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    [UK] RGH Xbox 360 Slim [SALE]

    Got a black Xbox 360 Slim RGH that I want to sell £110 + £13 P+P or you can choose your own Currier or pick up from Manchester UK or PM me for more info Thanks -Chris
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    Bad soldering=broken xbox...wanting to buy trinity motherboard

    I believe the motherboard in my trinity is broken, due to horrible soldering. Does anyone here sell motherboards or know of anyone who sells them? Or maybe someone or a company that can repair motherboards? Im not sure if repairing a motherboard is possible or not. i have the RDOD on my xbox...
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    [FOR SALE] U.S. Seller im selling 3 consoles 2 are rghed and also i am selling off my nand stuf

    Hey y'all I have one trinity rgh but the DVD drive is acting up so I unplugged it I also have a corona rgh that boots range from instant to 30 to 60 seconds I also have a normal corona xbox 360 nothing wrong with it I have for sale a jrunner programmer Nand x rgh edition and a stand alone...

    Need Slim Trinity 4gb!

    Hi guys I'm looking for a Slim 4g with an exploitable dash. Obviously I plan to RGH it as well as put a demon on it so it must not be banned! As well it needs to have a Liteon DG-16D4S 1071. I just need the power brick and console, no controllers or av cables. I am located in California. Thank...
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    Looking for an xecuter 2.6 ce or 3 chip

    Hey guys, I've looked all over the internet, craigslist and ebay included. I cant find an xecuter 3 chip anywhere and I cant find a place that has an xecuter 2.6 ce in stock anywhere. Some sites say its in stock but its not and they all have a really bad reputation among forums. Anyway, does...