1. D

    SAMSUNG MS28 Samsung Dashboard update doesnt work

    Hey guys, I'm new and I dont know if this is posted in the right section so please move it when it's wrong. A few years ago i bought a Xbox 360, but i wasn't able to go online with it. So i never used it again. Last week i found the xbox and I wondered its possible to play downloaded games on...
  2. R

    SAMSUNG MS28 Need help now, disk drive won't power on!

    Okay, so I am pretty new to the whole flashing Xbox stuff, and am currently stuck. I have flashed my Samsung MS28 drive but it didn't load anything. I tried to make it read burned and regular games on my Xbox and every time I click on "play game" the screen blacks out then takes me to the...
  3. B

    CIV and Samsung/Hitachi

    Hi, I was in a discussion about Sammy and CIV. My question is does Samsung and Hitachi 32-59 perform CIV checks? I know for sure they don't perform ap2.5 checks. What exactly is the CIV check, by this I mean how is it performed, what are the mechanics behind it. What I know so far is that...
  4. L

    SAMSUNG MS25 'Play DVD' on some games

    So, got a Xenon, 2006 mfg date, never opened until I cleaned it out and fixed the stuck drive tray, tested to make sure it'd play games, it was on..forgot what dash, pre-13599 for sure, think it was 12625. Updated it to 14719 via USB, checked for Live connectivity and could get online fine, not...
  5. B

    SAMSUNG MS28 I have a samsung ms28drive spoofed as Lite On

    Hi I tried to flash my samsung with Lt 2.0 and i sucseded, but I read around this forum and found out that I need to buy a new Lite On driver, I have bought a new LiteOn drive that,, how do I flash this new Lite On? I have the USB Pro I have tried but Can't get into vendor mode,, and which...
  6. R

    SAMSUNG MS28 A few problems (Spoofing assistance needed)

    First, I have researched this problem and everything I found confused the heck out of me. So if their are any forums you would recommend using than please tell me. Now, here is my situation. I have a broken XBOX that won't read discs. It came with a Samsung drive (MS28 apparently, that's what...
  7. P

    SAMSUNG MS28 MS28 Not recognised through VIA VT

    Im really struggling to get to grips with what I actually need to flash my MS28. Iv'e bought the VIA VT 6421A SATA PCI Card & SATA cable. This is what i tried doing; Downloading and extracting Jungleflasher, plugging in my VIA PCI Card, installed the VIA software from the disc provided. Used...
  8. G

    GENERAL Lite-On Spoofed as Samsung ms25 cant get into vendor mode

    Hey guys as u can see i'm having some issues here. I got a liteon spoofed as a samsung ms25 and i cannot get it into vendor mode for the life of me. I have tried the activate.iso as well as tray half open methods with no luck. JF recognizes the drive and shows sammy ms25 under drive properties...
  9. A

    BENQ Half open drive (Mode B)

    Hi all i just got a quick question... I have some conflicting procedures concerning flashing either a benq or samsung.. The tutorials on these forums are perfectly clear but i have heard from other external sites that you need to have the drive half way open (Mode B) in order for the flashing...
  10. Jonny Dangerous

    Sammy MS 25 Gives me E66 error after trying to flash Lt2.0!

    Please help! I've flashed about 15 consoles and now I am running into this road block. Can you please tell me how to get around this? Thank you so much (of course I'm using JF 1.88 USB360PRO, CK3LITE)
  11. S

    SAMSUNG MS25 New dashboard on Samsung driver

    Hi people, whats up! Im just wondering if the lt 2.0 flash will be available for Samsung driver... i have a Arcade Jasper 2009 Xbox, so i want to know it. thanks a lot and sorry for my english :D
  12. manwinder

    spoofing a samsung with a liteon 93450c firmware help

    i have a liteon firmware and i am try to spoof it to a samsung but the write keeps on failing, i am not going to use this online, the write fails everytime, i have tried with a samsung firmware, it still fails, the drive is ejected half way
  13. U

    xDrive N00B help

    I got some questions about the xDrive having just seen it and thought OMG 1. i got a Benq drive if i get the xDrive and a samsung drive will it work? 2. if so can i flash the samsung one and not the Benq one and play backups off only the samsung one 3. could i still update my 360 and turn on...
  14. S

    Lite-on 83850c July 09

    Help me please, first off i am truely sorry if i have posted into the incorrect section, i got a lil confuddled... Here is my problem, I cannot for the life of me get my pc nor laptop to recognise either of my xbox dvd drives. :( I have two xbox's, one has a "Lite-on 83850c July 09" the other...
  15. M

    Spoofed ? (identified drive in console)

    Hello. Situation: - xbox 360 (60gb) - by pictures drive is samsung - on back of console writed(black marker) "lite on" - i don't know which firmware Q: - how to identified which my drive is original or spoofed Thanks.
  16. M

    2.0.8955.0 & samsung(maybe) & AP25 = safe ?

    Hello folks. Situation: - xbox 360 (Pro i think) 60 Gb - DVD firmware(i don't know) - Dashboard: 2.0.8955.0 - wave 6 games runs without activate disc - buy the wire i think it's samsung drive, but on the back of console written with black marker "Liteon 25" - right now i don't have kit...
  17. K

    Question about Samsung ms28 and AP25 Backups

    My question is: I have an original Samsung ms28 that is on Firmware LT 1.0. It is currently on the old dashboard, and I am considering upgrading to the new dashboard so I can play on Live. I also am interested in playing backups of AC:B and FABLE III. Is there any way I can safely do this...
  18. L

    Original LiteOn,Spoofed to Samsung,and now Benq!

    Hi, everyone... This is my 1st post, and I hope you can help in Portugal I ear and read all kind of answers for my problem, and as I know that you are working close to give us the new LT+ you might be able to help me. This is my XBOX story: I bought it from a friend, but the drive...
  19. A

    Installing a samsung drive هnstead of liteon,SAFE?

    as just display in the title ,, I've liteon drive in my xbox can I install samsung drive instead of liteon to prevent ap2.5 check ?
  20. M

    Samsung DVD Drive = bad quality?

    Hey folks! :) I've just ordered a Xbox 360 Elite with a firmwareflashed Samsung drive (iXtreme LT 1.0) and then (duh!) I've read that the Samsung drive is worse than the LiteOn one. It shall be louder, doesn't read every disc copy and is easily broken. Is that true? Is it really that worse...