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    BENQ eSATA for connecting the drive to laptop

    hi guys i'm quite new here so please answer me Can I connect the drive to my notebook with the eSATA to SATA cable and for the Power supply i dont have CK3 pro device can i keep the drive connected ( power only ) to the xbox motherboard Console : Xbox 360 slim MFR Date : 8-2010 Motherboard ...
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    ANSWERED Possible Xbox 360 HDD Connector Mod/Replacement? (extra SATA port)

    Right so, I have a Xbox 360 that i RGH'd, and i was wondering whether it is possible to desolder the HDD connector on the side of the MB and replace it with a SATA port or even a SATA + SATA power port? Therefore i can then mount a hard drive internally in the Xbox 360 without the Hdd...