1. E

    Feature Request: Block system update and/or spoof FW when "Matching Game Version..."

    Feature Request: Block system update and/or spoof FW when "Matching Game Version..." The Nintendo Switch has an interesting feature: "Match Game Version with Local Players" that allows an offline Switch to download game updates from other players without taking the console online. It's stated...
  2. E

    Get game updates from a second switch without updating emunand?

    Hi, I'm getting a second switch and plan to keep that one official (for a while at least) to download updates officially. From there I would like to transfer the updates to the Switch using SX Pro. However, this officially requires that both switches have the same firmware and, for obvious...
  3. andoryuu3

    RGH "Patch NAND" with different keyvault... What about DVD key?

    Hi all, I noticed in the patch notes for the latest Dashlaunch that some Xbox 360's *can* reach out to XBL servers with LiveBlock enabled. It was recommended that I should use a different keyvault if I don't intend it to be banned from XBL. Cool, no problems with that. My old Trinity console...
  4. C

    GENERAL Help... replacing a dead LiteOn with a Hitachi 78

    Hey guys, This is a phat xbox. I have the key from the LiteOn, but that drive is dead now. I have a Hitachi 78 drive that Id like to replace it with. Ive been doing a lot of researching and before I go on with the swap Id like to make sure I got it right.. The xbox is going to never be...
  5. Deadly9000

    LITEON 74850 Spoof to Samsung MS25

    Hey guys, it's my first post here, don't really wanna take a lot of your time so I'm going to keep it quite simple. My xbox originally had a LiteOn, when I got it for repairs, the guy put a Samsung drive instead and spoofed it as a LiteOn 74850. What I want to do is spoof back to Samsung ms25...
  6. R

    SAMSUNG MS28 A few problems (Spoofing assistance needed)

    First, I have researched this problem and everything I found confused the heck out of me. So if their are any forums you would recommend using than please tell me. Now, here is my situation. I have a broken XBOX that won't read discs. It came with a Samsung drive (MS28 apparently, that's what...
  7. G

    GENERAL spoofed benq working with prev dash

    Hi, As some of you read in my prev thread [http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76826] i asked if i have a slim console with a spoofed Benq drive as liteon 9504 can i update to the dash that was before sep 2011 and play XGD3 backups using my Benq. everyone said no but it is...
  8. T

    JUNGLE FLASHER Spoofed liteon to benqOFW and updated?

    so i flashed my benq to play my back ups and use a liteon for 0800 ripping, and i spoofed my benq info to the liteon, flashed it to Official Firmware, and updated with it.. seems to be fine no ban or anything, but for future reference is this a bad idea?
  9. D

    Replacing liteon with hitachi?

    My old system had a hitachi drive and had red ringed and been fixed a couple times and is finally completely dead. So I went out and got a used system, which has a liteon drive. I was looking at the Xdrives and was curious if I could use my old flashed hitachi drive in the system that came with...
  10. B

    LITEON 0225 Got key Verified Thru JF but drive has open tray error

    My liteon 0225 drive has the open tray error i have my key and that but what would my options be i was thinking 1. Buy a 9504 drive to replace it 2. Buy a PBC Kit and replace that but my question is would the new pbc fix the open tray error something tells me i doubt it. I also tried to use...
  11. manwinder

    liteon spoofing

    could i have a liteon 93450c firmware and i was wondering if i could spoof it on to a liteon 7 series or benq
  12. S

    BenQ Not Powering On - Green Light Flashing

    Hey everyone! I'm in a strange predicament and I'm hoping someone here has an idea about what to do. I am rather new to modding these 360s but I've read tutorials everywhere and catch on quickly. My own 360 was modded by someone else back in February and there have been no issues. Recently the...
  13. L

    Original LiteOn,Spoofed to Samsung,and now Benq!

    Hi, everyone... This is my 1st post, and I hope you can help me...here in Portugal I ear and read all kind of answers for my problem, and as I know that you are working close to give us the new LT+ you might be able to help me. This is my XBOX story: I bought it from a friend, but the drive...
  14. E

    Spoofing an Already spoofed xbox?

    Hi, First time posting...Here is my question I had someone bring me an xbox that was made in 06/2008. When I removed the drive I noticed that it was Lite-On 7 Series. I also noticed that the void sticker was already tampered with. I then proceeded to try to read the drive with the MRA setup...
  15. A

    Need conformation/guidance on spoofing

    Ok i have a Samsung m28 and an old hitatchi drive, i want to spoof the sammy with the hitatchi firmware because it doesnt like to open (bumping sound) so i just extract both of the original firmware .bin files and keys, then i go into jungle flasher and open the source as the.... hitatchi .bin...
  16. M

    Spoof Hitachi From Liteon w/o iXtreme

    Evening Guys. Please don't flame me if this Is somewhere else. I did have a good root but couldn't quite find the right answer. Anywho, just got a 2nd hand box, not banned but does have a broken Liteon drive. Couple of questions:- 1. Can I spoof the Hitachi using data from the Liteon and...