1. W

    Updating originalnand to new dashoard

    Alright i have a question. Can i update stock nand to new dashboard. so no xebuild image but just updating the stock nand with the newest dashboard. The reason is because i cant update the xbox. neither with usb nor internet. Maybe i can make this via j-runner? i have looked but couldnt find...
  2. Z

    ANSWERED Only have JR-Programmer installed (no RHG or R-JTAG) and stock NAND won't boot

    So for the past year or so, I had a DemoN + R-JTAG setup working on my Jasper 16mb. Suddenly the hacked side stopped working all together. While trying to fix that, I somehow managed to f**k something up and make my Xbox unable to power on. Going backwards, I uninstalled my newly installed JRP...
  3. T

    RGH Fusion Dash/RGH to Stock and no Boot

    TX Product(s) used: Coolrunner RevA, NandX, Jrunner Programmer V2, Jrunner Console Type:Falcon NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.14699 CB version:5771 Description of problem: Had Dad's console running Fusion Dash1.09 from a while back. Was complaining his games were crashing so i decided to...
  4. W

    GENERAL Falcon R-JTAG not booting stock

    Console Type: Falcon NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.16202 CB version: 5774 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: (attach an image to your post) J-Runner log: POST output from J-Runner (either POST_OUT monitor or RATER output): i'll attach jrunner log which contains POST_OUT...
  5. oblivioncth

    RGH Trinity RGH (CR3 Lite) - 0020 on Stock dash

    Hi, I am a bit confused by why this is happening and now fear that I somehow did something wrong. I have a perfectly working Trinity RGH that I decided I want to install the DemoN in, but I had actually took this console online that one day MS messed up with the security checks so I thought I...
  6. musicdude509

    RGH Minor Boot Problem

    Hi, I have a 360 phat elite falcon that has been rghed with a demon. My question is when I want to turn the Xbox on in stock mode, it sometimes doesn't turn on (the green power light just stays on forever) unless I unplug and plug back in the power cable many many times (15 or more).If It does...
  7. E

    UN rgh_ BANNED KV

    Hi I have a trinity slim that has a cool runner installed. I am wanting to revert this into a stock live console. The original key vault is banned is this possible to buy a kv and turn it into a live console? I have the original nand image of that matters
  8. T

    GENERAL Why flash to stock with....

    Liteon DG-16S2S drives? People always advise flashing to stock on all drives except slim drives, why not make an exception for this drive as well? Microsoft can't dump the firmware of the drive to see if it's CFW unless it can get the drive in vendor mode, and this drive has a built in...
  9. T

    Safe to update without flashing to stock?

    Is it safe to update to latest dash without flashing to stock first on a Lite-On 02510C drive? I understand that there is no way for the Xbox or anyone else to read the firmware of the drive to see that it's modded without performing the MRA hack on the drive, is that correct?
  10. L

    LITEON 83850 v2 "Secure HDCP link not found" after restoring drive back to stock firmware

    Hi everyone, Is any one having the same problem as mine? I wanted to update to lt+ 3.0, so I reverted back the drive to stock firmware for installing dashboard update. When the drive was restored (haven't updated dashboard yet and current dashboard is 2.0.13599) to stock firmware, I found...
  11. B

    CK3i CK3i Malfunction

    Alright so while I was restoring my firmware to stock to update to the recent Dashboard firmware I mistakenly plugged the Molex power in upside down. I do not believe the third Molex ring is grounded so I am worried that this might have in some way overloaded the board. The CK3i still powers...
  12. L

    JTAG Revert JTAG to stock without original NAND

    So, I've been out of the scene a while, got back in when RGH hit, haven't touched a JTAG in a good while except to code on cause I've got a reballed Zephyr that nobody ever wanted to buy from me. Anyways, lost most of my NAND dumps, long story, literally lost the DVD everything was stored on...
  13. I

    LITEON 74850 Jungleflasher error while trying to flashing to stock

    I am trying to use JungleFlasher v0.1.90 Beta (293) on windows 7 64x to flash back to stock before updating to the new dashboard but Whenever I open it I get this error "cant install portio64 driver! press F8 at boot to 'disable driver signature enforcement' or test sign the driver to run in...
  14. I

    LITEON DG-16D2S PHAT drives question...

    will the owners of PHAT drives, like liteon dg-16d2s, have to keep flashing back to STOCK and then reflashing with LT+x.x every update? I mean, as long as they can't be locked, M$ could keep flashing them every update...
  15. ppkpatrick

    July 19 Update Failing

    I re-flashed my Benq back to stock today so I could update and play my non backups,but at the end of the update it failed saying "Status Code: 335A-351f-1380-0702-c000-oo99" just wondering if anybody else had this problem.
  16. T

    LITEON 9504 problem flashing lite-on 9504 back to stock

    ok so for starters, im using the ck3 po rev d and my desktop computer. so basically i accidentally erased my firmware off my drive. using the ck3 pro i managed to get the drive into vendor mode. i load my dummy.bin as the source(making sure i say no to auto load), and the ofw.bin as the...
  17. T

    LITEON 9504 ok so i have alot of questions, and i cant find anything to really cover my problem.

    ok first i want to start out by saying that i let a friend borrow my ck3 and it is broken. im waiting on a new one to arrive in the mail. anyway, my problem is this. i was trying to flash my drive back to stock firmware so i could update to the new dash until the new firmware was released...
  18. R

    LITEON 74850 Dashboard update fails after flashing back to stock

    I have flashed my Liteon drive back to stock Loading firmware file D:\Download\IXtreme LT Plus 19\iXtreme_LT_Plus_1.9_Firmware_XBOX360-iND\LiteOn (Phat)\LiteOn_Pre_13141\OFW\orig-74850C-1e000.bin MD5 hash: b51c2ed50ff85ccf0fe08507b9615993 Drive key @ n/a Firmware Osig: [PLDS DG-16D2S...
  19. T

    LITEON 9504 so i accidentally erased my flash.

    the other day i was trying to flash my drive back to stock. in the process i somehow accidentally clicked the erase flash button, and now my drive cant be detected at all. any ideas on how to fix this? and does this mean that my drive is completely absent and firmware so as long as i can get...
  20. T

    LITEON 9504 has anyone had this problem?

    so i load up the dummy.bin as the source, i say no to autoload, i load the original as the target, i click slim unlock, then i click write.....but when i do i get an gonna try to post a pic of it