rgh 2.0

  1. Austinzz


    Can I Rgh my Xbox 360 JASPER..It runs on a Kernal 13599 and has a dashboard of 13599 as well.. Is it possible if I could rgh it with the RGH Coolruner Rev C? Also Is RGH 2.0 just a Diffrent name for Coolrunner Rev C? Thanks for the help
  2. A

    RGH cant see xell falcon console with mtx v2 (rgh2.0)

    hello my friends.(RGH2.0) i want to see xell with mtx v2 glithcer . first i made a ecc with (360_Multi_Builder_v0.95a) and write it to console . i connect a mtx v2 to my console but it dosents boot xell and one blue led in mtx v2 is going to blink. please help me. thanks
  3. C

    falcon keeps rebooting?

    i have a falcon with all wires soldered on correctly but when i try to boot into xell it doesnt show up and the fans seem to jump alittle every now and again i will try to post a video, any help? falcon no-dvd drive coolrunner rev c
  4. bkaSPIDER

    [WANTED] RGH 2.0 w/ TX DemoN & Cool Runner Installer Needed (512mb Jasper)

    RGH Console with TX DemoN & Cool Runner Installed Looking to buy an RGH'd console (RGH or RGH 2.0) with a TX DemoN chip and Cool Runner pre-installed ready to go. My old Xenon jtag finally died and wanted to upgrade eventually to Dual Nand RGH and I figure this is my chance. I can offer a...
  5. M

    RGH Someone help please!

    Hello! I recently purchased a Falcon Xbox 360 on Dash 14719. I'm trying to do my first RGH 2.0 and so far to this point I've Soldered all points exactly as instructed by Keil423 on his youtube tutorial. Dumped my nand, created and wrote ECC to Nand, & Flashed my Coolrunner Rev. C. When I plug it...
  6. P

    RGH what is needed for RGH 2.0

    I have a Jasper elite xbox 360 120 Gig with 14719 update, I was wondering what all I will need to do the RGH 2.0. I looked in different places and just cant find what I need exaclty for the xbox I have, any help would be great, Thanks
  7. N

    ANSWERED Coolrunner Rev. C Alternate Point? (Pad D)

    So i'm a total noob at this stuff. Just bought my Nand-X and Coolrunner, I have all the cords and what not. My biggest pain is the 1 foot long white cord. When installing it to pad D, it freaking ripped itself off and took the pad with it, I tried getting the trace with a razor blade but no...