1. speed3r

    Xbox 360 Lite-on Sata port broken

    Hello, I got a Xbox 360 lite-on drive with a broken(broken off) sata port. So i did solder a sata port of a benq dvd pcb but the points are different from the lite-on drive. So i was wondering if someone could help me if this is right (photos) (Lite-on PCB Sata port Is this right?) (This...
  2. D

    BENQ eSATA for connecting the drive to laptop

    hi guys i'm quite new here so please answer me Can I connect the drive to my notebook with the eSATA to SATA cable and for the Power supply i dont have CK3 pro device can i keep the drive connected ( power only ) to the xbox motherboard Console : Xbox 360 slim MFR Date : 8-2010 Motherboard ...
  3. S

    Xbox 360 won't boot with DVD drive or HDD

    So my phat xbox 360 falcon wont boot with a dvd drive or hdd connected. it boots fine without either one but once I connect the sata cable from the drive and turn it on, the power light stays solid for about 5-8 seconds then starts flashing. the system will not boot. the drive and hdd are fine...
  4. H

    connect dvd to laptop

    My titanfall (X360) disc got scratched and wont work anymore, but I have a backup I can use on my flashed xbox 360. I have heard that the game does not work overburned and is not safe to go online, so I was wondering if it is possible to connect this dvd drive to my laptop using a sata to usb...
  5. M

    missing dvd key and old pcb board broken

    hi everyone, I'm kindly new but I have a issue with my xbox 360. I have a new dvd drive but needed to be flashed with the old dvd key from the older board pcb. but, the old pcb is burned where is the sata adapter and the connector is broken... and I cant extract the dvd key for flashing my new...
  6. oblivioncth

    RGH Creating a SATA Power Switch for Hard Drives

    This isn't the exact place to put this, but neither is the case modding section. I figure I would put it here because I know this sections gets great support. What I am looking to do is basically an ultimate example of laziness, but at the same time it is still a great project. At first I...
  7. S

    HDDHackr with USB

    So I was planning on using HDDHackr so I could use a 250 GB drive for my Xbox (as shown in this guide) but I don't have an available SATA port that I can use. So I was wondering if I could use a SATA to USB adapter or an enclosure and still have the process work the same way? Thanks
  8. T

    JTAG can you just jtag through sata?

    kindof a noob question.. would it be possible to hook a sata cord to your cosnoles mobo where the dvd drive usually plugs in? also i know this might be in the wong area but if my console got banned from playing back ups on xbl, could i just inject another consoles key by hooking up to my mobos...
  9. G

    X360USB PRO can i use USB2SATA insted

    hi, can i just use the usb2sata converter insted of the USBPRO? 10x
  10. B

    CK3 LITE SATA Card?

    Hi, I am thinking about getting this bundle: Now, in requirements, it says: X360USB PRO or Compatible SATA Card (recommend VIA 6421) I won't buy X360USB PRO because it costs too much and I don't use a laptop. So do I need to buy...
  11. S

    LITEON 0225 Need help with flashing LT 0225 drive

    Hello, i am very new to flashing Xbox 360s. I used to have an Xbox 360 Premium and i flashed that using Jungle Flasher via the Sata ports. Now i got the newest Xbox 360 Slim with the 0225 drive. I have read many posts online saying that it can be flashed. However i have also seen many posts...
  12. F

    GENERAL SATA issue ..

    So I have this older WinXP desktop that i would like to use for flashing. Upon removing the side panel, i found that I do not have an internal sata port, only IDE. What sort of adapter should i look into. I have seen IDE to SATA adapters and USB to SATA adapters i am not sure what would be...
  13. S

    Questions about 7485

    Ok, so my situation is as follows. I have the LiteOn 7450C drive, and I am looking for a solder-less solution. I know that I will need the CK3 probe (planning on buying the original), and I’ve also read that I need the CK3 Lite or Pro. My dilemma is that I am using a macbook pro (with Windows...
  14. U

    Basic Noob Questions (Lite-On version and SATA)

    I'm trying to figure out what Mod to purchase but I need some very basic (Noob-ish) questions to answer. This far I've reasoned that: 1) Based on the power port for my Xbox 360 I know I have a Xenon motherboard (year 2005-ish). 2) My dashboard version in the system settings is good/old...
  15. T

    Lite-On Flash Success with USB SATA to USB device?

    Hey guys. This is my first post as well as first go at the whole mod thing. Please forgive me or be patient with my lack of experience. Thanks! After researching all the different possiblilities to flash my Lite on Drive, I figured I would give it a shot afterall, I did have a COD M2 iso...
  16. D

    Lite on - cant get computer to recognise

    I got the key for my lite on earler adn got to the bit where i try turning the liteon on and off to get ready to erase it, next thing i know the power to the house cuts out so figured id continue when i get home later I turned the computer back on and tried to connect the lite on with the...
  17. D

    Blaster ck3 w/ Lite-on

    I have looked through the forums and read the tutorial, but I can still not fond out if I need to use SATA along with the USB. It sounds to me like I only need USB but it also makes sense to need SATA. So my question is, with the Lite-On drive, do I only need to use USB or do I need to use SATA...
  18. U

    esata to sata?

    My Blaster CK3 is still on its way, but before it gets here i want to know if i have everything i need, i don't wanna order a card for my desktop if i don't have to, so that leads me to the question will an esata to sata cable work? (i have an esata port on notebook) Specs: 1. Windows Version -...