1. D

    GENERAL Slim turns off

    hello, my 360 slim randomly turns on and off, it also beeps when it turns off and on.
  2. D

    GENERAL Motherboard identification

    Hello, i recently bought a slim and tried to identify the motherboard type. the mfr date is 2011-7-6 and it says 10.83a on the 360 is this a trinity? (i am just a bit confused by the diagram thats all) also are all psu's the same for all slims or are they different for a trinity than a corona?
  3. D

    GENERAL Parental reset codes

    I recently got a basically brand new slim with a parental lock on it, I was wondering what causes the codes to be what they are (as in is it manufacture date, motherboard ect..). Also does anyone know any common reset codes as I don't really feel like reading the nand if there are any common...
  4. A

    RGH Service needed in Essex, [UK]

    Gentlemen, I have two Xbox 360S that I would like to mod. I previously agreed on installation with Oggie, an experienced modder and TX forum admin. Unfortunately, he stopped offering service, while I was waiting for the hardware to arrive. I have got the following consoles [2010-2011, M/B...
  5. J

    RGH Slim Trinity using TX CR Rev A. Need guidance

    Hello guys, My Xbox Slim Trinity [MFR Date Jul 2010] is at Dash 13599 and somehow i have a couple TX CR Rev A (bought in Dec 2011) with me Was again catching up with whats new for glitching and what works now. i know electronics and soldering well but I have never modded any console before...
  6. B

    GENERAL Xbox 360 S No Power Help Please

    Hi all, I have just joined the forum so apologies if I post in the wrong section. I also wasn't aware that there were different variations of board and chipset so if you need me to take pictures or send you details please let me know. I would REALLY appreciate some help I have a Xbox 360...
  7. Alteration

    RGH Corona Unglitchable?

    I just bought a good friend of mine a glitch chip for his console, the same one I used for my Trinity (CoolRunner Rev C) and offered to transform it into an RGH, sadly though, when I got to working on it, J-Runner kept spitting out: Version: 10 Flash Config: 0xC0462002 C0462002 This flashconfig...
  8. I


    Hello everybody, I hope you all are having a great day. Anyways, I've been reading and learning everything about JTAG/RGH/RGH2. I am well ready to get started and purchase the items to install on my CORONA V3 motherboard. This forum is to clarify if the items I listed are correct for SLIM...
  9. D

    RGH Slight hot plastic smell coming from the xbox.

    Wasn't sure where to post this so I've out it here, I recently bought a brand new slim E 360 250gb, installed a cr4 xl and qsbs. Thing works perfectly, glitches correctly every 1 to 2 cycles, this isn't my first xbox I've modded and I work in the electronics industry for a living to I'm...
  10. I

    Convert DC JACK from Xbox 360 slim to Slim E ..??

    HI first sorry for my english :p i want to know if i can replace xbox 360 slim DC JACK with the one on Xbox 360 slim E ?? help will be appreciated :redface:
  11. K

    XCGPU Replacement...

    Hi, I've sent me xbox 360 slim off to get re-balled with lead solder and the service includes with a new XCGPU. Anyway since's it's a new XCGPU will I need to have a new CPU key or doesn't it work that way. Please can somebody give me some info on this? Thanks, Kyle.
  12. K


    =====================================ENGLISH========================= hi, i'm looking for someone that can mod my console. i live in italy, i'm searching good service and low price. my xbox is a slim 4 gb (don't remember if corona or trinity) with a dg 16d5s as drive and 1175 as firmware. I'm...
  13. Ubergeek

    CR4 XL - SLIM Corona v1 - v2 Install Guide (RGH2+)

    This CR4 XL install guide covers Corona v1 - v2 Motherboards. You can have the absolute latest version dashboard installed if you wish :) Recommended Hardware: (This is what I use myself in my own personal install) CR4 XL CR4 CORONA QSB KIT DOUBLE SHIELDED PRO CPU RST CABLE - SLIM JR...
  14. Ubergeek

    CR4 XL - SLIM Trinity Install Guide (RGH2+)

    This CR4 XL install guide covers Trinity Motherboards. You can have the absolute latest version dashboard installed if you wish :) Recommended Hardware: (This is what I use myself in my own personal install) CR4 XL CR4 TRINITY QSB KIT DOUBLE SHIELDED PRO CPU RST CABLE - SLIM JR PROGRAMMER...
  15. F

    Modding Help Needed Demon Slim

    Good Day All I hope one of you wouldn't mind giving some advice... As per my previous post a year ago i wanted to mod my console, in which i haven't yet done. A years now past and i see many things haven't been updated, or things have been discontinued. Okay i have now got into the mood of...
  16. R

    RGH I need HELP!

    I have fully installed the coolrunner rev c on my trinity xbox 360. i did a direct wire install. all the solder points are alright. i updated to the latest dah 16756 and idk what to do from here. i tried following a video on how to create the ecc file through jrunner and then writing it to my...
  17. D

    Updating Retail NAND

    Hey there, I'm planning to RGH my Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity) (Dash version: 16756) using CoolRunner Rev C. I also want to install Xecuter DemoN so I have an RGH NAND and an Xbox Live NAND. Before I actually do the RGH, this may be a stupid question, Would anything bad happen if I updated...
  18. S

    RGH Is the RGH1 the same as RGH2

    I have a Trinity motherboard (Slim) and it is on the most current dashboard, so I know that the only way to RGH it is to do a RGH2. Is the RGH2 the same procedure as the RGH1? As far as soldering? Is there a guide to follow? Thanks.
  19. ultimate360

    [WANTED] Need either a proto v2, or a glitchable v5 or v6 corona mobo w/ dvd pcb- asap!

    I have a corona v6 that's giving me hell, Won't boot for anything... I'm thinking to either try a proto in it, or just swap the damn board with one that can at least boot xell. Pay with paypal, need it fast too, (customer console). Thanks!
  20. I

    RGH Question: Can I replace the DVD drive with a 2.5 HDD

    Hi guys. As the title says, i just want to know if its possible to replace the DVD drive with a laptop HDD on an xbox 360 slim. I' ve readed that is possible with a 3.5", but you need to get more power from the motherboard. What about a laptop HDD? I think the power consumption is lower on...