1. D

    RGH Xbox trinity RGH rrod

    Just rghed my trinity with ace v3 and cr4 speedup. i can occasionally get it to boot to xell and to dash, but it will red ring after 20 seconds or so. it will red ring when i try to boot it unless i let it sit for awhile. the error code is 0010 or e04. I flashed back to stock nand and...
  2. boyam99

    Xbox 360 E74 error (1022)

    I am literally going to tear off my hair. I spent 2 hours fixing the 3 red ring of death error with a heat gun and now I get E74 on my screen with one red ring. My main focus was the cpu and gpu and I barley did the HANA chip so I don't get it. I heard a noob q-tip trick that involves stopping...
  3. boyam99

    GENERAL Xbox 360 phat rrod error 0031

    I have a Xbox 360 giving me error 0031 and I don't know why. I recently did the xclamp fix and when I went to try it out,it instantly shuts down and 3 red lights. I know that the xclamp fix is a noob repair but I don't see the point in paying 90 dollars to have it reflowed. I tried turning it...
  4. Alteration

    JTAG Jasper 512MB RRoD After Flashing Xell

    I dumped the NAND with a J-R Programmer V2 3 times and they all matched with no broken blocks. I then flashed Xell to get my CPU key, and upon turning on the Xbox, I got the RRoD (code 0022). What would be my next best step? I'm not touching anything until I get advice. Notes: Soldering is...
  5. S

    RROD xbox DVD-ROM drive used in another xbox without original drive

    So my buddy has a 360 that had RRODed on him, and one of his friends gave him an old 360, but had no dvd drive in it. He put the drive from his RROD in the other one, and of course it'll read games, but as dvd video. I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to get it to work without having...
  6. M

    GENERAL Whats wrong with my rrod falcon?

    UPDATE I think i found the problem, the heat sinks weren't even touching the board. So that rrod falcon I got had more problems other than rrod... I booted it today cause I was bored, it booted halfway through the boot anim. Then it rrod and i booted it again to realize that the fans were...
  7. B

    RGH Trinity Problems

    Ok, So I bought this trinity 4GB on eBay, and I went to boot it, red light. So after searching for a while and just now looking, I realized that 4422, my error, was from a bad flash :facepalm:. This 360 was RGHed, somebody didn't know how to flash, and DE-SOLDERED all of the wires. I can still...
  8. M

    GENERAL Best fix for 3 rrod?

    [ANSWERED] Best fix for 3 rrod? My jtagable falcon I ordered came in yesterday and it had 3 rrod. Should have known that 50 dollar price was a bit cheap :facepalm:. Can someone link me to the best noob friendly fix? UPDATE No roaches.
  9. M

    GENERAL A Fix for E71

    Just wanted my fix for E71 out on the internet. 1: Unplug everything from the console 2: Get a usb stick and put the xbox update on it http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/system/system-updates-info?icid=furl_update#d946d2af1692430ab92410628a4e5aa8 3: Wait AT LEAST 30 minutes then plug in...
  10. T

    Removed R-JTAG, get RROD, 0022 secondary code.

    Hi Guys, 3 RROD 0022 secondary code after re writing the origional nand back to a console I R-JTAGed but removed. Thing is I have the origional image from xell for the fuse sets when I initially got it to boot into xell. The origional dash was 15574, and the custom nand image i wrote was...
  11. A

    GENERAL Zephyr RROD - 0031. - Please HELP

    Recently bought a Halo 3 Special Edition Zephyr off of eBay and found it was missing a capacitor. (16V 1500uF) and the other with the caps blown.. Replaced both with (25V 2200uF) capacitors.(couldn't find 16V 1500uF in my area.... ) Both capacitors are the ones that supply power to the...
  12. J

    Jasper 16mb wont boot

    Please Refer to New post
  13. J

    Should it stay or should it go?

    Good morning, I wanted to ask every ones opinion here on the forum. Since I am new to the modding scene for the 360 I wanted to know if I there is any value in getting my old box fixed. I have a Phat Falcon box with 20gb hard drive lying around. The box had an RROD and a friend tried to fix it...
  14. hackt0r

    Strange 3 Red Ring Of Death

    I have fixed more than 5 consoles with 3 RROD's using the Repair Kit Extreme Edition. But now, I was at the last step of fixing this xbox, which was to "bake" the console, but noticed that the fans spin for only 2 seconds and then stopped spinning by themselves. The 3 RROD appears immediately...
  15. ultimate360

    [USA] WANTED! Broken/rrod consoles!!

    I'm looking for bunches of 360 consoles that are broken in some way like rrod, drive problems, freezing, etc...... I want whatever you got, give me a price and what you have. Any model, condition, etc.... Let me know if you happen to have any preballed gpu's as well Can pay via paypal
  16. hackt0r

    Repair Kit, or just replace with new Thermal Compound?

    Recently, my Xbox 360's fan has become really loud(it spins really fast). I open it up to clean up all the dust in hope that the fan speed would go back to normal. Unfortunately, it did not. My Xbox never had any type of RROD, so my question is, should I buy the xbox repair kit or just replace...
  17. J

    [Los Angeles] RROD fix and RGH installation.

    I am in the Los Angeles area (Pasadena and Glendale specifically) and need various services on multiple XBOX 360's. Willing to travel a bit. These are the four boxes and what needs to be done to them. All Phat consoles: (RGH) - Zephyr - D 2.0.8955 (RGH) - Jasper - D 2.0.12611.0 (RROD Fix) -...
  18. BrockThunderjam

    RGH RJTAG Demon RROD Jasper 16 MB

    Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 16537 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: Will have to post later POST output from J-Runner (either POST_OUT monitor or RATER output): Will post later (2 cycles is enough) updflash.bin log (if...
  19. I

    Jasper R-JTAG RROD 0010; & Flash Config 0x00000000; No boot

    TX Product(s) used: R-JTAG (Ultimate) 1.1, (Also have an LT+ Switch in normal mode) Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 512 I think Dashboard version: Whatever the newest one is. CB version: unknown Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Description of problem: RROD with error code 0010 when...
  20. S

    FIXED Xbox 360 Slim Corona v1 Red Dot after CR3 Pro installation

    [Informational thread] 2 days ago, I received CR3 Pro Ultimate Pack from Turkey reseller Ozkan Elektronik. I've installed QSB v3, CR3 Pro and Post QSB quickly on my Corona v1 and writed ecc on it. After them, console didn't boot and red dot issue happened. It's quickly fixed after heatsink &...