1. Z

    Rate my solder?

    Plus any tips on how to keep getting those better looking, more spherical and clean looking solders. I'm just practising on a dead MoBo to get the technique down at the moment. I only have a static 40w soldering iron but it seems to be just a little bit too hot? Not sure, maybe people get good...
  2. P

    R-JTAG Slightly botched my DemoN install...!! Can I continue without reading internal NAND?

    So here's the deal - I'm installing a CR4 XL on a phat Falcon to do R-JTAG+ and I got a DemoN to allow me to run dual NANDs. Unfortunately, I messed up some of my quick solder points and had to de-solder, and think I've managed to burn off one or two of the pads during the process :-( So now I...
  3. O

    RGH Soldering equipments for RGH

    Hello guys, I have recently bought a brandnew x360 e 4gig model, after selling my old jasper(rgh2). and I would like tto rgh it myself. So I'm going to shop some soldering equipments soon. But after reading many guides, I still have few queries.-) 1. I might not be able to find hakko, weller...
  4. X

    RGH Tips & Tricks

    I am currently installing a coolrunner onto a jasper This is not my first rgh, It occured to me some difficulties people without any experience can face All this is my opinion and preference Somebody attempting soldering and coolrunner installation for the first time should be aware of...
  5. zphingphong

    Could anyone please double check my points connection?

    TX Product(s) used: SLIM PROTO V2, CORONA POSTFIX ADAPTER V2 (not installed yet), Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 (not installed yet) Console Type:Corona V6 NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: - CB version: - Images of close-up soldering to motherboard: Description of problem: I'm new to RGH. I'm in...
  6. S

    Xbox 360 won't boot with DVD drive or HDD

    So my phat xbox 360 falcon wont boot with a dvd drive or hdd connected. it boots fine without either one but once I connect the sata cable from the drive and turn it on, the power light stays solid for about 5-8 seconds then starts flashing. the system will not boot. the drive and hdd are fine...
  7. C

    GENERAL What mod is this?????

    This xbox will not update to any dash. It is stuck on 13604. Don't know if that has to do with this mod that I recently discovered(see picture) after opening it up due to e74 error. Thank you very much.
  8. C

    Is this good soldering ?

    Hi i just got my new 48W solder iron and now i wonder if this is soldered properly i run it at 450 temp, And for these that wonder my gnd cable for nand programmer is under the mobo cuz the side up had some old cable pieces in it. i can upload more pics if u want to
  9. B

    FIXED demon xecuter & CR Rev c

    Hi everyone, So, i have recently finished soldering a demon xecuter and CR Rev c to my xbox360 motherboard. I connected the demon xecuter to the CR Rev c with a ribbon cable. I launched J runner and did four nanddumps and they compared correctly. During the nand dump i had "Header is wrong"...
  10. B

    Fiber Optic Port Installation

    Hi there, I've been wondering if there is a way to solder a fiber optic port to the phat xbox360 motherboard. Thanks
  11. W

    RGH Unable to dump NAND, not sure what problem is?

    Hi I have having trouble dumping my nand. I have a 13599 kernal. I have attached images of my solder joints. It is not obvious what I have done as I have soldered 3 wires to back of motherboard and the rest in the right place. I am using the LPT method to flash using the JTAG tool reset glitch...
  12. O

    Jrunner Nands dont match!

    the nands dont match could the problem be my soldering or sumn else
  13. O

    RGH repair request. solder point b

    I am located in south texas Is anyone able to fix it heres a pic of the screwup
  14. N

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Where must i solder the resistor?

    Hi! I have a big doubt, I have a PCB with MXIC Chip. And the unic homemade methot I found is soldering a resistor and cuting a trace. My cuestion is where must i solder the resistor? or i can solder in any point the resistor? Thanks and sorry for my english i'm spanish hahahaha
  15. T

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Problem Pro Kit

    Hi, I have been having some problems with the intro of my pro-kit mt1335 which I installed recently. No bridged solders or anything bad during the soldering phase. When I hook up the board to jungleflasher, firstly it doesn't recognise my drive and secondly when I press intro it asks me to...
  16. C

    JTAG alternative nand points?

    i am trying to jtag my xbox and i messed up some points... i am using nand x also.. so the point where the red wire go's is compleley f'ed.. the copper in the ring is gone and there no solder there.. and as for the others im not sure wether they are good or not.. if theres any alternative...
  17. ppkpatrick

    Soldering mic directly to PCB

    So my mic jack broke today and i cant be bothered buying a new controller so i decided to solder the wires directly to the controller PCB.I have everything soldered and working fine (speaker,GND and power) the only thing i cant fibd the right point for is the mic could someone please help me...
  18. Medrz

    NAND-X Solder Point Help

    I need help soldering my nand-x kit to my motherboard. See this tutorial - I messed up some of the solder points on the top of the mother board so I need to use alternate points. The tutorial has confused me because of traces and someone...
  19. ppkpatrick

    JTAG alternate GND

    could someone please upload a pic of an alternate ground for the nand x yellow wire,thanks
  20. ppkpatrick

    JTAG are these points damaged??

    just wondering whether these points are damaged or not[email protected]/5639890733/in/photostream[email protected]/5639890255/in/photostream[email protected]/5639889793/in/photostream