1. D

    Hello From India

    Hey Guys, trying to get my corona v2 4gb to RGH, ordered all the items, now looking into the process clearly , thanks -hoping to make a great time here.
  2. L

    BENQ Confusion with DVD key and CPU key

    Hi, I have carried out an RGH on my xbox 360 a while back and everything is working fine apart from the DVD drive. The CPU key and DVD key do not match. To fix this I tried to flash my DVD drive with the stock firmware and simply changed the key to the CPU key. This didn't work and I don't...
  3. D

    RGH RGH Wont Boot - Post Fix Suspect

    I got my Post Fix Adapter today and before I even started to RGH, the golden wire on the adapter broke off (real professional here). I just soldered a tinned wire on to act as he missing piece. I don't think it worked because when i wrote the xell file my xbox didn't boot, it just sat there with...
  4. C

    RGH Can't update Avatars

    I use an RGH Xbox 360 Slim and use it offline. Recently I've noticed that the kinect isn't working, so I've updated to the latest Kernal 2.0.17526.0 and when I came to update the Avatars, the update stops and shows this error window:
  5. G

    RGH DEMON won't boot?

    I had my Dual Nand Working perfectly, both Nands on 17511 when my friend came over and updated the Retail NAND to 17526. Now at first I was able to boot into Xell but not the DEMON NAND, but now after I tried to flash it again with a new hacked NAND, the power button just beeps without turning...
  6. S

    RGH Jr Programmer v2 no light. Faulty?

    Hello everyone I'm currently facing some issues with my J R programmer v2 prior to the situation it was working perfectly fine and it was the same one I used to rgh my Trinity this time around I was going for the Corona, the issue I seem to be facing is it does not want to work whatsoever, I...
  7. F

    RGH Could I get a skin for the xbox guide menu?

    I would like to change my guide menu to the old "NXE" guide menu.
  8. weighta

    CoronaV4 RGH2 with CoolRunner rev C

    My main question here is, do I have all the necessary tools for this; many threads mention something about a QSB, which we do not have. The console (from what I can tell) is a Corona V4 motherboard from 2GB on the storage and MFR date: This is what we have: "Coolrunner Rev C for Jasper...
  9. L

    RGH - Xbox no power. Possibly burned a trace.

    Hello. I recently tried to RGH my Conorona v1 Xbox. This was my first try and I didn't care much about braking it. I know my soldering is quite bad and it's like the third time I tried to resolder everything. I successfully flashed the xbox, removed JR Programmer, soldered Coolrunner Rev-C and...
  10. C

    Looking for someone to repair 4GB Corona - beeps and wont turn on after RGH

    I am looking for a Pro to revive my 360 I have a Corona V2 4GB (postfix not needed). When I tried powering the box on after RGH it just beeps once and nothing happens, no lights nothing (Ace V3 does get solid red LED when power is plugged in). I thought maybe I dumped/flashed corrupt Nand...
  11. D

    RGH Xbox 360 Trinity Viper won’t read/ write nand

    Just finished installing the viper dual NAND and when I plugged in my Nand-x I got an error when I pressed ? in J-Runner. Console read/wrote nand fine before I installed viper chip. I also get it when trying to write the NAND. The error for ? is Checking console Version: 00 Wrong version Cannot...
  12. S

    DRIVERS Windows 10 won't detect JRProgrammer

    I have disabled signature enforcement and done a advanced boot up as well. However, the programming chip is seen as an USB input device. These are my results. https://imgur.com/gnU83wz What am I doing wrong? I am running Windows 10 and trying to RGH a trinity MB
  13. L

    RGH Corona v1 - getting lost in tutorials

    Ok. So I've read quite a few tutorials about how to RGH corona and by now I have understood that I have bought possibly the worst option from whats available nowadays I bought Coolrunner rev C and I have JR programmer v2. I don't need the post fix thing so thats off the list. Quite a few people...
  14. M

    Bricked I think

    i think my rgh is broken or bricked now i boot it up normall but it keeps trying to load the xbox logo over and over. the red power light is on on the rgh chip and the green light is flashing trying to glitch my friend had a look at it and he said he renamed one of my nanddump1 bins to...
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    Hi all just registered just want to say hello to all and going to search for some help
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    TX R-Jtag V1.1 chip lifted D pad

    I have an R-Jtag V1.1 Chip but sadly lifted the D pad on the chip, does anyone have a picture of the alt points or something? thanks
  17. L

    What hardware is best for me to RGH2 my Phat Falcon?

    Hey, I have a phat 360 with a Falcon MB. I have researched into carrying out a RGH2 but I am unsure exactly what hardware I need / should use? I have seen people using Coolrunner Rev C successfully, however I have also seen a CR4 XL being used which seems similar. As you can tell I have never...
  18. L

    I have a broken PHAT 360, can I RGH it?

    Hey, I have an Xbox 360 phat which doesn't work. It seems like someone has previously tried to mod the Xbox but somehow lost the DVD key, so the DVD drive is no longer "married" to the motherboard, and as a result the console will only play DVDs, not games. Anyway apologies if this is a stupid...
  19. D

    RGH Xbox trinity RGH rrod

    Just rghed my trinity with ace v3 and cr4 speedup. i can occasionally get it to boot to xell and to dash, but it will red ring after 20 seconds or so. it will red ring when i try to boot it unless i let it sit for awhile. the error code is 0010 or e04. I flashed back to stock nand and...
  20. D

    RGH Xbox triniy turns on when click the ? or read nand

    So I plug in my Trinity board and plug in my nand-x to the PC and the console. Then I press the ? or read and and the console turns on. I unplugged it and tried to boot it and it works. This is my 3rd Trinity board and it has happened to all of them. This also happened when I used my Jr...