but there is full of tut that are different and i want mine to work. my motherboard is a falcon. I want to do a rgh 2.0 with the cool runner rev c and i want a dual nand like the demon is it possible? Cause i want to have a rgh side then the other side to play...
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    Can i rgh this console? please read

    i have a coolrunner v2 and a falcon motherboard running dash 16537 can someone please tell me if i can rgh it without buying anything else just using the coolrunner v2
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    RGH Jasper 512mb won't boot to Xell

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this RGH stuff and I really need your help. Yesterday I tried to RGH 2.0 my Xbox 360 console, Jasper 512mb, dash 16203. I dumped the nand twice, they matched (no bad blocks at all). Then I programmed my Coolrunner Rev. C with the "B" .xsvf timing file and wrote the .ECC...
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    GENERAL Do we have any dates for BB jasper conversion?

    Hi thought I would post been checking for a while now to see if the BB jasper upgrade is available so I can get my RGH xbox sorted with my doner nand I wanna go online again and I have seen posts saying the bb jasper conversion for demon is coming soon ?? Please could someone help and tell me...
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    Jasper BB 256 RGH 2.0 cap closed JP1 open JP2 1-2 dash 16203 CB 6754 coolrunner rev c jr 1.1 prog RGH setting A Im looking for some clarification, the roadmap for noobz says that i am indeed able to use the rgh 2.0 but i do not understand why im not booting into xell, light flashes on my...
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    Can I still use my cool runner?

    I tried doing an RGH 2.0 on my phat 16mb jasper board and I incorrectly flashed the timing files as a 256mb jasper and now my jasper doesn't boot. I just got an Xbox 360 slim and I want to use that same coolrunner on the slim, but I have removed the two 000 resistors from the cool runner. Will...