1. Alteration

    RGH Is this a lifted pad?

    Is this considered a lifted pad? The resister is still intact but the metal connecting the solder is gone.
  2. Alteration

    RGH Lifted R3B15 pad, now RGH doesn't turn on, only makes power "ding"

    I successfully RGH'd my Xbox about a month ago, and last night when I brought it to a friends, I booted it on and got the retail dash (expected Aurora), and I couldn't access any of the games from my hard drive. So I booted into Xell Reloaded and was presented with a "Segmented Fault" red...
  3. M

    Soldering Advice for CR4 XL?

    Hi, first off I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section. I'm planning on installing a CR4 XL on my Jasper console. I have done RF board ring of light mods, controller ROL and controller rapid fire installs. However some of points on the back of the Xbox 360 motherboard that need to be...
  4. Z

    Rate my solder?

    Plus any tips on how to keep getting those better looking, more spherical and clean looking solders. I'm just practising on a dead MoBo to get the technique down at the moment. I only have a static 40w soldering iron but it seems to be just a little bit too hot? Not sure, maybe people get good...
  5. J

    Soldering shopping list for beginner

    I'm planning on installing the CR4 XL when its released, but in the meantime I want to practice on some old mobos & soldering kits to get my soldering skills up to par. That being said I want to purchase a good soldering iron and here's what I had in mind: 1 - Soldering iron: I'm guessing...
  6. S

    GENERAL LTU2 Dead?

    I was using my dg-16d5s drive the other day that has the ltu2 board installed and everything has been working fine. I've only owned this board for about 2 months and then the other day when I wanted to play gta v, it would not read it. It won't read originals or backups at all. I took it apart...
  7. X

    N00b ?'s plz answer

    how do u check the xbox 360's dashboard number. also i know that the slim proto 2 is compatible with all motherboards but is it compatible with all dashboards?. also tell the soldering points on the mobo to install the slim proto 2.
  8. T

    Jasper (PHAT) makes problems with JRPv2 and reading NAND

    Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 256 Dashboard version: 2016202.0 CB version: -- Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: -- J-Runner log: -- POST output from J-Runner (either POST_OUT monitor or RATER output): -- (2 cycles is enough) updflash.bin log (if applicable): -- Image of R-JTAG board...
  9. sebastian79hl

    Hot Air Station needed.

    Hey up Folks. Have to buy a Hot Air Station cause of more and more people bringing me them Smartphones with the craziest defects ;-) now i thougt i get this AOYUE 852A+ SMD-Rework-Station: 370811598804 (eBay) for that called price. What Do you think or any Tips i might buy a different...
  10. E

    Falcon - Just how screwed am I? (Flash Config 0x00000 - Cannot Continue - kinda lost)

    Console Type: Falcon NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: e.g 2.0.16203 Image of R-JTAG board: J1D2 AUD_CLAMP + JTAG ALT POST OUT JRP/NANDX/CR QSB V3 (Bad?) Points Description of problem: Let me summarize what's happened so far: Got my R-JTAG like a week or so ago, and had a...
  11. J

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM need advice on how to repair burnt solder trace

    so i have a slim that had a broken drive gear so i replaced it but i didnt know how to solder well enough and burnt the traces on the wires about 6 months ago .i want to eventually glitch the slim but i figure if i cant solder the drive i cant solder nand x...etc...but i want to fix the drive...
  12. T

    TX Sonus 360 soldering points?

    i got my TX Sonus 360 kit but am not 100% sure where all of the soldering points are. if anyone could maybe send me a photo of the points up close with arrows pointing to the points that would help. thanks! and the speaker i got btw. just not the tx sonus 360 chip:facepalm:
  13. Zendoku

    Soldering for the LITEON DG-16D4S - UNLOCKED REPLACEMENT PCB V1.1.

    Hey guys I am wondering how to solder for the xbox 360 slim DG-16D4S dvd drive. I am a complete noob at soldering. May you please tell me materials needed for soldering in the LITEON DG-16D4S - UNLOCKED REPLACEMENT PCB V1.1. Also can I have pictures of where you solder at to remove old...
  14. L

    GENERAL Good Soldering Starter Kit for Noobs

    Just a little help for people that want to learn how to solder. I got this kit when i first started soldering. It comes with everything and it gives you the basic tools and lessons on soldering. This way you don't screw up a perfectly running console. You can find this on ebay as well as a...
  15. G

    Best Soldering solution for RGH

    Hi everyone just got my new x360usb pro v2 package with all tools etc. Flashed my drive successfully after reading guides for about a month. (much easier than I had anticipated thank to your great products and forums) Now I am wanting to RGH a few consoles, 5 slims to be precised, I have been...
  16. O

    Help! I seemed to have messed up the stby_clk point!

    I completed the rgh but i went to boot the console and it would stay blinking but never booted So i resoldered the points but i took it to far with B that i messed up the pad and the resistor. Now im not the one to make excuses but the solder pen im using is pretty thick :] so i took the...
  17. T

    Possible Solder/CPU_RST/Patience Problem...

    So I've made it to the last step before I get to begin to reap all the RGH goodness. After searching I realize this is a common senario, but I digress. I used J-Runner step-by-step with no errors. After soldering everything, booted with stock problems. After programming the chip and...
  18. F

    My first soldering - RGH journey

    I am a "do my own things type", so decided to do my RGH all by myself and started to learn soldering. This is a quick peek what i did at my first try without flux What do you think guys? Thanks
  19. E

    JTAG Xbox 360 JTAG Spontaneous 3 RRoD

    Hello, I'm clearly new here, but I needed help with a JTAG I purchased. I wasn't sure where to post this thread, but I saw some similar topics related in this category, so moderators, do move if there is a more appropriate location. I recently purchased a JTAGed Xbox 360 on Craigslist. It was...
  20. K

    Tried everything, no flash controller.

    I bought a refurbished xenon on ebay which has an old dashboard (is jtaggable). I bought Nand-X, I tried soldering the QSBs to the correct places but when I tried to read the nand I got "could not detect a flash controller". I tried reading it on both Windows XP and Windows 7 (both 32 bit). I...