1. cpm219


    Confirmed to be released soon! was talked about on IRC. Find more info via usual places. ;)
  2. J

    COOLRUNNER PLEASE HELP! Coolrunner rev c green light not blinking!

    [SOLVED] PLEASE HELP! Coolrunner rev c green light not blinking! I am trying to RGH 2 my Corona V1 with the Coolrunner Rev C and JR-Programmer V1 with the Speed Upgrade. I already have the QSB_CR_UPGRADE installed, the Coolrunner installed, and my Nand has already been read. I have no bad...
  3. zathoraus

    R-JTAG Looking for either R-JTAG Kit v.1 Or R-JTAG chip itself.

    I'm looking to buy 2-3 R-JTAG kits or R-JTAG chip.
  4. W

    RGH Jaspwer 512Mb RGH2 0022 Error on stock nand

    Hi guys, RGH2 on Jasper 512 MB was glitching with few DBG LED blinks and then blank with no Xell on screen and an increase in Fan speed. Hence reverted back to stock nand and now the console is going into RROD with Secondary Error code 0022 after 30 seconds or so. Tried erasing the first 50...
  5. X

    FIXED Falcon 0022 error after failed RGH2 attempt

    Hello everyone. This is my first post after many month of lurking. Apologies if this post has too much/too little information; this was my first attempt at glitching an Xbox 360. Tools used: * Nand-X * Coolrunner Rev C Short history of Falcon board: * Obtained used/broken off Ebay (about a...
  6. A

    Zephyr CB 4569 RGH2 needed only for DVD recovery - CR3 Lite settings to start with ?

    Hello, I have done many RGH installations and this Zephyr with dash 15574 is really a pain in the ass, like too much people here. Someone has tried to update this xbox with dash 15574, while he got modified firmware installed in his Benq drive. Now the Benq drive cannot be get into vendor mode...
  7. Abbotta4

    FIXED Freezing on Both Nands

    TX Product(s) used: DemoN, CR Rev A Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 512mb Dashboard version: 2.0.16203.0 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner Images of Soldering Description of Problem: I have recently installed a DemoN and everything seems to check out in terms of booting...
  8. P

    BB Jsaper RGH 1 to RGH 2 w/demon

    Hi there everyone im thinking of changing my bb jasper from RGH 1 to RGH 2 i just need to know if its a straight forward getting a CR rev C and re wiring or will it mess my xbox up if some pics or a video were available i would have a crack at it but not sure whether i have to start from scratch...
  9. D

    And what if...?

    Well, I was thinking:And what if there could be possible to have an RGH2 and then pass to RGH? But immediately I supposed that someone would do it, but No. So, then I thought, what if I do a downgrade from RGH 2, and then do the RGH ''1''? Well, just I supposed that that could be possible, is...
  10. H

    RGH Sry, but another "unglitchable" Falcon RGH2

    Hi, i have a falcon 14719 with rgh2 that wont glitch, no matter what i do. ive done several rgh1 on falcons, jaspers and one trinity before. an the past weeks i spent several dozens of hours (no joke) and tried almost every combination of ALL timing files, almost all reset cleaner switches...
  11. T

    FIXED Stubborn RGH2 Slow to no glitch times!!!!!!

    After buying 4 consoles for repair in a lot, I tested 2 of the 4 and they were bootable and of RGH compatibile. One was a Falcon which i have done before and a JasperBB which I hadnt. So i glitched the falcon quickly, but after writing RGH NAND my boot times were very slow to not at all. And...
  12. A

    Help needed with Coolrunner REV C (maybe broken or bad soldering)

    Hi, Few days ago I received my Coolrunner Rev C and J-R Programmer. The first steps of the install process went very well but after writing the new NAND and simultaneously changed the Coolrunner board to 1-2 closed and cap closed - the XBOX wouldn’t boot up again. Hope someone can help...
  13. D

    RGH RGH2 Falcon CoolRunner Rev C ISSUE

    Hi Team I;m trying to RGH2 my falcon on dash 14719 as i go to told this can only be rgh 2 not rgh 1 CORRECT? I've managed to solder everything in the correct area, i can read the nand using nand-X taken two DUMPs (no not a poo). lovely I can now flash the coolruner SET to PROGRAMMED...
  14. dogeatdog

    RGH RGH2 : Falcon, not glitching, but there's something weird..

    Hi guys, Hopefully one of you has seen this before, cause I'm at a loss here. This box was sent to me by another modder who couldn't get it to glitch, so I'm taking a shot at it right now. Falcon, 2.0.14719, so RGH2. Using CR, rev. A, C15 removed, falconrgh2 timing file. Wiring as per ...
  15. S

    RGH Do I have all the pieces to RGH2?

    Alright, I currently have a slim that I am pretty sure has been updated to the latest dash/patch as my housemate has been playing it recently. I read somewhere that you cannot RGH2 past 15722. I can buy a new box if I need to but my needs are running live and Fusion on the other nand. Anyway...
  16. H

    Any headway with the falcon rgh2?

    I was wondering if this issue has been resolved. I have one here that is not booting xell. My solder is good as i booted before i wrote ecc to stock dash and this is my 10th rgh. I have 3.3k resistors and 680caps ordered and they should be here today, but i have read mixed results. I was...
  17. F

    RGH jasper 512 rgh2 boot problem

    after some problems, I managed to start the image of my console rgh2. I find myself in this situation: a lot of times I start the console, plus the fact that it takes a lot for the glitches, crashes on the animation of the logo. I checked the welds and made ​​the 50ohm cable as short as...
  18. N

    Falcon problem

    hello Guys, I have a falcon box it which has 14719 dashboard CB 5773 LV13. I read the hand there is 2 (44, 66) bad block on all the 3 nanddump. I create then the xell and load it into the box. Then its boot to xell however the boot time is very long. After this I create the hand image with...
  19. S

    RGH RGH 2.0 - Help - 5773 Falcon doesn't boot to hacked dash, Xell is okay

    I have a problem with my RGH 2.0 Setup on my v3.0 Falcon ECC boots well, if flashed alone, xell boots from Hacked Image as well, but the hacked dash itself does not boot. To me it seems software related or is the technical-side of booting xell and booting a Hacked Dash different ? To me it...

    RGH Jasper (No Glitch Mobo) RGH 2.0 problems.

    Hi Guys, I have a Jasper Elite that won't glitch no matter what, at first I did RGH 2.0 then I did RGH 1.0, no glitching whatsoever. Any ideas on how to fix this? All help is appreciated. Thanks, CALZALOL