1. R

    Need RGH and Demon installation done!

    I would like to get a RGH and dual nand demoN installation done on my Xbox for 100$ or less here is some information about it please contact me back if you would be interested: - Xbox 360 Slim 250GB - Dashboard Version 2.0.16756.0 - MFR Date is 2011-03-09 -12V 10.83A, 5V----1A If you'd like to...
  2. ultimate360

    Console repairs and mods, reballs, JTAG/RGH, flashing, LED mods, and more! MN, USA

    Welcome to my service AD! First, here is some info about me so customers and other members here can get to know me better: My name is Logan, I am a computer/game console specialist. I work on a wide variety of electronic devices including PC's, mobile devices, home appliances, and of course...
  3. S

    [WANTED] who can instal dual nand and jtag my xbox360 slim in saint louis missouri area?

    im looking for someone in my area who can perform a jtag and install a dual nand on my xbox 360 slim i live in south saint louis missouri please, please help me out
  4. T

    [FOR SALE] [IRELAND] Xbox RGH / JTAG, Disk Drive flashing, Console cutouts.

    No advertising - VIP only. /admin
  5. Dicko316

    [UK] 360 Services/RGH/JTAG/Consoles/Repairs - Middlesbrough/UK

    Current as of March 2015 CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, SORRY GUYS. [Services][*Prices exclude glitch chips, QSB's or dual nand chips where applicable] RGH & JTAG - Install Service ------------------------------------------ £20.00* Demon - Dual Nand Install Service...
  6. M

    XBOX 360 - Lost my DVD KEY

    Hello i have a xbox 360 from year 2008 a simple Philip Liteon... 7**** I lost the drive Key.. I live in POrtugal and im looking for a service.. I need some1 to revover DVD key from my motherboad (XBOX360). is it possible? I also would like to do JTAG. how much it will cost me? :S