1. D

    TX R-Jtag V1.1 chip lifted D pad

    I have an R-Jtag V1.1 Chip but sadly lifted the D pad on the chip, does anyone have a picture of the alt points or something? thanks
  2. H

    Jasper won't start dash if something is connected to USB (pendrive, controller)

    Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 256 Dashboard version: 2.0.17502 CB version: 6723 I had RGH2 done to this console, but i changed it to R-Jtag for stability, and i'm really glad. It glitches 9 out of 10 times in less than 10s. I used AUD CLAMP and dips 5, 7, 8 ON. As i told its smooth booting...
  3. O

    CR4 XL RJtag wont boot up to Xell

    Programmer Used: JRP v0.3 Beta (8) NAND Size: 16MB Dashboard version: 2.0.17502 CB Version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Version: 10 Flash Config: 0x00023010 00023010 Trinity, Jasper 16MB CB Version: 6754 Jasper 16MB JRunner Log Version: 10 Flash Config: 0x00023010...
  4. Zeigren

    FALCON Two Falcons, Two CR4 XL's, Zero Glitches Zero Bitches (R-JTAG)

    So I have two different Falcons and two CR4 XL's and neither of them will boot with RJTAG. So first one: Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: JRP v1.1 NAND Size: 16 Dashboard version:2.0.15574 CB Version: 5774 Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear...
  5. M

    JASPER R-JTAG not working - diylpt+audv3+CR4XL

    Hello all, this is my first post on the forums. Thank you in advanced for the help. Just let me know if you need anything else, I will try and upload it immediately. And also, I don't have any logging ability (as far as I'm concerned, using direct wire, diy LPT) Console Type: BB Jasper...
  6. J

    R-JTAG Hello, big noob question, thanks in advance.. jasper rjtag

    Hi guys, Just registered today, been looking around the web, and mostly on this forum for help for a while to jtag my xbox. a lot of info out there is confusing, as things change in the last 7-8 years asfar as what can be done on what machine. quickly, I started with a usb spi flasher and soon...
  7. T

    Alternate solder point on jtag alt v2 qsp with Zephyr

    Just wonder if there is an alternative solder point on the Zephyr mainboard to solder this point? On the Zephyr it won't stick because there is no solder on the point? However on Jasper's there is solder on the point.
  8. jdoe91011

    Fresh RJTAG/DemoN Install, No Xell Boot, Rapid Flashing Debug light, 0022 on Retail

    Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 256 Dashboard version: 16537 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: POST output from J-Runner ECC Boot from DemoN: Phat Selected Version: 10 Power Up Waiting for POST to change Post 22 - INIT_SECENG Post 10 - Payload/1BL...
  9. T

    Removed R-JTAG, get RROD, 0022 secondary code.

    Hi Guys, 3 RROD 0022 secondary code after re writing the origional nand back to a console I R-JTAGed but removed. Thing is I have the origional image from xell for the fuse sets when I initially got it to boot into xell. The origional dash was 15574, and the custom nand image i wrote was...
  10. K

    R-JTAG demon and rjtag wont boot power supply red

    The problem i am having is that my power supply will be on yellow and when you plug it in it will turn red when you and i have tried different wall sockets and also tried the power supply on another xbox and it worked fine this happened after i installed the r jtag. I installed the demon first...
  11. Z

    Is Modchip Central legit?

    Title says it all I'm buying a R-JTAG Ultimate Kit and there discontinued but they carry them for a well good price I'm just wondering if they are selling real Xecuter Products and if they are a reliable source to purchase from?
  12. jdoe91011

    Completed DemoN/RJTAG Installation on Jasper 16MB

    I just finished installing a DemoN and RJTAG kit into one of my Jasper 16MB's, and it's Insta-booting. I've attached pictures of my install, and hopefully these will aid anyone else working with these particular products, and produce a reference point for another member's working setup.
  13. M

    R-JTAG R-JTAG fails to boot into XELL (0x21 RATER error) on Jasper & Zephyr

    Hello all, I do hope this is the appropriate area for this thread. (Noob to TX forums / 5 years experience with console modding / fixing) I recently purchased an R-JTAG 1.1 starter kit from ModChip Central and installed it to a Jasper (16MB) on dash 16202 using AUD-Clamp. I flashed over Xellous...
  14. jdoe91011

    XBox Will Not Turn On, Does Everything Else Fine, Worked Previously, Please Help

    Hi Guys, I wasn't sure where to post this, but the RJTAG forum is somewhat applicable. First, I am not new to this stuff, I have successfully completed 2 Proto V2 installs, 2 RJTAG installs, and 2 Demon installs. About a week ago I finished installing a DemoN and an RJTAG into my 16MB...
  15. jdoe91011

    How do I transfer files BACK to my new 1TB Xbox HDD?

    Hi Guys, I'm not not sure if this is the right place for this post, but it seemed somewhat appropriate. So I have an RJTAG'd Phat Jasper 512 MB, that I just installed a 1TB HDD into. Prior to installing this, I copied all my files from my original 120GB Xbox HDD onto my PC over FTP using the...
  16. jdoe91011

    ANSWERED Need to replace a wire in my RJTAG. I have these 2, which one do you suggest using?

    Hi guys, so I've got my RJTAG working, but when I installed it, I made the blue CPU_RST wire too short, so the RJTAG chip isn't able to sit on my DVD drive correctly. I want to replace this short CPU_RST wire with a wire of appropriate length, so my RJTAG chip can sit properly, and I can close...
  17. jdoe91011

    ANSWERED I Just RTAG'd My Jasper, Now What?

    So, I just finished RJTAGing my Jasper 512MB, and I am wondering what my next action should be. I did this mod so I could play backups off an external hdd, play dlc, install a big hard drive, play emulators, and for the challenge (which was the best part :wink:). What I am wondering is, now that...
  18. jdoe91011

    JRunner Not Downloading Dashboards or Allowing Me to Create a Xebuild Image

    Hi Guys, I am trying to create a Xebuild Image in JRunner, but I am unable to because there are no dashboards available to me in the drop down menu under "Xebuild". If I click "add dash" in that drop down menu, and manually pick the latest dashboard, once it downloads it, it deselects "RJTAG"...
  19. R

    R-Jtag Jasper Problem

    Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.16537 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Log: Post 10 - Payload/1BL started Post 11 - FSB_CONFIG_PHY_CONTROL Post 12 - FSB_CONFIG_RX_STATE Post 13 - FSB_CONFIG_TX_STATE Post 14 - FSB_CONFIG_TX_CREDITS Post 15 -...
  20. B

    Cant find a R-JTAG for sale.....

    I've tried looking for an R-JTAG starter kit but I can no longer find it on CK3.co.uk, Mr Modchips and I've never known Kanection to have any amount of decent stock for modding.... if anyone can point me in the right direction for a 'R-JTAG Starter kit' just so I don't feel like I'm losing my...