1. H

    XCI in cards

    Question, is it possible to get a future update which might put a XCI game in a card like Nintendo does? It would be great.
  2. I

    Cheat database website

    Hi, I was bored to browse entire threads to find a cheat code for my game :( So, in the idea of ​​centralizing all available cheat codes, I created a small website : www.switchcheatsdb.com This is more of a draft of what is possible than a complete site, but if you have any suggestions, that...
  3. B

    6.2 exploit by Matheiulh LEAKED

    6.2 finally cracked 6.2.0 cracked Here are some SHA256 hashes in celebration :) PK11: 7D58F68E73784DCF8453B6BB67E78CC7D88004612DDD35DBEC91C385E3AF9413 Master key: 9497E6779F5D840F2BBA1DE4E95BA1D6F21EFC94717D5AE5CA37D7EC5BD37A19 Check out @elmirorac’s Tweet...
  4. P

    Switch Replaced

    Hello, First of all i excuse myself in case this has already been asked. Im an SX OS user since almost the beginning, and i'm really happy with it. My Switch however is dead due to water damage, completly. I've already got a new one, but obliviously SX OS wont work on it. Is there any method to...
  5. B

    External HDD Support

    Hi, Just curious as to when/if HDD support will come. I currently have a 64GB sd card, for most instances this is ok, but some titles range from 8GB to 27GB, so the continuous routine of taking out the sd, transferring whatever, and rebooting the switch, then installing NSPs is getting...
  6. L

    [Answered] modmyswitch.co.uk possible scam SX Pro purchase

    Hi I just purchased an SX Pro off modmyswitch.co.uk who was on the vendor list on Team Xeucter website, however on my account page it says that my order has been cancelled, even though I went through all the wordpay prompts and paid for the item. I have received a confirmation from worldpay...
  7. F

    Defective SX Pro - Red = dead?

    Hi Wondering if I have a doa SX Pro. - formatted 32gb sd card as exFat via a windows machine - copied latest boot.dat to root of card. This is the only file on the card. - powered on switch and inserted dongle into usb-c port on bottom of switch - led turn green on dongle green. Left...
  8. 0

    SX Prop dongle not charging

    Hi, I bought the SX Pro but the dongle won't charge (the light flickers). I tried with another cable but still, doesn't work. My friend also bought the SX pro and everything is working on my Nintendo Switch with his. How do I proceed for a part replacement? Thank you!
  9. C

    After Modding playing online with payed games?

    Hello everyone, this might have been asked before but i still wanna ask it: I want to mod my switch but i still have a few purchased games that i want to play online. So, can i play my payed games after modding online with the Original Firmware? What do i have to do to not get banned? Or is it...
  10. I

    Ban prevention tips using SX

    First of all, clarify that there is nothing official on the subject, and if you decided to Modify your console is your own responsibility and most likely is that sooner or later you end up banned. First, before activating the SX, go to the eshop and download the game Pokémon Quest (If you are...
  11. X

    SX Pro Dongle gets so hot that you get burned

    Hello, I have a problem with my Pro Dongle wich I bought at Shop01media. I could only use the dongle 3-4 times, because it does not charge. If I connect the dongle in RCM mode no payload is loaded, using TegraRCMgui on the PC it works without problems. The dongle gets so hot when charging that...
  12. RazorX2018

    Missed A Trick With The Switch RCM Jig

    hi guys i know it's too late now but i really think it would have been nice if you had setup the switch payload dongle to have a section cut out of it so people could slide there rcm jig into it so they remain together and you're less likely to loose it this would also give you somewhere to keep...
  13. P

    Security measures using SX PRO...

    Dear friends, I'm waiting my SX PRO to arrive and I have a few questions... I normally plat FORTNITE online on my switch everyday. What is better and safer way to do to avoid being banned?! I'm planing to use the the MOD SX on airplane mode every time. This is correct or it wouldn't matter? So...
  14. I

    Delete records of games used with SX

    Hello there is the possibility or option of when deciding to load the original firmware, clean the registry of games loaded with SX, so that nintendo does not find out that we use a custom firmware? Whenever I enter SX I do it in airplane mode, I have not been banned yet, I can continue playing...
  15. H

    If i remove my sd card from switch and turn it on will my Switch turn on in OFW?

    I have this doubt because I want to turn my switch on without the SD card on OFW just to see the status of my account, Is there a way to check if you are banned or not without going to the shop on switch? Don't want to risk turning off airplane mode, I used the internet just to activate the SX...
  16. H

    If I just bought SX OS, where can I get the payload for NXLoader (Android)?

    I bought the SX OS only (i.e. without the jig and the dongle). So where can I get the payload? Or just use the default payload (Fusee gelee) provided by NXLoader? Also, can I install autoRCM if I just bought the OS? Cause when I see the video, I see the autoRCM install button is in the load...
  17. D

    Lost switch on x2.3b lite for original xbox

    Hey guys, I'm a total noob. I had my Xbox modded about ten years ago and it worked fine. A few years back I put it to the side, unfortunately my kid ripped the switch off the front (the switch that allowed me to turn the chip on and off), but all the wires are still attached and it looks like...
  18. B

    TEST Can't see DVD drive after Sputnik Switch install

    I've installed the sputnik switch to the board but now the DVD drive will not show up in JF. I'm not sure what I did wrong because I've never installed a sputnik switch before but I have flashed a few slims. As long as I can get it to show up, I know how to make it work.
  19. oblivioncth

    ANSWERED A point to tap into for power based on DemoNs power state

    I am really hoping someone can help me with this and a feel bad because I PMed a staff member and asked something similar in another forum, but I and too unsure and don't want to try anything on my own yet because I don't want to damage my DemoN. What I need to do is really simply. I want to...